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Part 354: Choice

Music: Whirlpool of Fate 2

I can't think.
Shinji's corpse.
Sakura's whereabouts.
It's only been half a day since I embraced Sakura, so how did it end up like this?

"Oh. So it is the Emiya boy.
I would like to commend you for coming here, but it seems you were a bit too late."

"Zouken…! What did you do to Sakura…!?"

"I did nothing. As you can see, my unworthy grandson tried to violate her and was killed instead. It's nothing to make a fuss over.
Butthis will be the last time I call him an unworthy grandson.
He was useless, but he fulfilled his role in the end."

He laughs.
I can't see the old magus, but I'm sure he's laughing with a hideous face.

"Shinji's role…?"
"Yes. I cannot make her put her mind to it. She hates me too much. So I had to have you or Shinji break her down.
I needed Sakura to feel despair in this world to have her accept her own shadow."

"Oh, my. It was my mistake. I took her emotional strength too lightly. I expected her to break easily, but she would never do so on her own.
It seems torturing her for a long time had its flaw. I did not expect her to become so persistent."

My nerves condense.
Before I even understand what he's saying, I clench my right fist, open my Magic Circuit, and…

"Well, if I am to be greedy, I wanted you to betray her. She would not have awakened incompletely, but her body and mind would have completely turned into the shadow in that case!
But that is only a matter of time.
With Shinji's death, she has finally accepted her position. I need only watch over her now. She will follow her instincts to feed on people, and destroy herself from overeating.
My work comes after th"

"My, how frightening. The worms I left to keep watch over this place have been crushed. Haha, soon my voice will no longer reach you."
"Shut up and get out here, Zouken…! I'll rip you to pieces…!"

"Well, I am afraid I cannot do that. The goal the Makiri have sought for five hundred years is within my grasp.
I cannot be killed now, yet I'm not so ungrateful as to kill you."

"Ungrateful…? Shut up! When did I do anything for you…!?"

"You did. You raised Sakura. Before, she merely endured, but you taught her how to desire others.
Yes, I appreciate what you did, Emiya Shirou. This ritual was a success because of you.
That is why I will not kill you. I need you to see her after she matures…!"

"Zou… ken."
"Kaka, nobody can stop her now. She has killed her brother, so she cannot turn back.
She will take in Archer's soul from Einzbern's Holy Grail and steal the key to reach the gate.
That will be the end. Makiri's earnest desire, the reproduction of the Third Sorcery, will be achieved…!"