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Part 387: Stone coffin / Tiger Dojo 29

When confronting Rider's mystic eyes on day 9, it's possible to see this dead end if you choose to attack Rider instead of trying to save Rin or sulking and doing nothing.

Music: Breach

"…!? Are you stupid…!? Don't look directly at her…!"
I ignore Archer's voice and run at Rider.

Music: Stop

It's not just my legs.
The petrification does not stop and reaches my waist, hardens my chest, destroys my arms, and locks up my closed eyes forever.

"How foolish.
Trying to block my mystic eyes by merely closing your eyes. It doesn't matter if you look at me with your naked eyes or your mind's eye, as it is a curse to look at me in any way."

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

My body has turned to stone, and my mind is swiftly following.
…The three sisters from the legend are immortal.
Just like them, my body will never change.

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 29 (mirror)

Music: Time Together

Osu, that's not true.
It's the normal, peaceful and fun Tiger Dojo!

Well, this dead end is your usual abrupt death!

Once you see Rider's eyes, you can't get away from her mystic eyes. It's smarter to go into defense rather than trying to attack.

Wait! Hold on! Something is weird, there's someone behind me! But I'm too scared to turn around and look!

Hmm, but Shirou sure does die in bizarre ways.
It's rare even in our world to die of petrification.

Music: Stop

Why? It's because Sakura's the type to bear grudges.
Don't you remember saying it before, Taiga? You said Rider's Master is a twisted snake woman.

Music: Today's Meal

You reap what you sow.
Be careful about talking behind people's backs!