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Part 279: Wandering cloud / Sakura and lunch

"It's before six o'clock. I wonder if Sakura's awake?"
If she is, she'll probably be preparing breakfast.
I'd better get ready quickly and head to the kitchen, or Sakura will finish it herself.

"I'm going ahead, Saber. Come to the living room in a bit."
I don't have the guts to look inside her room, so I retreat after calling out to her.
It'll be troublesome if I see Saber sleeping.

Music: Gentle Everyday

He was like, 'your father is sick in bed, so don't you think you should settle down?'
Isn't that rude? He makes it sound like I'm a wandering cloud."

Fuji-Nee complains while eating.
It seems Fuji-Nee didn't come over last night because her father collapsed.

"…? Senpai, what is this wandering cloud?"
"It's describing Fuji-Nee. It's an airy person without a definite character."

I answer without hesitation.

"You're wrong! A wandering cloud is an idler!
It's what you call a person who does nothing but go around town to mock people."

I do not even need to mention which part they agree on.

"Of course not. My family is famous for not getting sick. My dad sumo wrestled with one of the younger guys and hurt his hips."

"Sumo…? What is this 'sumo', Taiga?"

"Huh? It's kinda hard to explain in words. It's a type of martial art where you push, push instead of pull, push and push. You can't use weapons, and you can't use a fist. You also can't kick.
You basically grapple with your opponent and win by knocking your opponent down to the ground."

"Yup. And you don't wear any clothes. You and your opponent grapple pretty much naked."

"Yup. Well, your weak point is covered by a mawashi. Oh, that's a sumo wrestler's loincloth, by the way. If you don't understand, ask Shirou about it. He knows more than I do."
Fuji-Nee says something absurd as she sips on her miso soup.

"I see. So, Shirou. What is this loincloth?"

It's easy to explain, but I'm a bit hesitant to talk about it.
I'm talking to Saber, and we're eating right now.
Why do I have to talk about loincloths during a meal?

"…I don't know. Sumo is out of my area of expertise, so ask someone else."

"You're lying! You have a loincloth too!"

Ew. A loincloth is on the very short list of objects I would never borrow.

First of all, that happened years ago!"

"Ahahaha, you're right. You kept losing because you were small back then. My gramps told you to do a different sport because you wouldn't give up until you won, so he made you start archery."

If Shirou hadn't given up sumo, what would he become instead of Archer?

Fuji-Nee is laughing cheerfully.
Fuji-Nee is in high spirits this morning, so she's louder than usual.

"Hey, Fuji-Nee. It's almost time. You'll be late unless you leave here before seven o'clock."

"Huh? Oh, it's fine today. Morning club activities are cancelled starting today. …Well, I still have to leave early because there's a teachers' meeting."

"Huh? The morning practice for the archery club is cancelled as well?"
"Yup. Oh, I see. You didn't hear about it, huh? There was an incident yesterday, and some people in the track team got injured during practice. but they got injured during practice. I guess it's because of lack of sleep, so morning practices will be cancelled for a while."

I keep reading that and wondering why she says it twice, because I'm pretty sure that's not my error.

"…I see. But they cancelled all the practices because of one injured person?
Lack of sleep is that person's"
It's their own fault, unless…

"Fuji-Nee. How many people were injured?"

"…Hmm. It's between ten and twenty students."

"T-That many?
What about the people in the archery club?"

"Well, nobody in our club got hurt, but a few people looked tired yesterday.
…And it's been dangerous recently, right? We can't just ignore the mental strain it might be causing, so I guess the school's trying to decrease the burden. I don't know about the clubs being a mental burden, but it's true that they physically tire you."

Fuji-Nee shrugs and holds out her bowl.

"Of course. You're not eating a lot this morning, Sensei."

"Yeah. My stomach is hurting because I know there's a lot of work waiting for me at school, so I don't have any appetite."

Fuji-Nee pretends to cry.
It seems the tiger at my house wants us to believe that two and a half bowls of rice isn't her normal serving.

"You're full of energy in contrast, Sakura-chan. You're on your second full bowl."

"I'm still growing. I get hungry quickly, so I have to push myself and eat extra."

Sakura puffs up with pride.
I don't know about that being part of the growing thing… But maybe all the gluttons around her are influencing her.

Saber nods as she keeps eating.
…Is it just me, or is she missing the original topic?

Music: Stop

With the two of us, it doesn't take long.
…I was keeping an eye on Sakura because of her health, but she really seems okay now.
It looks like her fever's gone, and she's full of energy.

Music: Time Together

"U-Um, Senpai…!
I-I have something to tell you, so could you spare me some time!?"

Sakura stammers a question, looking as nervous as if she were breaking into somebody's house.

"Sure. We still have time."

She looks down as she hands me a lunchbox.

It's not my usual lunchbox, and it seems Sakura prepared it for me.
It has a cute shape, and it's wrapped in vivid colors.
The taste is guaranteed if Sakura made it, and I appreciate the fact that someone made lunch for me.

"Uh, thanks. …Wait, did you wake up early to make me lunch?"
Sakura was done with cooking breakfast when I came to the living room this morning.
I admired how early she got up, but it seems she actually woke up earlier than I thought.

"Oh, yes. Um, I woke up early, and I didn't have anything to do, so I thought I'd make lunch. …Um, and I want to ask you about something"
"…? Why are you all formal? Do you need to consult me about something important?"

It's not, but…… umm… oh, yes! S-Senpai, you don't make lunch that often. You like cooking, so I'm wondering why!"
"…Sakura. It's not like I like to cook."

I don't know about a guy's hobby being cooking, so I wish she'd keep it as something I can do.
Oh, wait. We're talking about why I don't make my own lunch.

"Well. I know it's cheaper to make my own lunch. But the guys in my class crowd around it if I do make it. Half my lunch is taken away before I know it."

…To be accurate, it's the girls that take most of my lunch, but I don't say it because it's too pathetic.

"Yeah, so I only make lunch when I can use the student council room. Then, I can eat alone with Issei."

Sakura must be thinking the same thing I am.

"…U-Um, Senpai? How about eating at the archery range in that case?
It's open during lunchtime, I can make you some tea, and it's quiet there"

Oh, that's a good idea.
The archery range isn't locked, and the club members rarely go there during lunchtime.
Mitsuzuri might be there, but she's not so cruel as to eat someone else's lunch.

It is a good idea! Then, um"

"But I don't know about an outsider going in there. I guess we have to ask Mitsuzuri for permission."

"I-It's all right! The archery range is part of the school, so any student should be able to use it when the archery club isn't using it!"
Sakura presses her point.

"…Hmm, you're right. I guess it's fine if I'm not causing anyone trouble."
I nod to myself.

I don't know why, but Sakura is making a victory pose with a big smile.

…Hmm. Maybe some of Fuji-Nee's energy transferred to Sakura.