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Part 394: Compassion / Tiger Dojo 39

This dead end follows if you attempt to attack Saber directly while she's battling Rider.

Music: Clashing Souls

If my determination was quick, my action was quick as well.
My legs are strong as an explosion,
and my body's fast as a bullet.

Regurgitation of blood, backflow of my senses, backflow of poison.

My left arm and my body become one.
An inexperienced warrior named Emiya Shirou turns into a supreme superbeing.

A second feels like ten.
I can manage it.
I can match Saber by sacrificing Emiya Shirou.

"Run, Rider!"
I run to the confronting figures and attack from the side.
Rider's on the ground.
Saber can only react with her eyes.

Music: Stop

Rider jumps back, while Saber just stands there.
"AhAhh, gah……!"
I kneel, trying to staunch the flow of blood from my left shoulder with my remaining hand.

The black swordsman states without emotion.
She comes near me.
She steps behind my back, and…

"Now you have lost your weapon. …Sakura does not say it, but she wishes you to live. I am to take you to her if I am able to neutralize you before you die.

The tip of her sword pricks my spine.
A cold weight of death, able to pierce my heart with one push.

…I'm losing consciousness.
My blood's flowing out of me, and a sword is pressed against my back.

Video: Tiger Dojo 39 (mirror)

Music: Time Together

Side A!!

Even these two recognize that Sparks Liner High is the real final dojo.

This is Tiger Dojo Remix that saves you from simple choice mistakes!

Osu! Our battle just started.

Oh, don't say that. We'll get cut off if you say that line.

Well, Sakura-chan's route is about to enter its climax.
You can't be beaten when Tohsaka-san's in a big pinch!

That's right. Shirou can't beat Saber, so trust Rider and concentrate on your part!

Yup. Shirou's role is rearguard support. Watch over the fight from a distance and take the best part!

Oh, where are you going, "Fate"?

Yeah, you're right, master. I thought I could take a big part in this route, but Sakura's my rival.
I wasn't even a match against her, so I'm forced to come back to this dojo.

Ohh, what a tragic story…

So it's true that a bullied child is strong. The Tohsaka sisters are fearsome indeed. So they were both devils…

Yeah. I hate how everyone was putting their masks on.
Saber's gone black and merciless. Rin's cruel now when it counts.
I feel sorry for Shirou. I'm the only heroine that's not a two-faced person.

Well, let's get on to the usual hint.
Sakura-chan route, "Heavens feel", has two endings.
One is the grand finale,
the true ending of "Fate/stay night"!

True and normal ends.
Well, you can easily get to the normal end.
The condition for the true ending depends on what you've done until now.

To come out with it, you can't get to the true end if my affection points are below four or if you've used projection one too many times!

No! This is the last stronghold in "Fate"!
But we'll tell you up-front. You can do something about Ilya-chan's affection score if you start over from Day 14!

Hey, you're coming out with it too!

Eh? But this is the Q&A. Our reason for existence is to give out hints.

What, you finally realized it in the 39th dojo!?

Please keep your expectations up and keep up your indecisiveness!