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Part 378: To Angra Manyu / Conclusion

Music: THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

A contract-breaker.
A Noble Phantasm that nullifies all magic and negates the contract with a Servant.
Without taking Sakura's life, it destroys the contract that bound her.

My vision isn't continuous.
Sakura's alive.
I don't know if it's reaction from being released, but she's lying on the ground like she's sleeping.

TohsakaTohsaka will make it too.
She's not bleeding anymore. She has a legitimate Magic Crest.
The Crest is the crystallization of the Tohsaka family's magic. It won't let their successor die even if she's unconscious.

The cavern is shaking.
Angra Manyu.
A ridiculous curse called "all evils of the world" is writhing.

Even after losing its host, the black shadow hasn't disappeared.
It has grown too large.
It can come out without Sakura's help.
It will emerge so long as the Great Holy Grail still exists.

I'll destroy it.
I'll destroy the giant magic circle, and the shadow along with it.
Angra Manyu's fetal activity is slowly destroying the cavern.
…But I don't think it'll die even if the cavern collapses.
I have to destroy that thing here and now.

Is it possible?
…Yes, it's possible.
I'll go as near it as I can and attack it with great force.

Angra Manyu can't move as long as it's in the black fire.
I'll cleave it in two before he can emerge.
If there's anything capable of such a feat, it's

The greatest Noble Phantasm I know of.

My breathing stopped for a moment.
There's about a hundred meters to Angra Manyu.
…It's fine, I can walk this distance.
It's just one more time.
One last projection, and it's all over.
It's fine, I'll be able to do it.
I'll finish this off, take the two of them above ground, and…

"Shirou, do you hear me?"
Someone taps my shoulder.

…Who is this?
She can't possibly be a stranger.
I know her. She looks dangerous, but I remember that she's trustworthy.

"Good. Can you take Sakura and Tohsaka and get out of here?"

The long-haired woman stares at me for a few seconds.

"I'll go after I destroy that thing. It'll be quick, but every second counts for Tohsaka. And Sakura would be affected by the shadow if she stays here. Angra Manyu might be persistent and make Sakura his Master again."

"Understood. I will carry Rin and Sakura.
Please rest assured. I have rested enough for that."
"Please. Go outside with those two. The cavern's collapsing. Um, RR- damn, your speed would have no problem with the falling rocks."

Then I will be going. I shall come get you after I get them to a safe place."

"Um… That's nice to hear, but make sure they're okay first. You're the only one I can trust. I'll escape by myself, so please treat Tohsaka. Sakura can't be happy without her."

…I don't think this woman has any ability to heal people.
But I still have to entrust her with Tohsaka's life.

Sakura needs you and Rin. Please remember that. …I need you to support Sakura."

"I shall hurry. Good luck."

The woman in black picks them up with ease and runs down the cliff.
Weaving between the falling rocks, she hurries to the exit.

", , "
My consciousness is breaking apart.
A mere hundred meters become an impossibly vast expanse.

", , "
It's only a matter of time before the cavern collapses.
The ceiling's crumbling down, and the ground is becoming a pile of rubble.

", , "
My joints are stiff.
It hurts to bend my limbs.
My nerves are hot.
Hundreds of blades are growing out of my body.
An inescapable death by skewering.
I am the bone of my sword.
I already knew that.
The time bomb was activated when I used projection.
This end has already been determined.

…I'll still make it.
My body's dying, but I won't lose myself for about a day if I stop now.

Only a day's worth of life prolongation.
But right now, I would love to have something so insignificant.
Just a day. An hour or even a minute.
If I can live, I want to stay here as long as I can, no matter how miserable it may be.

"Haa, gu……!"
A crack.
Not outside, but inside. The nucleus accumbens in my cerebrum breaks.
The part that administers the principle of behavior, the linkage to pleasure.
The most important part of life. Life is the pursuit of pleasure; without it, humans would become beasts.

"Haa, ah."
It's not convenient.
I still want it.
I want to keep my memory for as long as I can.

But it's disintegrating.
The pain of eating my fingers doesn't stop the memories from fading.

I disappear the more I walk on.
I won't make it.
Even if I do make it there, I probably won't remember what I need to do.
So I should stop here and wait for help

Video: When It's Spring (mirror)

I lose the meaning.
What was pain?
Organic matter turns into inorganic substance.

I'm not alive anymore.
My arms won't move for any reason.

Words come out of my mouth.
There's something still remaining even after language, neopallium, and cerebrum
are lost.

There was a promise.
Once winter's over, when it's spring