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Part 349: Happy end / Tiger Dojo 35

I drop the knife onto her white neck.

Music: Ever-present Feeling

It slices it right open.
Is there a fire?
The red blood sharply splatters against the wall like a fire hose.

…I see.
Even if Sakura has accepted her death, she won't allow it.
I tried to use the knife against the defenseless Sakura,
and she attacked with her dagger, because I was even more defenseless.

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 35 (mirror)

Music: Wandering Shadow

"H-He's dead…!"
The impossible has occurred.
The door was locked from the inside when Fujimura-san went into the room.
The only ones in the room are me, Fujimura-san, and Lady Ilya.

"There are two ways.
One is an accident with lack of affection points.
The victim had a low Sakura-chan affection score, so he mistook the ornamental guillotine for the bed, and he went to sleep."

That kind of taste is expected from Sakura."
I see.
Sakura's taste sure is troublesome.
So the bed turned into a guillotine the instant someone got on it!

"Yes. So the solution would be to start over from day 9 and increase Sakura-chan's affection points.
The other method is a direct offense brought on by an external factor.
The victim was also the assailant.
He tried to kill Sakura-chan here. But he was killed instead because the knife-throwing security system was set off"

Their speculation heats up.
But I think of another method that doesn't fall under either scenario.
It goes like this.
Going back to yesterday morning.
What if my death was determined the instant I said "no" to Tohsaka-san's question…?

If it's one-time, then I guess you'll get your wish.