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Part 283: Re-contract

Music: Wandering Shadow

"Come on, get started."
A heavy sound echoes through the room.
It is the sound of Matou Shinji, the one who came to this room in a hurry, throwing in the person he brought with him.

The floor of the secret room is wriggling around.
The worms must be active right now, as leech-like insects are writhing all over the floor.
Matou Shinji knows what these worms are.
These are lust worms that his grandfather, Matou Zouken, raises that love human blood, semen, and marrow.

Click at your own risk and don't say I didn't warn you.

Background image linked for brain-breaking horror. If you choose to click, it's your own fucking fault.

Once swarmed by these lust worms, men will have their spine crushed, brain sucked, and will be made into a cripple.
The worms will transform when attacking a woman, so that they are only able to violate her nerves. They will spread their tentacles all over her body and devour her spirit.

The lust worms will wet the woman's skin with their mucus, excite and destroy her central nerves of pleasure, and satisfy their hunger.
It must be their instincts, as the worms seem to love the woman's womb. They do not eat female flesh, but seek the organs within them.

They give the woman huge enough orgasms to fry her brain, and they go into her body to devour her placenta.
Unwilling to eat human flesh, the worms have only one way to get what they desire.
As a result, the woman's mind and body are completely violated and destroyed.
The name "lust worm" must come from such characteristics.

Matou Shinji throws the person he dragged here into the pool of such worms.

But this person is an exception.
The worms slither away from the person.
Are they scared, or have they lost interest?
The worms do not approach the figure.
They merely reflect the light around the figure with their mucus.

"Make a 'book'. You still have two more left."
The only reply comes from the worms.
The darkness undulates as if liking the order.

"I'll let you go back if you do as I say. That's easier for you too, right?"
There's no reply.
The only sound in the room is the annoying cry of the worms.

"……! Look, fighting is the only way. If you oppose me any more"
Matou Shinji threatens to reveal everything.
The person on the floor trembles.
That is not allowed.
The old man who Matou Shinji calls master will not allow it.

But this person knows Shinji is not the type to follow his master's orders.
He is frantic right now.
Anyone that gets in his way is his enemy.
The old man forced him away from battle out of concern for his life, but the concern itself is an unforgivable insult to him.

A change occurs after a long silence.
A figure appears in a flash of light.
The worms flee to the corners of the room like an ebbing tide.
Even the worms understand how powerful the materialized woman is.

"Heh. About time."
Long hair and a slender, tall figure.
The one clothed all in black is the Servant called Rider.

"Let me confirm again, Shinji.
You are using me solely for your protection. Correct?"
The black Servant asks.
She is looking up from the bottom of hell, from the preserve of worms.

"Yeah. It's dangerous out there, so I want a reliable guard."
Matou Shinji does not hide his joy of becoming a Master again and spits out words covered with lies.

Music: Stop

I realize this was short, but I refuse to sully the next update by combining it with an update that contains that image.