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Part 382: All the good in this life

Video: All the Good in This Life (mirror)

Music: Light and Darkness 2

It's not because of the damage, but because of the pain brought on by my left arm which tries to heal and overwrite my wounded body.


I protect my head.
My face hasn't turned into swords yet.
It'll be over if I'm hit there.
I can't manage to strike him, so I put everything into fending off his attacks to my head.

A jolt runs through my left rib. I resist the swords stabbing my brain and punch again.


I can still move.
I can still move, I can't move, this is my la-

I'll go crazy.
I'll burn out, unable to bear the pain.
But if I go to sleep before that…
If I close my eyes…

"So this is the end. Then I shall crush your head."
The enemy walks to me.
…He can't run either.
Both of us might disappear within the next minute.

Music: Stop

Music: Ever-present Feeling

So I have to protect her.

The crimes committed, the crimes that condemn , the crimes remembers. I have to protect her from everything.

Music: Stop

Music: Light and Darkness 3

This part here, for about 20 seconds, is my single favorite part in the game. Screenshots don't do it justice. Even if you don't watch the videos normally, it's really worth waiting for today's video (mirror) to load just so you can seek to 3:10 and see this part properly.


"You, still!"
"Kotomine, Kirei!"

Two blows.

Three blows.

Four blows.

Five blows.

Six blows.

Seven blows!

"Ah, gah, guh!"
Damn! I know! …He won't let me punch him that easily!
He's many times stronger than me, so he can easily fend off my attacks and come finish me off!

Yeah, so what…!?
The difference in our powers won't change.
Things won't conveniently go right for me.
I'm blown away, and my enemy comes to smash my head.
I'll lose. I'll lose. I'll lose. I'll lose.
It's a self-evident truth.

But my body still moves!

My legs don't moveyeah, my right leg really doesn't move at allbut I fire them up to raise my body.

I can't avoid the enemy's attack with these legs.
In desperation, I try to evade the death coming in the next second and

Music: Stop


The guy in front of me didn't make it.
He's standing in front of me with an upraised fist.

He looks down at his chest.
The black stain is right where his heart should be.
…The difference in time.
So he became half-dead in the forest a bit before I did.

"You win, Emiya Shirou. I don't know how many more seconds that body will last you, but you must hurry if you need to do something."
He's just like before.
He sounds uninterested in anything, just like when I first met him at the church.

"You are the last Master.
Go to the Holy Grail and fulfill your wish."

"Yeah, this is for hurting me so much. I'm going to mercilessly destroy your wish."