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Part 380: To Angra Manyu / All evils of the world

If we go all the way back to the choice we had during the battle between Rider and Saber and choose "Wait for my chance…!" instead of "Use another projection…!", the battle plays out in much the same way (just skipping the projection of Kaladbolg). After releasing Sakura, however, the end plays out a bit differently. Here's a bit of recap to get things going again after the massive depression from yesterday, followed by the scene change.

Music: THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

A contract-breaker.
A Noble Phantasm that nullifies all magic and negates the contract with a Servant.
Without taking Sakura's life, it destroys the contract that bound her.

My vision isn't continuous.
Sakura's alive.
I don't know if it's reaction from being released, but she's lying on the ground like she's sleeping.

TohsakaTohsaka will make it too.
She's not bleeding anymore. She has a legitimate Magic Crest.
The Crest is the crystallization of the Tohsaka family's magic. It won't let their successor die even if she's unconscious.

The cavern is shaking.
Angra Manyu.
A ridiculous curse called "all evils of the world" is writhing.

Even after losing its host, the black shadow hasn't disappeared.
It has grown too large.
It can come out without Sakura's help.
It will emerge so long as the Great Holy Grail still exists.

I'll destroy it.
I'll destroy the giant magic circle, and the shadow along with it.
Angra Manyu's fetal activity is slowly destroying the cavern.
…But I don't think it'll die even if the cavern collapses.
I have to destroy that thing here and now.

Is it possible?
…Yes, it's possible.
I'll go as near it as I can and attack it with great force.

Angra Manyu can't move as long as it's in the black fire.
I'll cleave it in two before he can emerge.
If there's anything capable of such a feat, it's

The greatest Noble Phantasm I know of.

My breathing stopped for a moment.
There's about a hundred meters to Angra Manyu.
…It's fine, I can walk this distance.
It's just one more time.
One last projection, and it's all over.
It's fine, I'll be able to do it.
I'll finish this off, take the two of them above ground, and…

"Shirou, do you hear me?"
Someone taps my shoulder.

…Who is this?
She can't possibly be a stranger.
I know her. She looks dangerous, but I remember that she's trustworthy.

"Good. Can you take Sakura and Tohsaka and get out of here?"

The long-haired woman stares at me for a few seconds.

"I'll go after I destroy that thing. It'll be quick, but every second counts for Tohsaka. And Sakura would be affected by the shadow if she stays here. Angra Manyu might be persistent and make Sakura his Master again."

"Understood. I will carry Rin and Sakura.
Please rest assured. I have rested enough for that."
"Please. Go outside with those two. The cavern's collapsing. Um, RR- damn, your speed would have no problem with the falling rocks."

Then I will be going. I shall come get you after I get them to a safe place."

"Um… That's nice to hear, but make sure they're okay first. You're the only one I can trust. I'll escape by myself, so please treat Tohsaka. Sakura can't be happy without her."

…I don't think this woman has any ability to heal people.
But I still have to entrust her with Tohsaka's life.

Sakura needs you and Rin. Please remember that. …I need you to support Sakura."

"I shall hurry. Good luck."

The woman in black picks them up with ease and runs down the cliff.
Weaving between the falling rocks, she hurries to the exit.

", , "
My joints are stiff.
It hurts to bend my limbs.
If I let my guard down, I stop breathing. Finally, with the determination it would take to stick a knife in my throat, I manage to draw a few breaths.
I keep doing it in spite of the pain, because people can't live without oxygen.
I might be able to move without oxygen, and even if I am to breathe, I would stop moving soon.

", , "

…It's hot.
Hundreds of blades are growing out of my body.
An inescapable death by skewering.
I am the bone of my sword.
But I already knew that.

The time bomb was activated when I used projection.
So this end was already determined.

", , "

…My legs are heavy.
…I don't know what I'm doing.
My heart's about to explode from pain, fatigue, and emptiness.
But just a bit more.
Everything will end once I beat him.
There's no one in my way.
There's no one getting in my way anymore.

