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Part 340: Blank memory

" "

" state right?"

" rather lunch Rin and Sakura Sakura more "


…That's strange.
Why are they talking secretly in front of me?

Maybe my throat is bad, as I can't talk in a big voice.
"Hmm… All right…

Hey, what are you two talking about!?"

Music: Tender Scenery

Their conference abruptly ends.
"Ah, ah, ah."
Oh, it's back now.
It seems the loud voice did the trick.

"Your food makes my tongue numb instead of just being spicy.
We already decided to have Sakura cook lunch, so let it go already. Shirou said he wants Sakura's stew too."

It seems they're talking about lunch.

Isn't that usually the case?

"Hey, now's not the time to"
I stop halfway into my sentence.
I see the clock and find out it's almost noon.

Music: Stop

I look through my memory.
I did indeed say we'll go shopping together.

"Yeah. Let's go, Ilya."
I shake my head and start walking.

"…Hey. You're acting strange. You were fine when we put the Shroud back on. Did the fatigue just catch up to you?"

"Hm? Oh…… Yeah, I'm a bit confused, but it's all right."

This is nothing compared to the pain from yesterday, and my body feels fine.

I was just a bit dizzy, so there's no problem at all.

As the lance has pierced the heart even before it is thrust, it is impossible to dodge or block it once this result has been determined. To dodge Gae Bolg, one does not need high AGI (agility), but instead the ability to change this fate before Gae Bolg is executed, LCK (luck) is most important. It is the most efficient Noble Phantasm, as it requires little magical energy to activate, and each activation is a sure kill.

Since a sword is a symbol of power, a sword carried by a king usually ends up being degraded to the status of an ornament covered by decorations. This is the biggest difference between Excalibur and Caliburn. In exchange for being a beautiful sword, its effectiveness as a weapon does not match that of Excalibur. In the legend, it is said that it broke when King Arthur fought in a battle going against the principles of chivalry.

"Der Ring des Nibelungen", composed later in Middle Ages Germany, is the story of a knight equal to the legend of King Arthur, and the sword Gram changes its name and appears in it as Balmung. As the "strongest demonic sword" equaling the "strongest holy sword", it even possesses the special characteristic of "dragon slayer".

In a real battle, long range translates directly into advantage. But when you are talking about a sword, it must be admitted that such a length is out of the question. It will be effective in a one-on-one battle, but its length and weight would trouble the user in a large-scale combat. There are no swordsmen able to use this longsword satisfactorily other than Assassin, who has skills surpassing human limitations.

It might just be Archer's taste, but words thought to be a charm against evil spirits are carved on the blades.

Divine skill, flawless and firm
Strength moves mountains
Blade cuts water
Life approaches the Imperial Villa
We embrace heaven together

---Two great men, shared life.

The crescent moon-shaped blade is called the crescent blade, and we call weapons with only one of these blades Seiryugeki. Out of many halberds, only this halberd was promoted to the rank of "Noble Phantasm", probably because it was used by a famous military commander.