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Part 318: Power game / Rescue Ilya

The tremors are growing more intense.
…We're closing in on the source.
It's probably on the other side of that next thicket.
The battle to decide the strongest is raging just behind those dense trees

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

Tohsaka also hides behind a tree and stares at the disastrous scene in the clearing.

The place is literally a battlefield.
There are three Servants fighting.

One is the black giant, Berserker.

Another is the white, skull-masked killer, Assassin.
And the last onethe last one is…

Video: Black Servant (mirror)

The third Servant.
I'm seeing the one clad in black armor for the first time.
"No way…"
She reminds me of someone I know really well.

Music: Stop

The black giant howls.

Music: Sword of Promised Victory (HF mix) (Realta Nua)

An attack powerful enough to destroy a mountain swings through empty space, smashing down into the ground.

Even the flying rubble does not cause her to falter.
The source of the raging wind must be that black swordsman, and the black figure makes her way through Berserker's sword and the flying clods and attacks at his defenseless body.

"It's useless. You cannot run away after being surrounded by them.
Maybe if it was two against one, but even the great hero will lose here with three against one."
Matou Zouken laughs.

The two Masters, Ilya and Zouken, confront each other while their Servants stand in front of them as shields.

In front of Zouken is Assassin, who must have been defeated by Berserker.
In front of Ilya is Berserker, his entire body covered in black.

…The ground beneath his feet has turned into a black pond.
It is not soil, but a bottomless swamp, sealing his movements.
Not only that, but black veins are coming out of the swamp, restraining the giant's limbs.

That has to be the "black shadow".
But for an instant…

It looks like something I know.

But he's at his limit.
The black swordsman charges and slashes at Berserker.
Even if they are equally strong, Berserker's movement is further restricted with each passing second.
The balance will only tip further towards the swordsman the longer they fight.

"…Look. That thing swallows anything it sees.
All the more if it is a clump of magical energy. Make sure the girl of Einzbern does not get swallowed."

…His presence, along with his figure, fades away.
Zouken has disappeared.
The only ones remaining are Assassin and Berserker.
And the black swordsman, raising her sword.

Video: Flesh and Bone (mirror)

"No. Even you will die, Berserker. So run away, Berserker."
Ilya murmurs in an emotionless voice.

What did he make of that?
The giant advances with a roar.

His advance is like a storm.


Berserker charges, kicking away the black shadow that has swallowed him up to his knees.

It doesn't get much more than this.

I grab Ilya from behind as

she runs toward Berserker.
…The mad warrior's roar, the strong wind, and an explosion that even takes away my vision.

They all flow into my numb ears at once.

Music: Stop


My breathing has been deadened, just like my vision.
I can't do anything right now.
My body will not function as a human being as long as that sword is engraved in my eyes.


I'm entranced.
My heart is taken away by something I only saw for an instant.

…That thing is an illusion far superior to the numerous other Noble Phantasms.
There are many that are crafted more splendidly and with better skill.
But the beauty of that Noble Phantasm is not its appearance.
No, to describe this sword as beautiful would only dirty it.

The sword is not beautiful, but sacred.
People's conception, legends weaved only out of hope.
It's not a myth, nor is it inhuman work. It is a crystal trained by heart aloneand that is why that sword will reign as the strongest fantasy.

My vision returns.
The sky is lit with dark-red light and is dark like night.
The light that split the forest must have been darkness itself.
The fire is burning silently, but the air is still cold.
Is it something that freezes oxygen instead of burning it?
The darkly lit forest lowers its temperature.

A swordsman is standing with the black fire in the background.
With Ilya still in my arms, I glare at the pointed sword.

I don't feel any hostility from the swordsman.
I fear my death, and at the same time, grit my teeth in vexation.

It's different.
She's a different person.
It's not just her hostility.
I don't feel any of the nobility I previously felt from her.

Her helm breaks.
It must have been Berserker's last attack.
Her face is revealed, and although she is completely different, she's still the same.

"Sa… ber."
There's no reply.
The now golden eyes do not reveal anything, but plainly look down at us.

Ilya's voice is trembling.
A sword is pointed at her, and Berserker is sinking into the shadow behind Saber.
The defeat of her Servant and her impending death.
Any young girl would tremble in this situation.

I shake off any unnecessary emotions.
I hug Ilya harder and put strength into my free right arm.

Now's not the time to be spaced out.
I'm going to save Ilya.
I'm going to save Ilya and return to my home.
So I can't just cower and wait for my death!

Video: Rescue (mirror)

Music: Nightmare

"Don't stop! Take Ilya and run!"

The swords clash.
Archer shot at Saber, and attacked her without pause.

But it doesn't do much.
Even with his godlike speed, Saber easily repels his twin blades.

Looking, I see that the black shadow is entangling around his feet.

"How unsightly, Archer.
True heroic spirits cannot oppose the layer of the cursed world. Right now, you are no different from the apparitions in this forest."

…The cool voice is definitely Saber's.
She easily smashes the black shadow and…

…Sends Archer flying into the forest behind him.

And once again…
Saber confronts us silently.
Her eyes.
They tell me she has resolved to kill me if I do not hand Ilya over.

Ilya lets go of my arm.
It seems she wants me to hand her over, and the last switch is tripped inside my head.

"Stay back. Tohsaka is in the forest. She should be able to do something if you make it there."
I push Ilya behind me and grip the wooden sword with both hands.

I'll drive all of my power and magical energy as soon as Saber charges at me.

That's all I can do now.
I have nothing to say to her.
I can't apologize, nor can I tell her to come back.
I can't say something like that when she hasn't said anything herself.

Saber is in front of me as an enemy.
Then the only way to answer her is to fight with all my might.

I won't even try to take her life at the cost of my own. Saber taught me that such tactics are useless.
An attack with the premise of your death is only effective against an opponent as strong as you.
Against Saber, I can't hope for something as good as a mutual kill.

Therefore, I'm only aiming at one spot.
Her helmet shattered, so her head must be damaged somewhat.
That's where I'm going to strike with all my might.
I'll defeat my enemy and live on.
Unless I get that clear image in my head, I won't even be a match against Saber!

Dodge it, dodge it, dodge it, dodge it…!
I don't care if I look miserable. I don't care if I have to crawl on the ground. Unless I dodge this attack, I can never protect Ilya

Music: Stop


I'm dead.
I've fought Saber before, so I know this will be fatal.
The lightning-fast attack comes from the upper left.
Slicing through my neck will be as easy as mowing rice.

She silently sheathes her sword and jumps away.

Music: Violation (Realta Nua)

…I'm sure of it.
That's the thing I saw at the park the other night.

An unknown thing that's just like a cluster of curse

Saber walks over to the black mud.

She sinks into the mud, just like Berserker did.

…But still.
I think for a secondthat she wouldn't have been stained black like that if I had been stronger.

Tohsaka's voice brings me back to myself.

In front of me are the approaching "black shadow" and Assassin, whose white mask is distorted with a smile.

Music: Stop

Mana Energy Release: A
An enormous amount of magical energy always covers Black Saber's body like a dense fog. With her black armor and her trail of mana, her defense has increased considerably.

Charisma: E
Talent to command and lead a great army. Increases the ability of one's allies in a battle between armies. Her leadership is increased, but the morale of her soldiers decreases dramatically.