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Part 386: Battle of the Holy Grail / Tiger Dojo 26

You get this dead end in much the same way you got the last one, except because of a lack of Ilya points instead of Sakura points. This one is much easier to see since there are a couple ways you can fail to have enough points (miss her even one day at the shopping district, or fail to placate her on day 7 and you're headed straight for this end).

I look around, but I don't see Tohsaka.
I bet she's already heading to the Matou household.

"Sakura'snot around."
Sakura should head straight to my house since the club activities are cancelled.
But I didn't promise to go home with her, so I bet she already went home.

"What is this sound?"
The sound echoes on my eardrums even if I cover my ears.
I'm not hallucinating.
I can't be dizzy and be hearing this at the same time by pure chance.
If I get them at the same time, it should be intentional.

…The strength flees from my legs, and I sink to my knees.

I can't move my legs.
The buzzing rings my eardrums, and I lose my sense of balance.
I feel nauseous and cold.
Desperately, I fight it off, willing strength into my body…

…And realize that my Command Spell has lost its color.

"I've already dealt with Saber. I can't afford to have any more Servants go to their side."

I hear a familiar voice near me.

I bear the nausea and look up.

The ringing in my ears invades my brain.
The imperceptible sound waves shut down my vision by filling themselves behind my eyeballs.

"But don't worry. I won't kill you right away.
You're my trump card against that person. I'll destroy your body here, but I'll put your mind in a puppet.
…Teehee. You won't be able to move after that, but it's better than dying. Right, Onii-chan?"

Video: Tiger Dojo 26 (mirror)

Music: Gentle Everyday

…Well, I guess it's impossible.

Impossible. It's impossible no matter what!
I bet she's trembling outside right now, wanting to come back, but can't because of all the big talk she gave me!

Well, it's cold outside, so I bet she'll come back with a souvenir around the next dojo.

So, this bad end is also because of lack of love.
It's obvious whose love you're lacking this time, right? Try getting a bit closer with Ilya-chan so that she won't go full out on you.

You have to restart from day 5 if you can't meet her on day 7.
You have to consult Tohsaka-san if you see her at school.

That's the end of this Tiger Dojo.
Please continue enjoying Sakura-chan's route, where the atmosphere completely changes with the appearance of many new characters.