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Part 322: Rin-sama blushes

egobarrier posted:

Hmmm, Ilya's is more fun, but Rin's is nice for another reason...

Hey seorin, they're both pretty short, and I gave the world that Shinji .gif, that's gotta be worth a prize or three, right?

I suppose if I used your .gif in an update, I do owe you. Ilya won, but there's plenty of update after, so we'll see Rin first.

Music: Time Together

"W-Why? Rin's oppressive, greedy, and loud like a myna bird. But you still like her more? Are you a pervert?"

Being attracted to an opposite sex classmate is such perversion. Ugh.

"No. This isn't like that.
This is about whether I'm going to obey Tohsaka, right? Then I'm going to obey her. I can't stop Zouken by myself, and Archer saved my life."

"That's… because Archer is your…"

"I'll give her the right to command me. See, that's just like being a Servant. Tohsaka, if that's what you want, it won't bother me at all."
I confirm with Tohsaka.

"Tohsaka? Hey, don't ask someone a question and then ignore the answer."

"Ohy-yeah, I'm glad you understand.
My Archer put his trust in you, so we're working together now. He gave everything for you, so work hard and return the favor."
"Of course. I have to return what I borrowed."