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Part 315: No / Future plans

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Aren't you going to eat, Rider? Isn't it hard for you to just sit there when we're both eating?"
Um, I feel bad because it feels like I'm forcing Rider to fast.

Maybe she saw Kotomine in that restaurant and was scared off human food forever.

"Why? Servants get hungry too, don't they? Saber ate a lot, even though she didn't say much."

"She is different from us. I am not interested in how humans consume nutrition. Andyour manners do not suit me."

"Oh. You should've said so if you can't use chopsticks."

"Eh, Senpai?"
"Hold on. I'm going to go get dishes and a spoon for Rider."

"…! Yes, then I'll make an omelet. That'll be quick, right?"


"It's all right. This is your first time eating, right? You're going to be doing a lot of things for me, so please let me do at least this much."
Sakura happily says this and comes into the kitchen.

"Oh, that sounds good. We have some tomatoes, so let's make this in a flash!"

Music: Stop

My only reason to go to school was to meet Tohsaka.
Now that the reason is gone, there's no meaning in going outside, and most of all

It's too dangerous to have Sakura go outside.

Sakura's been looking healthy enough, but we don't know when she'll collapse like she did yesterday.
Although she recovered, thanks to Kotomine's treatment, she's walking a thin line.

…I don't know what Zouken intends to do, but I can't let Sakura meet him in her unstable condition.
If the crest worm is activated, it'll all be over.

Shinji did it using a drug.
But for Zouken, the one who put the crest worm there, it should be easy to activate just by looking at her.

Kotomine said it too.
That Sakura won't last long.
That I'm the only one who knows about this.
…I can't tell Sakura or Tohsaka.
I have to end the war before Sakura finds out what I'm doing.

I don't have the power to save Sakura.
But the Holy Grail, the thing that is said to grant any wish, should easily be able to save her.

Music: Tender Scenery

"No, we should rest after the war. We have to think about how to win now."

"…Senpai. You still want to continue?"
I'm taken aback by her uneasy tone.


…I vaguely understood, but Sakura doesn't want to fight.
She should know the Holy Grail is the best way to cure her, but she's not even considering it.

…Hatred of battle.
Sakura is terrified of harming others.
She's right, and I have no intention of contradicting her.
Sakura can stay that way.
I'm the one who's made her cry all this time. Therefore, it's my job to fight for her.

"Yeah, I'm going to continue fighting. If we could talk it out, I'd do it, but we can't be saying that. I don't think Zouken will release you, and I'm sorry, but I can't give him the Holy Grail.
…There are four more Masters. I'm going to make you win and have you use the Holy Grail."

"…I'm happy to hear you say that. But… can you fight Tohsaka-Senpai?"
"I'll fight her if she gets in our way… Well, I really want to entrust her with something as dangerous as the Holy Grail. I'm sure she can manage it and save you as well."

I can't say it's not true.
…Tohsaka is a nice person. I already know that.
But with that aside, Tohsaka is a magus.
Last night, she said she would kill Sakura.
Even though that might've been the only choice at the time, she was willing to take it.

If the Holy Grail turns out not to be able to save Sakura, she would surely use the Holy Grail, something far superior to Archer, to kill Sakura.

"…You're right. But still, Tohsaka won't be able to do it.
She can't kill you."

"Eh…? Why do you think so, Senpai?"

"Well, I don't have any proof, but deep down she's an amazing person. I bet the future she chooses is a really happy one where nobody has to die. So it's fine.
Tohsaka will surely save you in the end."

I'm sure Sakura just loves hearing Shirou praise her sister.

"…Um. So about Tohsaka-Senpai. You… um…"

"…No, it's nothing. I'll believe in her if you say so."

"Yeah. Then again, it'd be a shame to put everything on her shoulders, and I don't want to just hand it to her in any case. I want to be the one protecting you."
I chose to lead Sakura's way, so I can't give that role to anyone else.
I'm going to do my best to make Sakura happy.

"…Um, Senpai. I appreciate your concern. But I don't think you're in a state to fight. Saber-san's gone, and you're enemies with Tohsaka-Senpai now.
There's no need for you to involve yourself in the Holy Grail War. So please go back to your usual life.
…I don't want you getting hurt because of me."

"Idiot. That's not your fault. I'm doing it because I want to, and it's not something I can withdraw from now. You should know that too, Sakura."

I didn't become a Master because I was dragged into it. I became a Master by choice.
ThenI can't withdraw now.

I'll fight, even if I have to do it alone.
I will see this conflict to its end.
…This is also my atonement for Saber, who lost her life fighting for my selfish goals.

"…Then no matter what, you will…"
"I won't stop. So I think we need to come up with a plan of action. Is that fine with you, Rider?"

"I do not mind. You are correct. What is your opinion, Sakura?"

Sakura agrees with silence.
…Good, it seems she understands.

"All right. We need a plan, but before that…"

I glance at Rider.
…I'm getting used to her presence, but I want to do something about this.

"It's about your eyes. Why don't you take off your blindfold when you're in the house?
I know about your mystic eyes, so you don't need to hide them, right?"

Isn't it uncomfortable?

"…So my beauty is being spoiled by its appearance?"

"To be frank, yes. Your clothes may be fine, but isn't it hard to keep that blindfold on? You're beautiful, so why don't you take off that sultry thing?"
"That is what he says, Master. I shall consider it, depending on what you say."

Music: Stop

Absolutely not!!"

Music: Time Together

Why is Sakura objecting so desperately?

"Why? Doesn't it trouble you to have Rider walking around blindfolded?"

"N-not at all! First of all, she has mystic eyes. What would you do if you're affected by them on accident?"
"Hm. Would such a thing ever happen, Rider?"

It would be difficult to keep from targeting you even if I saved my magical energy."
"Whoa, are you serious? You can't control your own eyes?"

"No. Hence my title.
…But I cannot hope for an effect equaling yesterday. You now know that my eyes are mystic eyes of petrification. This recognition weakens the effect that a surprise attack has, so you should petrify at a slower rate."

"I see. So my body won't suddenly go numb like yesterday?"
"It would depend on the situation. The effect will be magnified if you let your guard down."

"Hm. So I just have to not let my guard down, right? Then there's no problem. Even if I'm captivated, you're on my side, so you can dispel me right away."

"Yes. I will not take your life. In that regard, there is no danger."

"No, no, I said no…! Rider's eyes aren't just to petrify others!"

Sakura lets out a sigh of relief.

I don't really understand, but it seems Rider's going to keep her blindfold on.

"…I see. It bothers me, but if that's what you want, I'll have to deal with it."

"Yes, I do not like revealing my face. Please do not bring this up again."

Where did her previous lightheartedness go? Rider is suddenly acting cold now.
…She's hard to understand.
I guess I just can't get along with her all that well.