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Part 276: Enraged / Sakura sick

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Music: Stop

Please, don't do it here!"
I get myself together with her voice.



"What a surprise. Isn't this the first time you've talked to me like that?"
Shinji's voice sounds more delighted than I've ever heard from him.
Sakura is hanging her head, her body trembling.

"……Yes. I'll do anything you say, so please don't do it in front of Senpai. I'll go home if you tell me to."

"Ohh. So you're going to do anything I say?"

Sakura nods.

"I see. If you're so determined, then I won't take you home. A big brother has to respect his sister's wishes, after all. Isn't that right, Emiya?"

"Haha. Don't make such a scary face. That was just a joke. People will form a bad opinion of you if you won't let go of your grudges."
Shinji walks back to the front door.

But don't forget what you just said, Sakura."

Shinji waves goodbye and leaves.
He leaves alone, without taking Sakura with him.

Music: Stop

"The rice is done, Senpai. Fujimura-Sensei isn't here yet, but we can start dinner without her, right?"
"Ohyeah. It's a bit early, but let's do that."
"Okay. I'll prepare right away."

Sakura moves briskly, as if nothing happened.

…She's obviously pushing herself.
Sakura pretends to be okay so that I won't be worried.

I should act that way too if that's how Sakura's going to act.
Sakura's the one who got hurt.
If she's going to smile, I have to smile as… well…?

The sound of a bowl breaking causes me to turn around.

Pieces of the shattered bowl are by Sakura's feet.

I quickly raise her off the floor.
Sakura's body is burning hot, even through her uniform.

"Sakura… Hey, Sakura…!"
"EhSen… pai…? What's… going on…?"

There's no strength in her voice.
But she tries her best to say something.

"It's not 'what's going on'…!? You're still sick…!"
"Oh… no… I'm fine."
"You idiot…! You wouldn't collapse like that if you're fine!"

Damn, I'm an idiot.
I knew Sakura had a cold, but I overworked her without thinking.
And to finish it off, there's what happened just now. After everything she's been through physically and mentally, it's natural that she'd collapse!

"I'm sorry for breaking the bowl, Senpai.
I'll clean it up right awakya!?"
I hold up Sakura in my arms.

"Dinner can come later. I'm going to take you to bed and have you rest. Complain to me after you get better."

There is no such thing as 'hurry and make rice porridge'. It takes fucking forever.

We ate dinner, and it's time to start patrolling the area.

Sakura is sleeping in the guest room.
I ate dinner with Saber.
Fuji-Nee never showed up, so she must be busy tonight.