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Part 313: Sisters (II) / Connection of bodies

"Huh……? The light at the door is on. Did you come back here, Sakura?"

"…Um, I don't think it's me. It might be Fujimura-Sensei."

"Oh yeah."
We go to the door, hand in hand.

Her cold hand has become warm.
I'm relieved to feel the warmth of her life, and I enter my house as if I've just come home from school.

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

"Welcome home. I know it was rude, but I came in without your permission."


"Nee…… Tohsaka-Senpai."

"Yes. I guessed you would come back here eventually, but I didn't think it was going to be both of you. …Well, I thought it might be possible in your case."

I quickly push Sakura behind me and confront Tohsaka.

"Tohsaka, you still…!"

"Of course. I can't leave Matou Sakura alone as a magus of Tohsaka. The Association will be after me if I don't punish her as the supervisor of Fuyuki. It'll be too late then."

"I don't care about your circumstances. Sakura hasn't done anything yet. If you still want to do something to her, you'll have to silence me first."

"You're right. You're a free magus that doesn't belong to the Association, so it might be good to discipline you here.
I'm going to kill Sakura. I'll kill you too if you get in my way."

My senses become alert.
…Tohsaka's fingertip.
Once it moves, that'll signal the start of the battle.

I'll escape outside with Sakura before Tohsaka can finish her spell.
After thatI'll decide what to do after that on the spot.
For now, I'm going to concentrate on getting away from here.
The difference in our skills.
I can't even spare to think about what I might do against Archer, who should be here.

Tohsaka's lips start to move.
When I notice she's merely speaking, not casting a spell…

"Stop, please stop, Nee-san…!"

…Sakura jumps in between us.


"S-Senpai's right. So far, he's the only one I've hurt. So if he's forgiven me, I shouldn't be punished yet."

"Hey now. Do you really understand the state your body is in?
How can you say that?"

"…I can say it. I'm still fine.
Are you serious, Tohsaka-Senpai? Senpai isn't a Master anymore. Saber-san's gone, and he's just my Senpai now, but you're saying you're going to kill him?"

"Of course. It doesn't matter whether or not he's armed. If he's planning to get in my way, I'll have to dispose of him."

"Then. If you're still going to fight Senpai, I'm going to fight you. I won't lose to you as Rider's Master."

Sakura is trembling, but she confronts Tohsaka with the utmost courage.

…Is she surprised by Sakura's determination, or does she think it's disadvantageous to fight here?

"I see. If you can say something like that, then fight on and win the war as a Master. Come to think of it, there is one way that you could be saved.
You would easily be able to disenchant Zouken's bindings if you obtained the Holy Grail."

"Oh… Tohsaka-Senpai."

"It's not that I'm letting you go.
…We'll have our chance to fight as Masters. I'm just saying this isn't the appropriate place."

She passes by us.
To my surprise, she doesn't show any enmity as she passes by.


"But don't forget. We don't know when Sakura might run wild.
It's your own fault if you die when that happens, but since you took her in, you'd better make sure you're the only victim."
She leaves without turning around.

"…Senpai. Um, I…"
"Don't look so worried, you idiot. That's her way of being ironic. It's her hobby to make fun of people."


I do my best to cheer Sakura up as we go into the hallway.
We're both freezing, so we should quickly get changed and warm ourselves up.

That means that when she kills me, I have to kill her as well.
Tohsaka left, leaving me with what I must do at the very least.
…That will never happen.
I keep convincing myself as we head to the living room.

Music: Stop

I think Sakura's hand is too warm.

"Sakura. Did your cold get worse again?"

"Huh…? U-Um, how is it? Do I feel hot?"
She must not know herself, as she asks me a strange question.

"No, it's not terribly hot, but you're warmer than me. It feels warm when I touch you."

"Ohi-it's probably a cold…! I think I caught a cold because I was in the rain for so long."
I don't know why, but Sakura lowers her head in embarrassment.

"I see, you're right. Then you have to hurry and get changed and warm your body up. I'll cook dinner, so you go check your temperature, and if it's high, you're to come back to the living room wearing something warm. I'll make sure to cook something that's easy to eat."

Sakura leaves in a hurry.

Oh well.
I'll catch a cold too if I stand here like this, so I should take a bath and warm myself up.

I sit down and let out a sigh while relaxing my shoulders.
…Today was a long day.
Many things happened, and there were many ups and downs.
I sort out the things I've lost from those I still have.

"…Right. Sakura is Rider's Master."
It seems Sakura had given her right to Shinji, but she is Rider's Master now.
Then Rider must be nearby, protecting Sakura.

"…Yeah. I've seen Rider a few times already.
If she'll be protecting Sakura, I have to go introduce myself to her properly."

