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Part 297: Command Spell / True Assassin vs Rider

"Oh? You've suppressed your poorly made murderous intent. Hm, it seems you have a plan."

Not only can it be sensed, it can be rated on its quality.

He laughs, mocking me.
He is looking down on me, not caring what plan I have.

…Fine, laugh all you want.
If the Command Spell can answer the Master's wish, I am ready to use them all to bring Saber here…!

I concentrate on my left hand while glaring at Zouken.
I have only one command.
To summon Saber to my side!

Even if he realizes what's happening, it's too late.
Heat lights up on my left hand, the concentrated magical energy is released as I wish, and…

…The Command Spell loses its color with a slight pain.

I want to think it's because I failed.
I want to think that I used it wrong because I don't know how to use it.

I feel a pain on my left hand.
My left hand is prickling.
My Command Spell loses its heat as if it's bleeding.

I have a bad feeling.
I have a bad feeling.
I have a bad feeling.

I have a bad feeling.

The pain on my left hand.
The sound of wind has stopped.
The old magus is laughing with murderous intent that is almost visible.

My brain stops.
My vision freezes.
Whatis this guy saying?

"Why are you shocked? Saber has died. She has been defeated by Assassin, one she took lightly as a weaker opponent. Can you not tell that simple fact?"

What the hell is he talking about?
My left hand hurts.
My left hand certainly hurts.
But my Command Spell is still there.
It's fading, but it's still there.
ThenSaber should be coming here any second now!


"Then let us end things here. There are still uses for the daughter of Tohsaka, but you are of no more use. You can die along with Saber on my holy land."
"Talk shit, dammit!"

I charge at Zouken and swing my weapon with full force.
I swing my weapon down onto his head.

But something obstructs me, and my whole body is flung away.

I hear worms crawling about by my ear.
The worms by the wall scatter to avoid being crushed by my landing.
…Even the squirming sounds have a mocking tone.

Zouken disappears.
And in his place…

A white, skull mask is smiling in the darkness.

…That must be the Servant Assassin.
An assassin with a black outfit and a white mask, appropriate for Matou Zouken.

There's only one person who would do such a thing.
My left hand still hurts.
The Command Spell is still there.

…A Servant dressed in black, just like Assassin.

Why is she here, and why did she save me?

"Are you going to oppose me…!? I don't care, Assassin! Kill her too if she's to get in our way!"
The skull answers Zouken's screamed command.

The long hair flutters.
Rider silently turns to Assassin and…

Video: Hammer Throw (mirror)

Music: Clashing Souls

…She confronts the daggers that are fired like rain.

He jumps from the wall to the ceiling, then from the ceiling to the floor, hurling daggers from each position.
Coming from all directions, the daggers can neither be blocked nor avoided.

The relentless onslaught carpets the floor in knives within seconds.
Rider can't manage this.
I know how strong she is from the battle with Saber.
Assassin's attack is something even Saber would have trouble blocking.
It's natural for Rider, who was defeated by Saber in one blow, not to be able to cope with the attack.

I realize the abnormality after the superiority is made clear.
…They have not hit her.
Not a single one of the daggers has struck its target.

A voice comes from overhead.
Apparently out of knives, Assassin looks down at his enemy with undisguised loathing.

Exists one giant serpent.

…I can't believe it.
So many.
Rider evaded the countless daggers with pure speed.

It's different from when she saved me.
Rider avoided all the daggers while crawling on the ground, as if saying there was no need to repel them.

"What are you playing around for, Assassin…!? You don't need to go easy just because she is my grandson's Servant! Finish her…!"
"I cannot do thatshe is different from before."

Assassin stares at Rider while clinging to the ceiling.
Rider is different from before.
Her magical energy and coercion is on a whole new level.

Savor it - the first and last time that phrase is used appropriately.

Even if she's still not as strong as Sabershe certainly is stronger than Assassin.

Rider doesn't answer.
But her body sinks even lower.

…Rider jumps up to the ceiling, and Assassin jumps down to the floor, their blades clashing in midair.

This image is so


They land facing away from each other.
Rider is unwounded.
In contrast, Rider's dagger is piercing Assassin's shoulder.

"KuhI can't pull it out!?"
Assassin tries to pull out the dagger in his shoulder.

…Rider hurls Assassin through the air…!

It's just like a flail.
Unable to do anything, Assassin is smashed against every surface in the room, his limbs bending in all directions.

I duck to avoid Assassin coming around with a whirlwind.

Assassin, his bones broken, is thrown at a wall head-first.

Music: Stop

"Oh… wow…"
…How brutal.
I'm sure Servants aren't so weak as to die from that, but he should be unable to continue fighting, at the very least.

Zouken's presence disappears.
The old magus must think he is at a disadvantage, since he flees after snarling a curse at Rider.

The worms that were squirming in the corner disappear, following their master.

Divine Protection from the Wind: A
A curse handed down in the Middle East, used to ward off storms.

An assassination technique that ignores any strong physical defenses and destroys the heart. No matter how strong the target's armor, it is meaningless against the Heartbeat of Delusion. To resist the Heartbeat of Delusion, rather than relying on CON (endurance), it is essential to have enough MGI (magical energy) to prevent him from creating the dual existence.

Superhuman Strength: B
Increases strength temporarily. An offensive ability that only devils and beasts possess. When activated, strength increases by one rank. The duration of the effect depends on the rank of "Superhuman Strength".