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Part 325: Sisters (III) / Choice

Music: Gentle Everyday

Berserker's defeated, but we managed to save Ilya. We're going to have her stay here like Tohsaka, but please give her your best regards."
I introduce Ilya to Sakura, and Sakura to Ilya.

"Hello, Sakura. I hear you're the daughter of Makiri, but I won't look down on you. It seems you're Shirou's acquaintance, so I'll specially treat you like a human being."

"…You're right. Then I'll act like you do."

That's the entirety of their introduction.
Ilya follows after Tohsaka to the living room.

Sakura watches her go with cold eyes.

Music: Tender Scenery

Sounds like dinner with a flatulent roommate.

Tohsaka made dinner by herself after that. I hate to say it, but it tasted better than mine. Sakura might just be even with her in Western food, her specialty.

Sakura was torn apart in shock, and she started eating silently.
I couldn't do anything extra because I was worried about things like Tohsaka's food, the fact that I'm eating Tohsaka's hand-made meal, Sakura's dejection, Ilya's tension, and Sakura's tension.

As a result, I couldn't taste how good Tohsaka's meal was. I was just made to realize how perfect Tohsaka is throughout the hour.

"I need to prepare my room, so I'm heading off.
I'll give you the details tomorrow morning, so you should rest for tonight."
Tohsaka even washes the dishes perfectly, then heads out.

…It must be an insinuating remark to Sakura, who stayed at this house today. Ilya speaks without looking at Sakura and gets up.

"…Man, what's up with her?"
Tohsaka is just as expected, but Ilya's acting strange.
She's acting as cold towards Sakura as she did towards me the first time we met.

"Why is Ilya so aggressive towards Sakura? Do the Einzbern and Makiri families not get along?"

According to Kotomine, Einzbern, Makiri, and Tohsaka are noble families of magi who started the Holy Grail War.
It seems the Einzberns were the highest ranked, so from her point of view, Tohsaka and Sakura must be below her.

"…Man. Don't misunderstand, okay? Ilya's saying that because she's moody, but you'll get along with her if you start talking to her.
She's just really shy… Sakura?"

Sakura doesn't reply.
She shakes her head back and forth, and gradually starts falling back

Music: Stop

I grab her shoulders to stop the fall.

She looks at me like nothing happened, completely oblivious to her near-collapse.

Music: Tender Scenery

"No, it's nothing much."
I let go of her.

That must be why she noticed.

"…I'm sorry. I fell asleep because I'm a bit tired."
She apologizes for something she doesn't know about.

"…Well, it's only been a day. You should rest too. Let's listen to Tohsaka and sleep for today. We don't have to push ourselves to stay up."

I'll cook breakfast tomorrow since Tohsaka-Senpai treated us tonight. I'm going to get back at her by cooking breakfast you've trained me in."

Sakura smiles jokingly and gets up.
…She looks to be standing steadily.
It won't change anything to follow her to the guest room.
Sakura seems well, so I have to believe in her.

"Yeah. Take Tohsaka down a peg.
You're our last hope. We're cornered unless we can strike back here."

"Please leave it to me. I'll make sure to give her a punch."

Sakura bows and heads to the porch.

Music: Stop

"Um, Senpai. Please don't tell Nee-san about what happened earlier."
Sakura speaks in a tense voice without turning around.

"I know. You just fell asleep, so it's nothing to tell Tohsaka."
"Okay. Good night, Senpai."
…She closes the shouji.
Sakura leaves without turning around.

She must have been talking about the fact that she almost collapsed.
Sakura hasn't recovered as much as she thinks.
Kotomine said she won't last more than a few days.
Even ignoring what Zouken will do to her, she is unstable.

That's why Sakura's trying to act fine.
As if telling us…
That she's all right, and that we don't need to worry about her.

"…Nee-san, huh?"
Sakura says that word only when she's alone with me.
And only when she's feeling faint-hearted.
…Sakura calls Tohsaka "Nee-san" when she can't suppress her cries for help.
Their complicated upbringing created a wall between them.

They may be able to return to being normal sisters if that wall is destroyed.
That might be the best thing I can do for Sakura right now.

Music: Stop

Someone thought about "sisters" too much before bed.

…I can't think straight.
My brain might be fried from the midsummer-like heat.
I can't figure out what time it is or where I am, no matter how hard I think.

"Guh, ah!"
A sudden, sharp pain brings me to my knees.
". Ow"
I stay crouched, breathing heavily.

…I wake up.
I squeeze my left arm, the cause of the heat and the pain.
The Shroud is still wrapped around it.
The red cloth is restraining my arm.
I can move it, but it's wrapped so tight that the circulation is restricted.
Maybe this cloth is the cause of the pain.

"Maybe my arm's just as it was if I take it off."
The wild idea sounds very attractive.
First of all, I never saw my arm destroyed or transplanted.
It's not that I don't trust that priest, but I'm sure he makes mistakes too.