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Part 285: Homesick - Ilya (III)

Music: Tender Scenery

"I have a proposition, Ilya."

I don't like the sound of this one bit.

"What? I won't fall for cheap words."

"Right. That's why I'm going to apologize to you with my actions instead.
Do you want to come to my house? I can treat you to some hot tea and snacks."

"Hm… It might be good, but… Can I really go to your house?"

"Of course. Besides, you showed me your castle the other day. It's my turn today."

"……Yeah. You did say that."
She sounds like she's trying to convince herself.


Music: Stop

"Can I really go to your house? I came to kill you and Kiritsugu. Can such a person be allowed to enter your house?"
Ilya asks me emotionlessly.

The Einzbern girl who came to kill my father.
Her reason for pursuing Kiritsugu, her reason for wanting to kill me…
…These things I already know.

The man that betrayed Einzbern.
Kiritsugu abandoned everything and started living in this town.
I didn't know about all the sacrifices that made this life possible until I became a Master.

Ilya should not forgive Kiritsugu, and she really must want to kill me.
I should invite her to my house despite that fact… no, more so because.

"Yeah. This Master business doesn't matter right now. I just want you to come over."
I answer her while looking straight into her eyes.

Ilya gasps, looks at me in astonishment, and…

"Okay! Thanks, Onii-chan!"
She hugs me with a big smile.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Okay, go ahead, Shirou! Good luck!"
Ilya waves her hand and cheers me on.
All right!
I have to persuade Saber no matter what.

Music: Stop

Well, that didn't take very long.

"! Well, I understand how you feel. I know what you want to say.
You want to tell me it's suicidal to invite Berserker's Master into our house, right? I understand, I really do. But set that aside for a moment"

"No, you do not understand! It is Ilyasviel we are talking about! A Master of her degree should easily be able to detect the weakness of this place! It should be easy for her to destroy the boundary field! But you want to invite her in!? This is not just inviting in your enemy! You are about to drink poison out of your own will!"

Music: Time Together

"Her gender does not matter! First of all, what were you doing with Ilyasviel behind my back!? You were almost killed by her. And you are showing concern for her? You are not good-natured, but just plain stupid!"

"You are too optimistic! Are you simply taking her at her word, Shirou!? Her family exists only to obtain the Holy Grail. She will break her promises to you without a second thought!"

"…… That is certainly true. You are correct, Shirou."
"! Saber, then…"

"Well, it did not sound convincing when you suggested it in such a quiet voice."

"Uh, um…"
…Well, it's just that Saber was that mad.

"…I understand. If I continued to protest, you would likely use your Command Spell. I shall trust her, as you have trusted her."

"Y-Yeah, you're right. Then what are you going to do?"

"I shall stand by in the guest room. I shall quickly come to you in case of an emergency, so please do not worry."

"…Okay. I'm sorry, Saber, but this is…"

"I know. I am the one who told you about Kiritsugu and the Holy Grail War. I should have been prepared for this."
Saber lets out a sigh and goes to the guest room.

…I see.
Saber was my father's Servant in the last Holy Grail War.
Thenit's natural for her to know of the relationship between Kiritsugu and Ilya.

In contrast to her energetic voice, Ilya enters timidly.

"Let's have some tea first. I'll show you the living room, so follow me."

"Okay. Oh, this hallway has a wooden floor. Your house is Japanese, just like I heard."
Ilya looks around as she walks.

Music: Stop

I guess this Japanese-style is unusual for her since she's living in a castle.

Music: Madder Red Town

I hand her the cup.
I used the best tea I had, so it should taste good. The only potential problem is that it might be too bitter.

"I'm sorry. It's bitter, right? I'll go make another one, so you don't have to drink it."

"Ehno, that's not true. Um, it was very delicious."

I don't know where she learned the manners, but Ilya bows.

And she slowly starts to sip on the tea.

…Well, if she wants to drink it, I shouldn't stop her.
The Japanese snack, on the other hand…

…Seems to be well-received, so I'll sit here and keep her company.

Once we finish the tea, Ilya asks me if we can explore my house.

"I'm fine with that, but there's nothing interesting."

"I just want to check it out. I knew this place had low magical value when I came in here, so all you have to do is show me around."

That's like the Master equivalent of your girlfriend saying, "It's okay. I already knew your dick was small."

That's her reply.
So I end up giving her a tour of my home, but…

"What's next!? We haven't gone over there! Let's go, Shirou!"
She urges me.

"…Fine, fine. Then let's go to the back. It's dirty because we haven't used it for a few years, but don't worry about it."

Ilya runs across the hallway in joy.

I don't know what she's so happy about, but I'm glad I'm showing her around if it's this fun for her.

Music: Stop

"That's all. Well, there's also the outbuilding, but you'll have to excuse me for not showing it to you.
Saber is sleeping there right now."
Ilya looks downcast.

"I see. So this is all?"
"…Ilya? What's wrong? Are you tired?"

"Yeah, I'm a bit tired. There's nobody here, after all."
She looks like a normal girl of her age.

…Ilya is acting like Ilya, and not like a strong Master.

"I came to take revenge. But it's sad that the person to take revenge on isn't here anymore."
She murmurs to herself, tears silently trickling down her face.

"Huh? That's strange. I think I'm crying. There was nothing sad or scary."
Ilya tilts her head in wonder, as if it's a really odd thing.

There's probably a reason for it.
There's no one in this house.
The target she has a grudge against.
She only wanted to kill him, but the chance has been forever lost.
…Ilyasviel von Einzbern.
She has a reason to kill me and Kiritsugu.
It's because

"Let's go, Shirou. The sun's going to set soon.
We'll have to fight unless I leave this place before nightfall."
…Ilya is smiling.
What can I say back to her?

"Yeah, you're right. Then I'll see you off to the park."

"Okay. You sure know how to treat a lady."
She smiles innocently.
Her silver hair fluttering behind her, Ilya runs to the front door as if nothing has happened.

Music: The End of Reminiscence

I have so much to think about.
Foremost in my mind… I'm finally realizing how important Ilya is.

"…Father. Ilya is"
Should I fight her as a Master?
Or should I convince her to forfeit?

'Makiri and Einzbern have deep tenacities.
They have desired the Holy Grail for over 500 years and 1000 years.'

That's what Kotomine said.
Is there a way to separate Ilya from people who have sought the Holy Grail for so long?
…No, even before that.
I have no idea how to quench her desire for revenge.

There's one easy way.

"All right. I have to pull myself together."
I slap my cheeks.
I'll have to deal with Shinji and Ilya sooner or later, but defeating Caster, the one still attacking the people in this town, takes priority now.