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Part 314: Naive morning / About Rider

Music: In the Sunlight

"It's a bit heavy."
I keep my eyes on the ceiling in a daze, not bothering to get up.
…My body feels dull.
I'm not awake yet, and I feel like I need more rest.
Even though it's morning already, I really don't feel like getting up.

"Hm… Why am I so tired?"
I try to recall what happened.

Music: Stop

I look beside me.
No one is beside me. All I see is my lazy arm.

"Oh, so Sakura's already awake."
Then she should be in the kitchen.
Knowing her, I bet she's preparing breakfast and letting me sleep in.

"Man, she always pushes herself if I don't stop her."
I raise myself up.

Immediately, dizziness assails me.

"…Whoa. My body sure feels heavy."
Maybe I'm tired.
A lot certainly did happen yesterday, but, um… I don't think what happened last night would make me this tired.
I haven't been training for nothing.
It must be because I didn't get that much sleep.

"…I couldn't sleep really well. Well, my blood should get flowing once I start moving around."
First of all, Sakura's in a worse state.
And she's pushing herself even harder, so I can't be resting just because I feel a bit tired.

Mustering my resolve, I get out from the futon.
And I get dizzy again.
It's not because of fatigue.
It's because, um, my appearance is very unique, causing me to remember what happened last night.

"……Um. I have to put some clothes on."
I drag the futon with me as I make my way to the wardrobe.
If this is causing me to blush, how in the hell can I greet Sakura…?

If the porn wasn't bad enough, the morning after scenes always make me wonder if Nasu has ever gotten laid.

It's all right. I've simulated it many times in my head.
It's nothing difficult. I've greeted her numerous times before, so it's weird to be nervous.

"All right, I'm going."
I put gasoline into my empty tank.
I turn the key, kick the gas pedal, and enter the living room where Sakura is.

Music: In the Sunlight

Sakura, who I thought would still be in the kitchen, is in the living room, putting breakfast on the table.

"UhYeah. G-Good morning, Sakura."
We both greet each other with tense voices.

"Um……… well."
"Uh……… um."
I try to say something, but my head is blank.

It's bad to have silence so early in the morning… no, more than that, as a man, I can't trouble a girl…!

"G-Good morning, Sakura…! The food sure looks good!"

I talk stupidly.
…Wait, this greeting isn't any different from the earlier one, you idiot!

I think Sakura's response is the same as well.

She looks at me in surprise, evidently thinking the same thing.
To her, I must look the same way.

Thinking about it makes me relax.
We were both nervous, but we were looking forward to seeing each other.

"…Phew. This is the third time, but good morning, Sakura."

I give a natural smile and greet her again.
The instant she sees me relax…

"Yes. Good morning, Senpai."
Sakura returns the smile and responds for the third time.

And so our awkward breakfast starts.

Even though we can do all the usual formalities, I'm still nervous.

I eat restlessly.
…Sakura must have gotten over it, as she's eating in a good mood.
…Hmm, are girls stronger in this regard?

Sex probably isn't as big of a deal when you've been raped throughout childhood.

…I made myself sad.

"…? Is something wrong? Oh, do you want more miso soup?"
"No, I'm still on my first bowl. But it's good. Yeah, it's really good."

"Yes. I'm confident in today's food, so I'm glad you like it."

Music: In the Sunlight

But it can't be helped. Forgive me, Sakura.
I want to get away from here and give myself a chance to calm down.

"…Senpai. Um, did you not like the breakfast today?"
Strategic retreat, failed.
It seems I'm the only one who didn't notice that there is no escape.

I hand her the bowl silently.

"Oh, seconds!? I made a lot, so please eat up."
…I take the refilled bowl and resume breakfast.

…I guess it can't be helped. I'll prepare myself.
I'll just have to deal with the fact that I'm blushing, and I won't make excuses for looking at every move Sakura makes.

But still…
"Sakura. Isn't she a problem?"

"…? What do you mean by that, Senpai?"
She looks at me in wonder.
In other words…

Music: Stop

It seems that the presence of Rider sitting silently next to her doesn't bother Sakura at all.

"Well, by problem…"

I take a look at Rider.
She must have realized she's out of place.
"You do not need to worry about me. Please go ahead and eat."
Her elegance is a match for Sakura's.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"It seems so. We fought several times, after all.
I am sure having your bitter enemy at the table with you is uncomfortable."

"That's not true. Senpai doesn't hold a grudge against you."
…This is troubling.
I don't have a grudge against her, but she has a rank of A+ in terms of people I cannot get along with.

"…What shall I do?
It seems he is not eating much because of me. I can leave if I am annoying him."

"I'm saying that's not true! Right, Senpai? You don't mind even if Rider's here, right?"