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Part 301: Correct / What to do now

"…Well, I guess that's the most likely motive.
I have to assume that Zouken didn't want Saber to disappear. The only negative effect of your death would be Saber's disappearance."
"Yeah. That's all I'm good for."

"Hey, why are you sulking? I-I'm just talking about Zouken, so don't take it too seriously."
"…? I'm not sulking. It's true. Why are you getting mad about this?"

He probably wanted you to stay alive as a Master. But with that aside, he had a reason to kill you.
…I'll ask again. You're sure that he said you're useless, right?"

…I recall what happened last night.

"There are still uses for the daughter of Tohsaka.
But you are of no more use"

"I see. …I don't know why you're useless now, but that must be why he's running away from me.
One of us has to die if we meet. But Zouken needs both of us to stay alive for some reason, so he's hiding from me"

Tohsaka ponders.