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Part 296: Die together / Tiger Dojo 27

"My! I see, I see. You sure are a resolute child!"
The head on the ground laughs.

", ……!"
My weapon crumbles to dust.
He sacrificed his body just to rot the stick I strengthened…!

"It's over now. Your youthful ardor has cost you your only weapon. My, young people lack patience these days."

"Hah, ah…!"
The worms aren't coming after me.
It must be because I ran frantically, as I end up out on the other side of the compound.

I must have landed funny, as my whole body is hurt.
"So what? More importantly"

I have to find Saber as fast as I can.
I have a bad feeling.
I have to see Saber's face, to reassure myself that she's all right

The water surface rustles.
Sensing danger, I jump back.

A sharp pain.
I feel something strange on my heel and look down.

"…It must be that."
I stepped on numerous worms during my escape.
…The strengthened stick rotted just by slashing at Zouken.
Then it's natural for my feet, which stepped on those worms, to follow the same fate.

"Hah. You were close, child. Your decision was correct, but you lacked the necessary skill."
The worm-user's voice echoes.
The muddy ground.
Since ancient times, spiders have dwelt in the damp places of the earth.

"Well, I have obtained Saber.
Too bad. The last reason to keep you alive has disappeared."

Y'all are fuckers for picking this choice. I just want you to know that.

Worms I've never seen before come scattering down.
Hundreds of poisons that bite on my skin, crawl in my flesh, and melt my bones.
I had to bear the unimaginable pain until my consciousness faded away.

Video: Tiger Dojo 27 (mirror)

Music: Time Together

This dead end is because you made the wrong decision!
I won't explain in detail, so go back to the previous choice and choose another

Music: Stop

Music: Gentle Everyday

How ridiculous of you to try to take over!
What are you doing here while I was gone, pupil number one!?

Ouu… I showed up naturally, but you easily saw through it.

How dare you say that, buruma.
So, what's gotten into you?
I thought you wouldn't be coming to the dojo because you'd be busy in the main storyline.

Eh…ahaha, well, um, the power balance was not what I expected… And, see, I came back, thinking that you might be lonely by yourself.

Ah, um… uhh…

Okay, I refuse with all my might! Live as a homeless bum, you buruma-girl!

All right! That's why I hate you!
Then I'll do it by force! You just watch! I'm going to take over this place next time!