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Part 305: Rin-sama gets angry / Over

Music: Tender Scenery

"Tohsaka? Would you mind doing that at my house?"

"Huh? At your house?"

"Yeah. Sakura's lying sick at my house, so I want to go check on her. I won't be able to rest easy while I'm lying in bed unless I'm sure she's all right."

"Crapthat's right."
…She's astonished.
It's only natural. Anyone would get mad if someone asked to cooperate, but told them today is a bad day to train

"You idiot! I wouldn't have kept you here for so long if you'd told me earlier…!"
She stands up as soon as she yells at me, then crosses the room and puts on her coat.

"Let's go. We've done everything that has to be done here, and we can do the rest at your place. We'll continue as soon as you're done with nursing Sakura, so let's hurry."
"Eho-okay. That'll help me out."

Your nature is in projection and not strengthening.
I don't know where you made your mistake or what your misunderstanding is, but you're a magus that belongs on the 'side that creates'."
Tohsaka walks off down the hallway.

Music: Stop

She feels heavy and dizzy.
She's surprised at how quiet her voice is.
The second hand is annoyingly loud, but her words are almost inaudible.
Only simple sounds echo in her ears.
The monotonous ticking of the clock,
and the painful thumping of her heart.
The two sounds enter her brain even if she covers her ears, and her dizziness gets worse.

"That's strange… I'm really not sick anymore."
That's why she sent the housekeeper home.
She was down to her normal temperature when she checked it, and she was able to cook her own lunch.
She was just fine after lunch, and she waited eagerly for his return.

"It's hot"
But her whole body is hot now.
The heat source isn't her, so it has to be something else.
Between her blood vessels. Between her muscles where there are no spaces.
Something that's not her is in there, turning like a car engine.
Her fever is so high that it makes her imagine such a thing, and the abnormality is unprecedented.

The sensation is strange and unpleasant.
She isn't the only one that's in pain.
It's shared by the things in her body, crawling through her blood vessels and nerves.
To speak figuratively, it's like a dog looking for the exit to a can filled with meat.
The heat source, the things within her, are trying their best to fulfill their role.
Thinking about that makes them seem charming, and she cannot make herself hate the sensation.

"…The clock's loud…"
She looks up at the clock absent-mindedly.
It's four-thirty.
A bit longer. He should be back in half an hour.
She has to calm down and suppress the things running around inside of her by then.

"…It's fine… It's happened many times before…"
Yes, she is used to this.
She has been disciplined and reformed many times since she was a child.
She tells herself that it will be no trouble this time eitherbut her fever does not go down, and the things within her keep speeding up.

"…No… This is strange, Senpai."
Her body does not calm down.
She has never been able to.
What's missing, what she needs, and what has changed.
She tries hard to think about these questions, but the ticking of the clock keeps distracting her.

Music: Wandering Shadow

"Huh? Oh, Emiya's not here and you're getting all hot and horny by yourself? Did I use Rider too much, like the old man said?"
He comes into the living room and walks over to the girl leaning against the wall.

She tries to run, but can't muster the strength.
No, she had no will to run away from the start.
Even if she gets awayshe can never truly escape.

"This is your last order, Sakura. You said you'd do anything, right?"
The one looking down at her is smiling.
"Let's go. I have to settle my match with Emiya. I'm sure you want to see him cry, so I'll let you see it up close."
The boy grabs her arm and hauls her to her feet.

"NoI don't want to…!"
She tries to get away, but lacks the strength to do so.
The man pulls her in and grabs her neck.

"Don't disobey me so much, Sakura. You're making me want to kill you. You just have to keep obeying me."
"Noit's not as you promised, Nii-san…! You said you wouldn't do anything to Senpai…!"
She protests, her hair disheveled.
He stops her with his foot.
He has let go and kicked her stomach.

"Ah… Ah, uh"
He grabs hold of the coughing girl's neck once again.
"Don't worry, I'll keep my promise. I won't tell him about what happened. But I won't be satisfied until he gets hurt."
He puts his mouth close to her cheeks and whispers in delight.

