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Part 337: Nightmare (II)

Music: Wandering Shadow

The familiar scenery is submerged in seawater, turning the town into an aquarium.
Instead of air, something thick flows into the throat.
The more it gasps for breath, the more of the heavy, watery substance it sucks in.
So this has to be underwater.

In its black hands are many corpses.
The distorted hands grasp many dead bodies.

Need more. Need more. Need more. Need more.

It smashes them, dyeing itself red.
Need more air.
The air hurts.
The water pressure is uncaring.
The water pressure is unbearable.
It smears the red blood all over its body.
It probably thinks that the blood is the only watertight protection it has to live in this water.

Music: Stop

She trembles.
She trembles like a broken machine.
She trembles so violently that bolts might spill from her ears.
All the parts in her body will spill out like thatand the image is so frightening that she cannot stop trembling.

"My face. Yeah, I have to go wash my face"
She heads to the bathroom.
She makes it only a few steps.
Her quaking limbs will not follow her orders.
She braces herself against a desk.

"…Ugh… Ah."
She's broken.
She can't remember anything.
She can't think of anything.
There is nothing but lust and hunger.
She wants hot skin, breath, sensation, penis, semen, and kind words.
Her empty but mushed-up insides plead for more sex.

She lies on the desk and shakes her head.
Fear and infinite self-hatred.
Something is wrong.
Why hasn't she had enough?
A few hours ago, she was loved, just like in her fantasies, but it hasn't filled her up at all.
It felt great, and she thought there could be no greater happiness, but she's not the least bit satisfied.

She's probably empty, and that's why he alone cannot fill her up.
But she doesn't want anyone else.
She wants to be his for much longer.
She wanted it at the cost of time, emotion, and other people, so why didn't she do so? And she naturally realizes that she can eliminate all the things she just thought about.

It's not so far-fetched.
What's scary is that…

She really thought that it would be fun.

Music: Midnight Interval

"…Uh… uh, ugh."
Moans escape her mouth.
Her vague memory is no problem.
It doesn't matter if she cannot remember what happened a few hours ago.
She's not scared of being in bed forever.

She is terrified of becoming something else.
She doesn't want to become a bad person.
If she slowly breaks down like this, she will go crazy in the end.
She will probably become something that will cause him the most trouble.

That's what terrifies her.
It's scary to go crazy. It's more scary than anything else.
If she does, he will not touch her, nor will he love her.
She won't be able to be with him. She won't even know if she is with him.
Not only that. If she loses her mind, he will be with another woman.

She doesn't want that. She really doesn't want that.
She always thought he should be with someone else, someone better suited to him, but she can no longer accept that.

He is already hers.

…That's why it's frightening.
She's scared of what she might do.

"…Ughuh, kuh"
She knows, yet there's no salvation.
She cannot tell him of this disfunction.
If she tells him, it will be back to the cold for her.
She cannot return to the cold now that she has known warmth.
She wants to…
Keep smiling at him.

But she knows what will be lost if this continues.
Her wish is just a desire.
She wishes for one person's happiness, yet her happiness requires the ruin of that same person.

If she cannot do so, she should just break down and disappear.
If she's going to go crazy, she should disappear now and become a monster in a place with no people.
That should be the best choice.

But she still clings to it.
She wishes for more because it's warm and happy here.
So why?
Why is such a normal desire forbidden to her?

"NoNo, no, no, no…!"
She shakes off her weakness.
She's not envious.
She's not holding any grudges.
She justifies her decision, saying that she merely wants to stay here.

"Ughuhh, ugh"
…Her hazy mind is already experiencing another nightmare.
Forcing down her wish to be saved, she keeps on crying.

Music: Stop