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Part 383: Last projection / At the end of a miracle

Video: At the End of a Miracle (mirror)

Music: THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

I take a breath, drawing enough oxygen to allow me to move.

Fortunately, it's not painful.
Most of my senses have turned to steel.

I release my left arm.
My consciousness is about to fade away.

"Trace, on."

If you choose option 1, you just get the same end we saw before. Let's go for something different this time.

Music: THIS ILLUSION (piano ver.)

I promised that I'll protect Sakura from everything.
I can't selfishly die.
I want to live with Sakura.

…But there's no other way.
Sakura's crime. The absolute requirement for Sakura's happiness is the destruction of this curse.

…Only a single grain of my consciousness is left.

Sakura, I

"Trace, on."

The promise I made with you

" "
A sword is in my hand.
is body last

Music: Stop

Music: 'Die Lorelei' - Philipp Friedrich Silcher

The voice of someone I can't remember.

" ?"
I can't remember, but I call her name.
I know I have to do it.
Because will never return if I don't.

Do you want to live, Shirou? Do you want to live on, no matter what kind of life you become?

I'm glad to hear that. I wanted you to live instead of me.

I'll take him, so, damn, I have to remember her name, but my head's turned stupid, and the important name is…

Then I'll show you a miracle.
It's an application of the magic I showed you earlier, but this one's amazing.
This is the sorcery everyone wanted to see, after all.

I can't completely reproduce it using only my own body, but it's all right. You'll be back in no time if you and Rin keep trying.

I can't sacrifice you. I said we'd live together to make up for all the time you've lived alone.
Butif one of us has to be sacrificed, then

You said an older brother protects his younger sister, right?
…Yeah. I'm the older sister. So I have to protect my younger brother.

I remember.
Her name.
Kiritsugu's real blood relative. The girl who was left alone because I came and stole him.
A girl with silver hair and red eyes that's a bit older than me

Music: Stop

I can go into the sky if I reach out just a bit.

But there's nothing left.
There's absolutely no energy left in my body.

I'm sinking.
The life she saved is sinking.

I clench my fist out of vexation.
I feel something cold in my hand.
The sensation rouses my mind

'It's all right. Rin will save you.'