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Part 287: Temptation (Afternoon) / Treat Sakura


I bring a blanket from my room.

"Here. You'll catch cold again if you sleep without a blanket."
I carefully drape the blanket over her.

"Hm… Sen… pai…"
She must be half asleep, as Sakura looks up at me with empty eyes.

Her gesture… is different.
It's not the Sakura I know who stands and smiles in the kitchen wearing an apron. Umher gesture is more erotic than I've ever seen on her.

"I-I brought a blanket, Sakura"
Nervously, I try to explain myself.
At that instant

Music: Pursuing Minds

Oh god that music

Sakura's arms wrap around my neck.

Her breath is near me.
I'm intensely aware of her femininity, no matter how hard I try to ignore it.

I can't breathe or talk properly.
Sakura is half-asleep.
The biggest proof is her drowsy-looking eyes.
So I have to shake her off me. I have to get away from her, but

I can't take my eyes off of her.

…Her hair streams down her neck.
Her lips let out a seductive sigh, and her breasts are pushing up her shirt.
Having her mature woman's body so close is making me dizzy.

"Sen… pai…"
…Her hair streams down her neck.
Her hands tense up a bit.
…Our faces near each other.
I'm lured by her captivating lips, and I can't resist her.

Everything I've prohibited, everything I shouldn't have noticed… such boring senses are being destroyed.

"Sa… kura…"
My heart is pounding.
The sound of the pounding heart fills my eardrums, my head empties out, and

Video: Awkward... (mirror)

Music: Stop

Some wingman you are.


Music: Gentle Everyday

"You're right. I was a bit surprised."
I slowly step down to the floor.
Sakura is

"Hm… Hmm…"
Her hands are lowered, and she's sleeping again.

"I-It's nothing! Let's just go to the dojo. Sakura needs sleep, and I want to train with you until dinner."

"That is an excellent attitude to take, Shirou. I am well rested and in perfect condition. Let us prepare for tonight's battle."
Saber heads to the dojo without questioning my suspicious behavior.

She's not questioning it because she gets to beat the tar out of him instead.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"It's good that you're training, but you have to keep it moderate, Senpai! Jamming a finger is bad enough, but you've almost broken this one."
"Ouch…! Please put the bandage on slower, Sakura."

"Of course it hurts. It's natural to swell up if you leave such an injury alone. Please give up and consider this a divine punishment."

Sakura tapes up my middle finger.
Her movements are quick and accurate. She must get lots of practice treating jammed fingers in archery club.
She's skillful, but isn't this a bit rough for Sakura?

Couldn't you have gone easier if you're stronger than Senpai? Senpai's body is swollen all over. He won't even be able to take a bath tonight."

"Sakura. I do not mean to contradict you, but that is what Shirou wished for.
I merely responded to his request.

And Shirou is partly responsible for tonight's injury. He was the one who wished to train, but he was not concentrating at all."

Saber glares at me in complaint.
There's not much I can say when she puts it like that.

…Um, it's not like you to go to the dojo with unclear motivation."

"Indeed. What was distracting you, Shirou? You were staring into empty space even when you were holding the shinai, and I felt no spirit in your attacks."

It's precisely because he was "holding the shinai" that he "stared into empty space".
Incidentally, I'd translate that as "spaced out", but what do I know.

"…Well. That's, um…"
The cause is standing right here in front of me, but there's no way I can say that. Just thinking about it makes my heart jump

It does, but it's nothing his right hand can't fix.

"……! N-No, I'm fine now! I just ate too much, so it'll help me out if you can make me some tea!"
I quickly move my face away from Sakura.

Sakura stands up to go to the kitchen.


Music: Stop

…This is really bad for my heart.
Her body is engraved in my mind, and I get conscious of her whenever she comes near me.

"Are you fine with tea, Saber-san?"
"Yes. Please do not make it too hot."
Sakura promptly brews some tea.
…Her gestures are supposed to be familiar, but I feel like I'm seeing them for the first time.

Damn, why do I keep remembering it?
There's something wrong with me, just like Saber said.
Just looking at Sakura reminds me of how she looked earlier… and her soft lips…

…This is just lust.
Sakura is an important underclassman and a family member to me.
Sowhy am I now conscious of her like this?

……Damn it.
I know. I really do.
Sakura is beautiful. I've been aware of it for quite a while now.
But in spite of that, I acted as her Senpai.

I like Sakura.
…Having her around became normal for me before I knew it, and I've found it to be a great comfort.

But it's always been a different sort of affection.
I've never wanted to embrace Sakura.
I knew she was a girl, but I never viewed her as someone of the opposite sex.

But now…
I'm beginning to think it's not that I never viewed her as a girl…
…But that I was trying not to view her as a girl.


Music: Gentle Everyday

"Ohyeah, thanks, Sakura."

"You're welcome. Thank you for dinner too, Senpai."

Sakura smiles happily.
…Seeing her smile makes me happy as well.
It seems she really liked the pork meatloaf with egg and vegetables.

Why do you do this to me? There is no need to be like that.

Sakura hands the tea to Saber as well and sits down.
Saber must enjoy tea, as she receives it with satisfaction.

"Huh? Oh, she just called and said she can't make it tonight. I didn't get the details, but she said she has to go visit the hospitals or something."

"I see. I wanted to ask her some questions, since she is more knowledgeable about your habits.
…I guess it cannot be helped. I shall wait until next time to strengthen you."

"Hm. Are you saying yesterday's and today's trainings were just the beginning?"

"Of course. The trainings up to now were to teach your body what you are able to do.
From now on, we will train you to survive using your special characteristics."
"I see. That sounds hard."

A-Are you serious?
I don't know if I should be thankful or not that Fuji-Nee isn't coming tonight.

"What was that sigh? This is for your own goodSakura?"

Saber looks at Sakura.

I follow her gaze.

Sakura's breathing painfully.

I run to her and shake her shoulders.

"It's not 'what's wrong'! You were pushing yourself again"

…No, she's not.
She looks healthy, her shoulders aren't hot, and she's just looking up at me in wonder.

Sakura smiles in embarrassment.

"…Don't scare me like that. I thought your cold got worse again."

"I'm sorry. I've been sleepy all day, and I fall asleep if I let my guard down."
"I see. Well, you were sleeping this afternoon too. You can go rest if you're tired. I'll clean up."

Sakura bows and exits the living room.
She's walking steadily, so I guess she's just short on sleep, like she said.