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Part 391: Horror show / Tiger Dojo 34

If you choose not to meet with Zouken at the beginning of day 13, this gruesome end follows.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"I refuse. I can't trust you. Tell him to come to me if he wants to talk."
"I see. Then I shall tell him so."

Music: Stop

…I don't hear Assassin's voice after that.
He must already be out of my house, heading back to Zouken.

"…This is fine. This should be all right."
Even if I can face off against Zouken, I have no way to kill him.
First of all, he's a monster one can't talk with.
I have to have all the weapons ready if I am to confront him.

"Gem sword, huh?"
The secret weapon Tohsaka and Ilya are trying to make.
Even Archer's arm, which remembers close to a thousand swords, has no information on such a weapon.

"…But we can win if we can reproduce it. I can believe in you, right, Tohsaka?"
I lie down on the tatami.
…I'm tired, so I'll sleep.
After I wake up, I'll go see Sakura, prepare dinner, and help Tohsaka

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

In my room are Sakura's pajamas, an empty bowl, and a wet towel.

I search through my memory.
Looking at what's here, it seems I went and treated Sakura.
I try to remember, but I stop myself.
These are trivial things.
I must've forgotten about them somehow, so I don't even need to think about it.

Music: Stop

My face stiffens for a second.
"No, I'll help. You must be tired as well, so I can't let you do all the work."
I try to respond naturally so I won't sound suspicious.

"Are you stupid? I appreciate the offer, but you can't use the knife with that arm of yours. Just let me handle it tonight."
She starts cutting.
She must be stir-frying vegetables, as she's cutting lots of green peppers.

"…I see. Then I'll go prepare the bath. Oh, I guess I'll do the laundry while I'm at it. Can I go get your laundry?"

"W-Why are you saying such a stupid thing!? I'm going to do that myself, of course…!"
She slams the knife down on the cutting board.
She's dicing up some beef. I guess we're having meat tonight.

"What's she making?"
I head to the bath.
I don't know what she's going to make, but I'm looking forward to

"…I guess so. The switches aren't responding."

"…Yeah. The boundary field hasn't been activated, so it's not an intruder."
"Yeah, even if Zouken attacks us, the boundary field will"

Not necessarily be activated.

Remember what happened this morning.
Assassin was able to pass through the boundary field without any difficulty!

"Stay here, Tohsaka. I'm going to go check, just in case."

"Hey, hold on. I'll go too. It's dangerous to go by yourself."

"Oh, yeah. …No, then please go check on Sakura. I'll head there right after I go get Ilya."

"Okay. You can leave Sakura to me."

"Are you awake, Ilya?"
I open the door.

Music: Stop

Only scattered red comes into my view.

Ilya isn't here.
All that's left are traces of blood.
In the corner of the room, admist the splattered blood, are minced flesh and a bundle of silver hair, but that's not Ilya.
Ilya is not human anymore.

Music: Wandering Shadow


…Stands something that should not exist.

It's like a ghost under a willow.
Why the boundary field did not go off.
Why such a thing is here.
Before I can answer these questions…

There was no time to run, and there was nowhere to run.
The house is already engulfed by the shadow.
If that is the shadow itself, there is no way to escape the dark night.

I've known it since last night.
I will be killed the instant I meet it.

Music: Stop

Video: Tiger Dojo 34 (mirror)

Music: Wandering Shadow

Oh, you don't like scary stories, master?

No, I hate them. They might take my belly button, so I'm gonna go home.

Hey, you can't do that, Taiga. You're the master, so you have to teach.
What will you do if a challenger comes to this dojo?

They won't come. I've been in this dojo for ten years, but such a person never came.
So I'm gonna go home. I have a bad feeling.

Why speak with a Kansai dialect…?
Huh? Master, there's a challenger.

All right, send him home.

Why!? You'd usually say something like…

'All right! I never thought I'd see a challenger while I was alive!'

And jump around with joy like a junkie!

I'm saying I have a bad feeling.
First of all, I have a bad feeling from the name of this dead end…

Music: Stop


Oh, I know this. This is called mixed martial arts, right?

All right, do your best, Tiger!

I can't!
Here, your opponent is that buruma girl. Her moe power is ten times stronger than mine. You should be fully satisfied.

Music: Clashing Souls

is turning defiant.

Oh she bit it! Taiga is being swallowed, but is trying to swallow it back!

She's fighting it…!
Master can match it…!

Guaaa! God of Babylonia, give me your powers!

Well, I don't really care.
You'll just end up losing even if you fight that thing, so don't even think about it, okay, Shirou?

What you have to do is to figure out what the shadow is.
No pain, no gain.
Go back to the previous choice and go with Assassin's invitation.

Noooo, I can't! I'm tapping! Hey, referee, I'm tapping out!