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Part 284: Assault of the small girl

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Music: Midnight Interval

…But Kotomine's story is not something I can ignore.
Caster is still alive.
People are still falling into unexplained comas.

"…! , !"

I'm still surprised by how calm I was when I found out Kotomine was a Master.
…Come to think of it, I never got along with him.
I must have known instinctively that we would be in opposition.

…In any case, Kotomine lost his Servant.
There are three Masters remaining now.

I guess Shirou doesn't count himself.

Assassin's Master, who seems to be at the Ryudou Temple, and Archer's Master, Tohsaka.

Music: Stop


Berserker's Master, the girl in front of me right now!

I thought I heard something, but could it be…?

"…Oh man. Have you been following me ever since the shopping district?"

"Yup. You were walking with a difficult expression.
I called to you from behind so that I wouldn't bother you, but you just ignored me and kept on walking."

"Oh. Well, I was thinking, so it's not like I was ignoring you…"

"And you didn't come to the park either. I was waiting all this time."

Oh… she's right.
We have a tacit understanding to meet there in the afternoon.
How could I have forgotten just because I was talking with Kotomine!?

He was so satisfied from the one date that he forgot about the other.

"…Sorry, I forgot about it. I apologize, Ilya."

"Humph. I won't forgive you that easily. I'm really mad."

Ilya glares at me.
…Hmm, what should I do?
I can't blame her for getting mad, since I did forget our promise and make her wait.