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Part 374: Burst out / Oath

Video: Crazy Train (mirror)

"Trace, fractal."
Shrinking endlessly, expanding endlessly, multiplying endlessly.
The fantasy turns into chaos with law, it came from nothingness, but it didn't come from nothingness, and many similarities arise from expansion.

I ready the sword I projected.


There's no need to aim.
The image of it hitting is there, so this attack will surely hit Saber.

I see the result with my ruptured left eye.
Rider has retreated from Saber.
Having just repelled the spiral sword, Saber is unable to pursue her.
The small opening lasts a mere two seconds.
But those two seconds are more than Rider needs.

Music: Sword of Promised Victory

Black light flows out.
A scorching wind bursts forth from Saber's sword.
A comet will attack her in the next second.
The strongest Noble Phantasm is employed to wipe out the pure white light from Rider.

Rider lowers her stance.
The summoning circle's already completed.
A giant eye bound by blood materializes in front of her.

"Come, Rider!"
The sword, readied beside her.
Converging and spinning, the light of the star reaches the critical point.
The black sun stands ready, the flare held in both hands.


The true name is revealed.
Saber's sword transforms into a blazing black flame.

Music: Stop

At that instant, I stop time.
I accelerate all my processes, disguising this instant as eternity.

The second projection.
Magic that shaves my existence away.
But we can't beat Saber without it.
We can't match Saber's Noble Phantasm, even with Bellerophon.

We knew that already.
So I'm going to make her win.
If Rider's Noble Phantasm is inferior in force, I'll make up for the difference…!!!!

"I am the bone of my sword."

I already know what I have to use.
The projection's completed in an instant.
The greatest protection Archer knows, the Noble Phantasm that will lead Rider to victory!

"Rho Aius!"

I make it into reality using its true name!

Music: Sword of Promised Victory

"Giah, , !"
My left arm jumps about, while my shoulder fires bullets into my body.
The magical energy I can't control explodes inside my body,
and just like an eraser,
turns Emiya Shirou's body white.

It completely destroys the balance between the two.

"Ah, ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"

Music: Stop

They're both alive.
Rider must've used up her magical energy as she's still on the ground.
But Sabershe's deeply wounded, but she still has some power left.

We barely had the edge in the confrontation of the Noble Phantasms.
Bellerophon had ninety percent of its light offset by Saber's holy sword.

I run.
I run without understanding what I have to do.
I release the Azoth Sword while I run.

"Sa, ber."
I run to her.
I run to her and straddle her defenseless body.

"AhShi, rou?"
Did she hit her head?
Saber's looking up at me absent-mindedly.

How must I look to her?
I'm on top of her, looking down with a dagger upraised.