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Part 311: Run into the rain / Bailing hand

Music: Ever-present Feeling

Where the responsibility lies, existence of good and evil.
Losing Sakura will weigh more heavily on me than either of those things.
…I don't even need to think about it.
I just want to protect Sakura, that's all.

Ilya smiles delightedly.
Her innocence encourages me.
…I don't know if this is the right choice or not.
But I do know I won't regret it.

"I'm sorry, Ilya. I have to get going."

"Yeah. I'll forgive you since you have that expression. Let's meet again, Shirou."
"Yeah. See ya, Ilya. And thank you."

…My answer's determined.
I don't know how much Sakura supported me after my father died.

I kept on deceiving myself because I wanted her to stay by my side.
But such deception will no longer work.

Emiya Shirou does not want to lose Matou Sakura.
That's all.
If I can't think things through, I'll just have to trust in the only definite feeling I have.

…But within my determination…
'If you are to protect just one person'

…I can't shake off Archer's premonitory words.

Music: Stop

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

This place is familiar as well.
The dark, damp, secret room.
An underground mausoleum.
This green room is the first room given to her after she was adopted by the Matou family.

A lone figure stands in the center of the room.
…It may not be human, but its appearance is that of a human.
This figure called for her, commanding her to fight in Matou Shinji's place.

She was prepared for this.
At the very least, she accepted the possibility up until two days ago.
But now her determination is gone.
Once she discovered that Emiya Shirou is a Master, her will to fight left her.

She visited the Emiya household to keep watch over him.
But Emiya Shirou did not have the aptitude to become a Master, and he had no knowledge of the Holy Grail War.
That fact became clear at once. Thus, there was never a reason to keep watch over him.
She stayed as his underclassman, using the role of keeping watch over him as an excuse.

She had an optimistic view that there would be no need to fight him.
Although she knew her true identity may be revealed at some point, she never dreamed that they would end up fighting one another.
Sohow did it come to this?

She knows what the old man's reply is going to be.
She knows, but she can only ask.
"Well. You can keep one or two as playthings, if you like. All I want is their Servants. After stealing them, you may turn the Masters into your toys or puppets."
The old man's answer is not what she expected.


"Do you not understand? I said there is no need to kill all the Masters. We will eliminate those that are dangerous to keep alive, but those who will not be obstacles can be spared.
It is the wish of my cute granddaughter, so I shall be a bit flexible, even if this is our greatest desire."

Aw, he's such a doting grandpa.


But she cannot be deceived.
She does not know if this is a whim or a calculated act of kindness. Moreover, she knows she will end up fighting him if she agrees.
Even if she does not have to kill him, just having to fight him is bad enough.

"Is that still not enough? …My, you are a troubling one. That cowardice will prevent you from ever obtaining what you desire. Look, this is a good opportunity. If you want something, take it by force.
Sakura. How long do you plan to remain a mere watcher? Reach out and claim your desire. You have the power and the right."


She does not answer.
First of all, there is nothing she wants.
She admires him, but she would never expect him to accept her.

She is impure. She is not suited for him.
So someone more appropriate should stand next to him.
All she wanted was to be by his side until that time came.
It'll all be ruined if she wishes for anything more.
…Not only her…
He, too, will come to a bad end.

"…Grandfather. I cannot fight. I will give Rider to Nii-san."

She speaks with a trembling voice, prepared for re-education.
She knows what awaits her for disobeying him.
The fear of being thrown to the worms, of losing one's sensation, is something one can never get used to.
The longest she was able to keep her sanity was two hours.
She almost goes crazy, thinking that she will have to endure many times that, no, at worst until the Holy Grail War ends.


Her body trembles.
Fear of punishment makes her want to scream.
…But it is not the pain that she fears.
All she fears is…
…That when the pain becomes unbearable, she will do as he commands.

"………Hm. It cannot be helped, I suppose. I cannot force you and lose my valuable successor. I shall remain an observer as well in this war."


She gasps.
She does not know how serious he is, but he has accepted her excuse.
The trembling goes away, replaced by a warm sense of relief.

"Nee-san is?"

Evil enters at that time.
She knows it intuitively.
Nee-san will certainly win. She is that kind of a person. She obtains everything she wants and passes through as if it's natural.
…Nee-san will take everything she wants without even a glance towards her, the one standing in place.
ThenNee-san will win.


Her body turns cold as ice.
…She doesn't care about that.
She's used to it.
She's used to it.
She's used to it.
She's used to such treatment.

Nee-san will take it all.
Nee-san is going to eliminate everything, the pain she went through, the bright future ahead of her, and the only person she can rely on


…The ground wavers beneath her.
The words make her dizzy and nauseous.
…Her chest is hurting.
Something unpleasant assails her.
…As if a needle is in her chest.

Music: Stop

"You are finally awake. Do I need to explain to you what is going on, Matou Sakura?"
"………No. It's my body. I know all about it."
She answers simply.
She does not focus on him, but on the sound of the rain against the walls.

"All right. Then get changed quickly. Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou are waiting in the next room. We have to explain your situation to them. You cannot run after that if you are naked, right?"
"……Are you going to let me run away?"
"That is your decision. I merely helped you. It is not for me to plan your actions for you.
Well, it was a waste for me to save you if you die. I do want you to remain until the very end, though."

"…Why is that?"
"It is more fun that way. Tohsaka Rin and Emiya Shirou will suffer more if you live. It is delightful the more sufferers there are."

…at least he's honest.

The priest turns his back after he answers.
The priest will go to the chapel now.
He does not look back at her, hugging her knees on the operating table.

"Well. Will they kill you, or will they let you live? You may wait here if you are interested in their decision. Though it does not look it, this building has a flimsy structure. For some reason, you can hear all the conversation going on in the chapel."
He smiles and leaves.