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Part 390: World purge, meltdown / Tiger Dojo 33

When the shadow is about to explode in the forest, there's a choice between saving Ilya and Rin. This is what happens if you try to save Rin.

Music: Violation (Realta Nua)

Then I'm the only one who can bring her back…!

The expanded shadow explodes in an instant.
I don't even have time to take her hand.
The shadow tramples over the forest under one breath.

And it mercilessly swallows the prey in its spider's web.

My temperature rises.
A fatal fever from the tropics drives my human body crazy.

There's no vaccine for it,

but my body struggles to get away from the heat,

and my mind abandons my body and dies first.

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 33 (mirror)

Music: The End of Reminiscence

Yeah, yeah, we're starting. Geez, this is boring.

But I really can't back him up this time.

Hm, this is the worst sulking I've seen out of you. Do you hate the fact that he put priority on Tohsaka-san?

…No. I just thought it wasn't fair for Archer.

Hmm. Some hidden circumstances I don't understand.

Music: Stop

You are to go back to the choice and obey Archer's words.
You can't turn off the game today until you get out of the forest!