Hi, Rider. Thanks for saving my ass. Twice. Sorry for having my servant kill you.

…She's unapproachable because of her appearance, but I think she's understanding.
I don't know when Sakura will be attacked by Zouken, so Rider is the only one I can rely on.

…Well, according to Kotomine, Sakura's condition will get worse the more she uses her Servant, so relying on Rider is a last resort.

"Who is it!?"
I raise myself so that I can jump back instantly and glare at the shouji.
…Outside the room.
…I can see the silhouette of someone standing on the porch.

…There's no reply.
The figure seems to be waiting for my reaction.

There's nothing I can use as a weapon here. I guess I'll have to attack first before

"S-Senpai. Um, are you awake…?"
"Huh…? Oh, it's you, Sakura."
I sit back down.
She should've said something. What's wrong with her?

Unbearable shame.

Now I'm really confused.
I don't think there's anything else to ask.

And the person entering the room is…

Sakura, in normal clothes, acting strangely.

Now try to imagine Taiga wearing that.

I hear someone gulp.
I realize that it's me and feel myself heating up.
I cover my mouth with my hand and look away.

…This is bad.
I looked away, but the urge to look at her is overwhelming.
My heart's beating rapidly, and my head is so confused that it might run away unless I keep the reins on.

In short, I'm about to go crazy.
I don't know why, but Sakura is unnaturally beautiful right now.

I finally realize that something else is strange.

"…Sakura? You're acting weird. How's your fever? Do you have a cold after all?"

"…No. I do have a fever, but it's not because of a cold.
It's not because I'm sick that I'm burning up."

Sakura looks down awkwardly.

The gesture almost makes me let go of the reins.

…Sakura acted like this from time to time over the last couple of days.
I thought I'd grown used to noticing parts of her that I didn't know about, and that she's a girl my age.
But… I think this is on a different level entirely.


"WWhat can't you suppress?"

"…It's exactly what you're thinking.
…The worm in me is eating my magical energy and telling me it's not enough. …It wants more. My body started to heat up just by holding your hand and thinking it's warm."

Oh good. I was just thinking how hot it would be if Sakura's childhood sexual abuse caused her to need more magical energy. I fantasize about this all the time.

I can hear the heat in her unsteady words.
Sakura is feeling embarrassment and something like joy from exposing her dark side.

"…You know, right, Senpai? I was trained as a magus at the Matou household. …Grandfather tampered with my body so that he could turn a child of another bloodline into a magus of the Matou family."

But I'm the one who's strange.
I should be angry at Zouken, but I can only stare at Sakura's body.

"…Senpai. Why did you protect someone like me? I'm already impure. Even if I like you, I can't do anything for you.
So why are you protecting me, going as far as making Tohsaka-SenpaiNee-san your enemy?"

Sakura's voice echoes in my head like a clanging bell.
…The reason I'm protecting Sakura.
I don't even need to think about it.
I don't even need to think about it, so I can tell her even in my current state.

"You're wrong. I didn't protect you. I just wanted to be with you.
I need you, Sakura, and I couldn't think about being separated from you.
So I can't give you to Tohsaka, even if she is your older sister."

There's no way that I can see her as family now.
I've wanted Sakura by my side these past couple of daysno, for a long time. …It's just that I can't lie to myself any longer.

"Yeah. I love you, Sakura."
I'm still entranced, but I manage to say it.
…I know it's something I shouldn't say, something I shouldn't give in to, but I can't fight against it any longer.

"But Sakura…"
My voice of reason mounts one last, desperate defense.

Music: Pursuing Minds

"…Senpai. Am I dirty…?"

Her cup size increased two sizes in the span of one screenshot.

Her words destroy every obligation in me.

After that, Shirou and Sakura retire to the kitchen to cook the most amazing smorgasbord the world has ever known. It's, uh … really hard work … and tires them both out.

We're both tired and sleep together after having sex cooking.
Sakura hesitated with a blush, but she nodded when I asked her if she wanted to, and came into my futon kitchen with a red face.

I'm dreaming.
I'm sleeping and was so tired that I won't wake up till tomorrow, so this has to be a dream.
That's why…

I'm still having sex cooking with Sakura.

I'm desiring Sakura even in my dreams.
That's how exciting the sex food with her was.
If it's possible, I want to embrace her and sleep together like this.
…I want to tell her that I love her.
She was filled with pleasure every time she said Senpai, and I want to respond to her affection.

I'm having sex cooking with Sakura.
I'm having sex cooking with her even in my dream.
I'm still having sex food with her even though we've already made love eaten like mad.

I had sex ate, but it wasn't enough, so I'd rather fuck eat with her really violently so that I can really destroy her
What am I thinking?
That's going too far.