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Part 273: Sakura disappointed / Choice

Music: Time Together

"Who was in your dream, Senpai?"
"No one was in my dream! See, you forget about your dreams once you wake up, so I don't remember all of it."

"You idiot…!"
I don't know when Sakura came close to me, but she draws near me.

"I-I'm telling you not to come near me right now!!!! I'm sorry! This subject is off limits, off limits, off limits!"

I wave my hand and roll further down the tatami.

Damn, I really do need more training.
I can usually ignore them, but now every move Sakura makes is catching my attention because of the dream I had…!

"P-Please just leave me alone for a while. D-Don't you have to obey a sick person's requests!?"
Sitting in the corner of the room, I protest to Sakura.

I do want to know about it, but your fever might get worse if I push you."
Sakura backs down.

"I'm sorry. I'm glad you understand how I feel."
I quickly climb back into my futon.

"Well, Senpai. I need to go cook lunch, so please excuse me.
I'll come get you when it's done, so please rest until then."
"Oh, okay. You do that."

She closes the shouji.
Sakura leaves for the living room with a warm smile.

Music: Gentle Everyday

We bow together.

"You're welcome. Wow, you both ate everything in your bowls."

Sakura starts to clean up after our lunch.
There are three bowls and condiments on the table.

"Oh, I'll clean up. I'm feeling better, so please, at least let me do this."

"Really? Then please do, as a test to see if you've recovered. I'll do the dishes, so please take the dishes to the kitchen and clean the table."

Tying on an apron, Sakura heads to the kitchen.
Well, I should carry these bowls and the pot in there.

"Huh? Do I look that bad?"

"…Hm. No, your face just looks pale.
You have a shortage of magical energy, the lifeline for a magus. I noticed no problems during the battle last night, but that temple might have been set up to drain magical energy."

…Now that she mentions it, something was indeed strange at the Ryudou Temple.
Everyone in there was weakened. It's possible that Caster set up a boundary field to suck the lifeforce from anyone inside.

"Well, I'm feeling better, so there's no problem. My magical energy should return if I get some nourishment. My capacity isn't that large, so it should be back to normal once I eat dinner."

"Geez. I will not inquire any further if you say so. …Sakura is right. It seems you tend to make light of yourself."
Saber starts stacking the bowls.

Saber goes to the kitchen without waiting for my reply.

"Should I put the bowls here, Sakura?"
"Saber-san? Oh, yes. Please put the dirty dishes there."
"I see. By the way, Sakura, lunch was very delicious. Please accept my thanks."
"Ahaha, I have a lot to learn. Senpai's still the best when it comes to rice porridge and udon."

I can hear friendly conversation from the kitchen.
"Oh. So Sakura is getting along with Saber."
Maybe it's because they helped each other clean this morning.
Either way, it's a good thing that they're getting along.

Music: Stop