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Part 333: Rin and Ilya

Thread Killer wants to see what would happen if we'd visited Rin and Ilya instead, so let's take a look.

Music: Gentle Everyday

One second after I knock, she kicks me out without time for a rebuttal.

"Hey, what's with that attitude? It could get scary later if you kick away someone's goodwill."

"What goodwill? We're going to be using the Tohsaka and Einzbern's secret magic, so there's no way we can show it to other people.
I'm glad to know you want to help, but your behavior itself is harmful. I'm sure you don't want us finding out about your secrets, right?"

…I see.
When she puts it that way, I see her point.
There are things I can't tell her, even if we're cooperating.

"Tohsaka. Why are you wearing glasses?"

"…Why? …What, does it look funny?"
"Well, it's not funny, but"
Her honor student style has upgraded, and she looks like some president now.

"It really suits you."

"…I-I see. I don't really know because I only wear glasses when I'm alone, but… it doesn't look funny?"

"No. I might be tricked into believing that you're an honor student even though I know your true nature. Are you trying to hide your character?"

Music: Stop

Hm? Did the room suddenly get cold?

Music: Gentle Everyday

I ask her with my eyes if it's just my imagination.

"Oh, what a coincidence. My shoulders are shaking too, Emiya-kun.
I'm thinking I should settle my match with you. If you have enough free time to be walking around, how about I train you until you can't walk?"

…Scary. She's serious.
It seems she really wants to punish me for walking around when she told me to rest and save up my energy.

"…Sorry, I was being careless. I'll go rest in my room like you told me to."

"…Hmph. It's fine, but don't you have something else to do if you can walk around like that? We aren't the only ones who might need your help."
"…? Who else needs my help?"

"Right in the next room. For her, having you by her side is a big deal. You should know that. You're the source of Sakura's energy."

My face burns up.
It's really embarrassing to have someone else say that.

"Oh, okay, I understand. If I can go see Sakura, I'm going to."
I nod awkwardly like a robot.

…Geez, you're usually rough, but you're really careful in the stupidest things, idiot."

Music: Stop

"Calm down, calm downI'm just going to see how she's doing."
I take a deep breath and glare at the door of the next room.
I-It's not like I have a guilty conscience.
I'm just going to check if Sakura's really resting or not.