Music: Stop


Video: The Final Enemy (mirror)

The shadow wavers.
In front of the crater, the Great Holy Grail.
Bathed in the ruddy glow, is standing.

"Yes. It seems we've both managed to survive, Emiya Shirou."
A voice filled with strong will.
As if it's fate, the man blocks my way through this desolate realm.

Music: All Evil of the World

There's nothing for you to do now."
I don't ask him how he's alive.
He's dying.
I don't feel magical energy from his body.
There's a black stain where his heart should be.
…Like me, a brief fire that's like a turned hourglass.

I don't hear his heartbeat.
He doesn't have much longer to live.
This is not speculation, but a predication.
Kotomine Kirei will die in a few minutes, even if he doesn't do anything.

"Do not ask something so obvious.
There is only one goal for me: to give birth to the curse."
"What? You can't do that. He won't become yours."

"…Are you insane? What are you saying with that dying body of yours? And even if it's born like you wish, you'll"

"The same goes for you. There is no sanity here. Our end will be the same, even if we accomplish our goals.
You will destroy it, while I will protect it.
But there is nothing to be gained, no matter whose goal is achieved. You came here knowing that.
This is a meaningless battle. We are two madmen engaging in useless folly."

He won't retreat, and I can't use projection as long as he's there.

I need time to project.
He'll smash my head if I show such an opening.

"…Why? Why are you going so far to protect him?
Even if he's born, you gain nothing. So why?"
Even on the verge of death, why does he approve of mankind's enemy, all evils of this world?

Humans have both good and evil, and it's up to you to decide which is which. The start is at zero, and there is no crime in being born. I thought I'd already told you."

"Yeah. You said there's no crime in the baby even if it's evil."

Music: Stop

Living is a crime by itself, and there are punishments because one is alive. Good exists with life, and evil exists with life.

Video: All the Evils of the World (mirror)

Music: In the Name of God (Realta Nua)

"So you're going to forgive him? He's someone that can only kill. If you know he'll kill many people once he comes out, he's a definite evil for us…!"

What Angra Manyu thinks about his own actions…?

That is why I killed your father and let Matou Sakura live. I cannot come up with the answer by myself. That is why I wish for the birth of what can provide me with the answer."

His words are bold.
He states it as a matter of course, saying he has no regret or doubts.

"……………………I see."
That makes me realize.
We're irreconcilable. I opposed him ever since I first saw him.
…I finally realize why.

We both knew we could never be freed, but believed it was the right atonement, and sought salvation that would never be given to us.

He never walked a different path.
So even if he's to die in the next minute, he doesn't know any other way to live.

He steps forward.
There's not much time left for either of us.
So we have to settle the match quickly.
We have to extinguish the other's fire before our own blows out.

"I am going to release my pent-up emotions here."

…Yeah. He's empty because he couldn't obtain it, no matter what he tried.
He sought and sought, but couldn't obtain happiness.
And the only way of life he found was carrying death.
So how can he abandon his way of life now?

Music: Stop

We're both almost dead.
All we can do it to drive our fists into our opponent.
There's no technique or strategy involved. It's a mere brawl to the death.

Music: Emiya

I swing my fist full-force at a speed he can't avoid…!

But my fist swings through empty space, and I'm the one who gets hit.

crouches down by my left side, slams his fist into my stomach,

and kicks up at my body with his lightning fast legs.

How many meters was I kicked up?
The impact was strong enough to rip my head off.
No, if I'm going to talk about impact, then the second blow to my stomach was strong enough to pulverize my organs.


…I gather my consciousness and face my enemy.
It doesn't matter.
He won't stop attacking, even if faced with the thorns of death.

In short, our fight is…"

Kotomine lowers his stance.
His trained body is getting ready for the explosion.

"Not a fight against someone else, but a battle with your body at stake!"

I don't look away from my enemy, closing in like a spark.
There's only one thing I have to do.
I have to be faster than last time. I have to punch him faster, even if he avoids it.

The one I must defeat is right in front of me.
I don't care about some centuries-old wish or the end of this small world.
For Emiya Shirou,
defeating this enemy is the last remaining purpose.