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Part 396: Tiger Dojo Special

Once you've seen all of the dojos and beaten the game, this crazy thing appears.


Welcome to the Tiger Dojo Special that rewards you for clearing the long story of Fate and completing the Tiger Stamps!
I have nothing to say if you've played this game to this degree.
Yes, you can go anywhere, sir!

Yeah, we can finally say goodbye to mouse-clicking hell.
Well, we're on our incentive trip and are at Einzbern's secret hot spring, the Valhalla Hot Spring.
How do you like the hot spring, Taiga?

You won't be able to come back if you drop your guard.

Yeah, I contemplate my actions. Let's look back at what's happened without thinking about anything.

By the way, the one you're talking about is a mysterious CG that was the top candidate to be dumped, but was completed and inserted before everyone realized it.

That's weird. So they kept such a nasty CG and dumped the one where I transform using the God of Babylonia's power to fight one-on-one against Angra Manyu?

Missing File: line3.pngWe'll get this as soon as we can — however it might just be gone forever, sorry! If you know where we can find it, please get in contact
Hey, Taiga. It doesn't matter, but it's Jaguar Man that transforms using the God of Babylonia's power. It's not tiger.

If having whiskers makes you a tiger, even Mobi** Suits will be tigers.

Shock! It's as shocking as finding out oshiruko and zenzai are two different kinds of food!

Sigh… I've been wondering, but why are you concerned about tigers?
You don't like being called Tiger, but the clothes you wear have tiger patterns. Do you like them or not?

……Well, okay. People have their tastes, so I won't pursue the question.
So, what part of the main story is your favorite?

I guess it was stupid of me to ask.
We won't make any progress like this, so let's go in order.

Music: Tender Scenery

I have no complaint about this route because I have a big part and Taiga comes out in the ending.

It's a standard story intended for beginner Masters.

That would depend on how Shirou lives.
Well, I think that's a pretty small possibility. I'm by his side, after all.

Music: Stop

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

I think Archer took all the great moments.

"Fate" and "Unlimited Blade Works" are two sides of one story.
Shirou is the protagonist of this game, so the game has to be about Shirou.

Music: Stop

Music: In the Sunlight

It's the deadly struggle chapter, where you fight through from the beginning to the end of the Holy Grail War!

Deadly struggle chapter, huh? You're right. You die the most in Sakura-chan's route, after all.

There would've been a route for me and Ilya-chan if this one had been shorter.

You can't ask for more.

Oh. But I guess there was a plan to have a ridiculous ending where Sakura-chan, Rider-san, and Saber-chan are alive.

Wow, your words are filled with dignity.
As expected from a character that's both a younger sister and an older sister.
So, would you say Shirou is your younger brother or your older brother?

But it's interesting and sad at the same time, considering that he might end up like Archer-san if he matures in the wrong way.

I said it before, but Fate is Shirou's story. The question of how Shirou should exist is presented in Saber and Rin's routes.
One of the answers is Sakura's route, "Heavens Feel".

We don't even need to say what the answer was.
He lost many things, but he'll be accumulating new things from now on.

Yup. That's why this is a grand finale.
Everyone's going to be as happy as they can get.

The rest is a battle for the remaining people. I'm just going to enjoy my hot spring and look down at the earth.

Music: Stop

All right!
This is the end of Fate/stay night!
Thanks for not getting discouraged from the long playing time and fighting through the whole game!

Yeah, thanks for playing the game!
We took part after every dead end, but our duties are over now.

Goodbye! Don't die again!


Music: Today's Meal

Music: Stop

Yeah. I said I'll watch over the earth from here.

………C-C-Could this hot spring be…

Um…… Heaven?

Music: Stop