", Uh"
With her neck held, she shuts her mouth in vexation.
She tries to accept this turn of events, thinking that it always ends up this way.

"Yeah, that's right. Let's go ahead, Sakura. This is Emiya's territory. We have to be in my territory if we're going to play around. Rider, bring this woman with me."
Giving her a violent shove, he exits.
"Ri… der…"
The girl raises her head.
There stands a Servant with long hair.

Music: Stop

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

She doesn't even need to tell me.
There are footprints on the floor.
The only shoes I see are Sakura's.
The housekeeper's aren't there, and the house is dead silent.

I go into the guest room.
It's empty.
The strange feeling turns into an ominous conviction.

"…Emiya-kun. Look at the floor there.
It's small, but there's a trace of bl"
"I know. Sakura was here."

Yes, I know.
Sakura was waiting for me alone in the living room, but is not here now.

Calmly think, and I can tell what happened here.
So, why
Why is my head not working at all?

"H-Hey, Emiya-kun…!?"
I should've come home earlier.
I should've thought about it more seriously.
Didn't I have Sakura stay over for fear of just this situation?
Matou Zouken said Sakura is unrelated.
Why did I believe his words?
There's no way she's unrelated when she's part of the Matou family.

So why?
Why did I believe such a convenient story!?

The phone rings.

I nod at Tohsaka and slowly pick up the receiver.

"Hello? Are you finally home, Emiya?"

It's Shinji.
There's no mistake about it, and I knew this was what happened.

"Huh? I only took back what's mine. I can't leave her at someone else's house forever."

"Haha! That's great, you're getting pissed! You're vexed that I took Sakura!"

Tohsaka must be able to hear Shinji's voice, because she's leaning forward.

I raise a hand to stop her and urge him to go on.

"Don't waste my time. Just tell me what your business is."
"Hehyou should know. Let's decide our match. You don't think that last fight was the end, do you?"
"I do. You ran away. Everything was decided right then."

"It's not decided…! That's the difference in our Servants, not your power! I wouldn't have run away if Saber wasn't there! There's no way I'll lose if Saber doesn't come…!"

If Saber doesn't come…?
…I see.
Rider must not have told Shinji that Saber was eliminated.
Ohthat must be why he kidnapped Sakura.
In short, this phone call is…

"Shinji. What are you going to do with Sakura?"
"Nothing. But that would depend on what you do.
I won't do anything to Sakura if you come alone. You know what that means, right?"

I stop Tohsaka.

If she interrupts now, there's no telling what Shinji will do.

"Yeah, I'm glad you're perceptive when it counts.
We'll fight at school. Come alone, okay? Rider set up a boundary field over the school. I'll know right away if you bring Saber along.
If that happensI can't guarantee what'll happen to her."

I hear the sound of him kicking something.

"I'll go right away. But just in case, I want to know one thing. Are you a Master, or are you Sakura's brother?"
"Hah…! Are you joking? Why would I be this shit's brother? Well, she's not completely useless because I can lure you out like this."

"All right.
I'm going to go fight you as a Master."
"Yeah, if it ends up being a fight."

I put the phone down.
I start off right away.

Are you really going to go alone!?"

"That's what he wanted. We can talk later, Tohsaka."

"That's my line.
Shinji has Sakura as a hostage.
You'll be killed if you go. Seeing you die will be unbearable for Sakura. We should wait and see, and come up with a plan."

I know.
But we don't have time.
I can still hear her moans in my mind.

"I see. Would Shinji kill me in front of Sakura?"

"Hm… I don't know, but that's highly possible since he's using Sakura as a hostage. …Hey, are you all right, Emiya-kun? You look calm, but don't tell me you've actually lost your cool."

I've lost my cool?
Is she asking me if I can only think about going to school and punching Shinji in the face?

Punch Shinji.

Oh, then

"Yeah. I can't think of anything else. I'm mad at myself for not saying anything because I thought it was a family matter.
He said he's not her brother. Such a guy took Sakura."

"He took her, so I'm going to go take her back. Don't do anything, Tohsaka."