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Part 310: Superhero / Tiger Dojo 30

Music: Ever-present Feeling

I know what's right.

The thing that keeps me alive.
I can't turn my back on the thing that has kept me alive.

I can't let my conviction waver.
For the sake of everyone who could not be saved, I can't let any more people share in their fate.

The man who turned away from the Einzberns for something he believed was right.
I've chosen the same path.
Ilya has been betrayed twice now.
Not choosing Sakura also means not choosing Ilya.

"That's right. Kiritsugu and I are the same. If you want to curse someone, you can curse me."
My mind has turned into hard steel.
Getting scorned or cursed is not heavy for me at all.

The silver-haired girl doesn't say anything.
I have denied her wish, so now would be the time to take her revenge on Kiritsugu.

Ilya tells me goodbye with a fading smile.

Music: Stop

Tohsaka is already here, standing in the corner of the chapel.
She's not sitting down but standing there, and I can see her determination.
She has the cold face of a magus, saying Sakura will be her enemy if the crest worm isn't removed.

Tohsaka doesn't look at me, and I have nothing to say to her either.
The sound of rain echoes inside the chapel.
How long was it?

"The operation is complete. There is nothing more I can do."
Breaking the deep silence, Kotomine Kirei appears.

"I have done my best. That is all I can say."

The result is as expected.
There was never a chance that Sakura could be saved.

"Matou Sakura is sleeping. She should wake up tomorrow morning.
What will you do as the successor of the Tohsaka family, Rin?"

"I don't even need to say it. It's the supervisor's duty to eliminate a magus who has turned into a heretic. All the more so if the magus is a relative of mine."

The back of the chapel.
Tohsaka walks on, probably heading to the room Sakura's sleeping in.

"No. This is my role. I can't give you this role."

Tohsaka opens the door and disappears inside.

"I'm surprised. I thought you would stop her."

"…Hm. It seems you are determined.
The Holy Grail War will now return to normal. This is a bit disappointing, but I am looking forward to the end."

"…What's there to look forward to? Are you predicting who will win?"

"Predict? There is no need to predict.
You will win.
Since you have cast away Matou Sakura, you will use any means possible to kill Matou Zouken, Ilyasviel, and Rin. I am saying I am looking forward to how this will end."

"…Why? I won't fight Tohsaka. There's no reason for me to stop her, even if she's going to obtain the Holy Grail."

"You will fight her. You will be forced to fight her when you find out about the true identity of the Holy Grail. Having killed Matou Sakura, Rin will go mad unless she obtains the Holy Grail.
She will try to win for her belief, and you will try to destroy the Holy Grail for your ideal.
You two are incompatible with each other now. You two shall act out the final stage of the Holy Grail War."

The priest leaves the chapel as well.
…The room Sakura and Tohsaka are in.
He knows what happened there is already over.

"Are you saying I will remain until the very end?"

"Of course. You are Emiya Kiritsugu now. There is no way you cannot win."

…The priest has left.
The only one in the chapel is Emiya Shirou, with a mind of steel.

Maybe for unusually awesome definitions of "bad".

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