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Part 28: Distortion (I)

"All right, Berserker. She will regenerate, so violate her after you chop her head off."
Berserker resumes his action.

Music: Clashing Souls

I run with all my strength.
There's no way I can do anything against that monster.
So the least I can do is to push Saber away and save her from Berserker's attack

Music: Stop

Why am I on the ground, unable to breathe?

…I hear shocked voices.
First is from Saber, who is right in front of me.
And Tohsaka is astonished at a distance.
And for some reason, Ilya, who is looking down at me dumbfounded, is also surprised.

"…I see. How stupid of me."

He's moved on from just being stupid all the time to being self-aware of his own stupidity.

In short, I didn't make it in time.
Yesit was impossible to push Saber out of the way, so I just shielded her.
And my stomach was blown out by that sword.

After standing there dumbfolded for a while,

"…That's enough. This is boring."
Without finishing off Saber, she calls Berserker back.

"Rin, I'll kill you if I see you again."
The girl leaves.
After watching her leave, my vision cuts out.

My consciousness fades away.
I really can't recover this time.
I was somehow saved when I was killed by Lancer, but that won't happen again.
There's probably no magic that can save a person who has lost most of their stomach.

I hear an angry voice.
It's probably Tohsaka. She seems really angry, and I'm sorry.