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Part 40: Crash of the lion and the tiger

Music: Tender Scenery

Well, I have no complaints about a fun meal.
No complaints, but I feel like there's something wrong with all of us eating right now.

Music: Stop

I stand up.

"Huh? What, Shirou, going to the bathroom?"
"No, I forgot something. I'll bring her here, so wait."

When I leave the living room,
Tohsaka is staring at me silently.

You can almost see her thinking, "I knew I should've started a betting pool."

"S-Shirou!? What are you doing all of a sudden…!?"
"Just come with me. I'll introduce you to everyone."
"Are you insane!? Hold on, this is…"

"I'm taking you because I am sane. Here, let's go.
Whatever happens later can be dealt with."
"Hey, Shirou…!?"

"Sorry, Tohsaka. Can I add one more?"

Tohsaka doesn't object.
But Fuji-Nee and Sakura are looking at Saber with astonishment.

"It's a bit late, but let me introduce her.
Her name is Saber, and we're going to be taking care of her for a while. As you can tell, she's a foreigner and not used to living in Japan, so please help her with that."

There's no reaction from the two.
That's only natural, but I don't have enough composure to care about them right now.

"Here, sit here, Saber. It's better to eat with everyone."

"That is… certainly more efficient, but I…"
"Don't be reserved. After all, you're going to be living together with us from now on. Since we're living in the same house, it's natural to eat together."

"…Yes. If Shirou says so, I will obey."

Music: Gentle Everyday

My ears!
My ears are ringing!

"What's wrong with you, Shirou!? You bring in not only Tohsaka-san, but a girl like this too? Since when did this place turn into a hotel!?"

Harem. H-A-R-E-M.

"W-What? It'll be fine. It's as big as a hotel, so we can lend a room or two. If Tohsaka staying is fine, Saber should be fine too."

"No way! I approve of Tohsaka-san, but I don't know about this stranger! Who is she anyways!?"
"Whoshe's a distant relative of mine. She had some problems so she came here, counting on Father."

"I can't believe such a ridiculous story. Even if it were the case, why did she come to your house? There's no way Kiritsugu-san would have an acquaintance in another countr"

She can't really say that.
Because Father was a simpleton who went to foreign countries all the time, he would have more acquaintances overseas than in Japan.

"Well, I can't say that, but it's still strange. You, why did you come here?"
Fuji-Nee glares at Saber.

The reason Taiga's portraits show up so often in scenes like this, even when they don't appear to have changed, is because she flutters her arms back and forth as she speaks. Each arm position is a separate image, so it registers in the script twice (or more) and comes out in the update like this. If you look closely at two seemingly-identical pictures, you can actually see the slight difference in her arms even though I've cropped most of them out. You can see the whole movement in the video later.

"Well, that's…"

"You be quiet, Shirou. Um, Saber-san? I'm asking you."

It's only natural. Saber doesn't have any reason to go along with my lies nor a dexterous enough mind, so she

Music: Stop

"I do not know. I was only doing as Kiritsugu said."
Well, I guess she does.

Compared to Shirou, everybody has a dextrous mind. ...I couldn't resist.

Music: Tender Scenery

"Yes. He told me to defend Shirou from all enemies."
Saber says this with the greatest purity.

…Who could object to that?
Even if it's a lie, it's the ultimate truth for Saber herself.

Even Fuji-Nee can't object to those words.

She stands up with a frown, glaring at Saber,
"…All right. If you say so, I'll test your skill."
Fuji-Nee responds strangely.

Video: Lion Vs. Taiga (mirror)

Music: Premonition of a Storm

Outside? My, what a funny-looking yard you have.

She takes the shinai from the wall and glares at Saber.
Just what is our Fuji-Nee thinking about?

"Are you telling me to take a sword?"

"Yes. I'll approve of you if you're stronger than me. But if you're weaker, I'm sending you back home."
"…I do not mind, but what is the purpose of this?"

I'm getting a strangely pedo vibe from this.

It seems Saber doesn't understand what Fuji-Nee is trying to say.
Of course, no one else around here does either.

"Sooooo, I don't need anyone weaker than me!
If you're stronger than me, you'll be more dependable, right? If that's the case, I can entrust Shirou to you just for a bit."
Fuji-Nee plays with her shinai as if she's sulking.

"Right. But it's not going to be easy!"
Just as she says that, Fuji-Nee rushes at Saber and attacks her with the shinai…!

Music: Stop

Not only was that a surprise attack, but she didn't even give Saber a shinai. Are you really a teacher, Tiger!?

Saber must be surprised by Fuji-Nee's surprise attack as she just stands there distractedly.
Fuji-Nee's clever attack to the body strikes!

Music: Gentle Everyday

It's strange even for those of us watching, so it must be as strange as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon for Fuji-Nee.

Saber is still standing.
The difference is, she is now holding the shinai Fuji-Nee was wielding until now.

I don't know what's real, but it's certainly true.

Saber does not even take a stance.
Fuji-Nee doesn't move, standing before Saber.
Fuji-Nee is a kendo expert, said to be unmatched.
That experience must have made her realize that the person in front of her is on a completely different level.

Sliding in at just the last moment, we have #9!

Fuji-Nee backs away unsteadily and drops to her knees.

"The contest is over. Do you approve of me?"
"Uh, guh…"
Fuji-Nee hangs her head and slumps her shoulders.
The very moment I think she'll calm down…

She starts to cry so loudly that those around her get dizzy.

Music: Stop

On the other hand, Sakura is silent.
It was getting late, so Fuji-Nee ended up walking Sakura home, but Sakura said nothing and merely bowed and went home.

Music: Tender Scenery

Come to think of it, Tohsaka is like this too.

"…Sorry. I bet you think I did something stupid."

"I think it every day."

"Nope. But what you're doing is extra weight on your mind. If you keep doing such things, you'll end up being unable to move."

Saying good night with a wave, Tohsaka leaves.
I'm tired.
I'll rest early too.

"Why did you introduce me to everyone? I believe your actions were unnecessary as Rin said."
"No reason. I just introduced you because I didn't like it."

"Shirou, that is not an answer. You have to tell me what you didn't like."
Saber draws closer.
…Was what happened tonight that strange for Saber?

"I don't know. I was just eating and I just didn't like it when I thought about you being alone.
If anything, I just thought there'd be fewer secrets if I let Sakura and Fuji-Nee know about you."

"This is meaningless.
Rather, it is a disadvantage to let them know of my existence. I can hide myself in this house, so it would have been better if I was just standing by."

What's better?
Is she better off being an outcast while we're all eating?

"That's not true.
It couldn't be helped because even if it was good for you, Saber, it wasn't good for me. I don't think it's based on reason."
Saying so, I avert my gaze from Saber.

"I'm going out to the shed, so go back to the room first. I'll come back after I'm done."
There's no response.
Turning my back on Saber who doesn't seem to agree, I head out to the shed.

Music: Stop

I sigh without realizing.
Tohsaka is right.
I'm certainly contradicting myself.

"…Geez. I thought I was only inexperienced at magic, but my mental training is bad as well."

We've noticed.