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Part 46: Missing Ariadne / Tiger Dojo 3

Music: Premonition of a Storm

"I agree with Saber. I don't want to be the attacker, but it depends on the enemy.
We should go to Ryudou Temple right away, to see what kind of a Master this person is."

"Then let us go, Shirou. I am glad you are being proactive."

"…I see. If that's your decision, there's nothing for me to say. Just be careful."

"I'm going to rest. I'm not interested in a fight we've no chance of winning. If you don't come back tomorrow, I'll go and collect your remains since we're cooperating."

I'll hold you to that.

"What's with her? Saying such ominous things."

"That must be Rin's way of warning us.
There will be defenses against outside enemies at Ryudou Temple. We will have to pass through enemy traps and beat the Master."
"…Mm. Well, that's true, but…"

It's true that I'm not enthusiastic about beating this Master.
I only want to know who the Master at Ryudou Temple is and what their motives are.
Battle might be avoidable, and we'll retreat if things get dangerous.

…That's right. I won't let her look like that again.

Since we've just finished our prior betting pool, I think it's time for a new one: Between this update and the end of Day 9, what is the largest number of updates we will go without seeing this picture?

An update is defined as a single post linked to in the table of contents, even if posted immediately after a prior one. There are approximately 15 to 20 updates between now and then, but there will be a long stretch of them with no combat. Feel free to guess the same number as somebody else - there can be multiple winners. The default prize is guest commenting an update, but if you want something else instead, feel free to make a request.

If I judge that it's dangerous, we'll retreat immediately.
Even if Saber doesn't want to, I'll have to forcefully pull her back and bring her home

Music: Stop

Music: Midnight Interval

"Master, it is almost midnight."
"…Yeah. The town's fallen asleep. It's a good time to head out."

I nod, picking up my shinai bag.
Inside is a wooden sword I found in the shed.
It's not promising equipment for fighting against a Servant, but it should withstand at least one blow if strengthened successfully.

"Saber. We're just going to the Ryudou Temple to check things out.
It's enough if we can find out what kind of person the Master is and which class of Servant it has. There's no need to start a fight ourselves."

"…I understand. But if the enemy desires a battle and if I judge that you are in danger, that will not be the case.
As long as we are proceeding into enemy territory, I want you to be prepared for the death on either side."

The death on one side.
The scale of fate is divided between the Master at the Ryudou Temple and us, the intruders.
The scale is balanced now, but it might tilt towards one side or the other in a few hours

Music: Stop

The road leading up to the remarkably tall mountain in Fuyuki City is engulfed in ominous darkness.

Can you feel the presence of the Servant…?"

"Yes. I cannot perceive it precisely, but I can certainly feel a Servant's presence."
It may be the effect of the boundary field on the Ryudou Temple, but it seems Saber's perceptive abilities have deteriorated.

"This is not a good wind. This place was an ominous place last time, but it is worse now. …Shirou, please do not leave my side even for a moment."
I answer with a nod and start up the stone steps.

The air is tense.
The forest submerged in the black of night is trembling with sounds.
With every step, a bad premonition settles into my back.

Nothing has happened yet.
There's no sign of the enemy, and the temple gates are open as if inviting us in.

"Shirou, please stop."
"…! An enemy, Saber?"

"Yes. But it is not a Servant. The presence is too weak. It probably is a familiar for surveillance. We can ignore it, but"

There must be something wrong about it.
Saber makes a troubled expression and glares at the temple gates a few steps away.

"…Saber? Is something wrong…?"

"…I do not know. I cannot tell if this chill is because of the familiar or if it is the presence of the one protecting this temple gate.
There was some kind of a watcher at the gate, but it seems to be absent now.
…I do not want to admit it, but I consider that fact fortunate. It would be good not to confront the one protecting this gate."

"There was a watcher here, but it's not here now…?"
"Yes. They already know we are here.
There are two reasons the watcher would depart in spite of that. Which do you think it is, Shirou?"

…To hide from us, or to let us inside so we won't be able to get away.
…Either way, there will be no more progress unless we go in.

"…I definitely think it's a trap. Saber, can you tell what's going on inside from here?"

"No. I can only determine that there is some sign of a Servant in there."

"Let's go. No matter what they do to us, nothing will happen until we see their faces."
I approach the temple gate with Saber.

My vision is engulfed in darkness.

In it, I thinkI see a beautiful snake within the trees.

Her golden hair turns around.
But that's-

Saber's figure is distorted.
What kind of magic is this?
Saber is distorted like a mirage and like that

Music: Nightmare

"This is bad! Pull back, Saber…! Your body is fading away…!"

"No, Shirou…! It is you that is being transported…! Please take my hand quickly…!"

Saber charges forward to grab my hand.
At that moment…

"Kuh, uh!?"
…The figure of a Servant knocks her away from the side.

If you weren't so powerful, you would have been able to protect him."

Silver armor and black cloth collide.
Saber and Rider.

The two confront each other on top of the stone paving and…

"WhaSaber, Saber…!"
My existence is pulled out of the third dimension, goes through many dimensions, and is dropped back into my original dimension.

Music: Stop

"Oh. I tried to hook a dragon, but I only caught a small fish in my net."
I turn to face the presence behind me.

There's no time to check who it is.
I swing my wooden sword, still in the bag, behind me.

She pronounces that "aero".

I'm blown away.
I'm struck on the right side of my chest, and I fall into the water.

Music: Footsteps of Destruction

"Stupid boy. To come to my temple with such rubbish magic resistance. It seems Saber too wasn't fortunate with her Master."

…The purple robe sneers.
I feel dizzyI have to stand up quickly and take Saber's hand, but I feel dizzy, and my body…

"Are you worried about Saber…? Don't worry, I'll take her. I need her Noble Phantasm to beat Berserker. You will die here, but she will continue her life as my slave."

I can't find strength anywhere.
There's no blood left in my body, and I can't keep my consciousness

"Goodbye, boy. With such weak abilities, you have no value even as a slavebut I shall use your Command Spells effectively."

…In the black water…
Only the movement of the clouds swallowing the moon is burned into my motionless eyeballs

So much for Caster being a pushover.

Video: Tiger Dojo 03

Music: Gentle Everyday

What are you doing when her wound hasn't even healed yet?
You just became a Master, so you should train yourself a bit more!

Gah, make up your mind. Should we recklessly charge ahead, or try to mitigate the ?

That's right. It can't be helped if you're killed by me, but being killed by that fox isn't cool. Hurry back to the previous choice and stay home tonight.

Oh, sure, so if it's Ilya it's okay.

Well. Tiger Dojo, the support for all those who reach dead ends because of mistakes, is entering its third session already.

I think you people are getting used to this dojo, but…

But? What is it, Taiga? Are you hinting at something? Is there something you want to say?


Well, then I'll say it but

buruma means bloomers: women's legless gym shorts.

Huh? But this is a dojo, right? I'm in my gym uniform because we're going to be working out.

…I see. So that's the reason, huh? That's certainly logical. I thought it was a scheme of a mischievous girl trying to steal away the few spotlights I have.


You're right! We're treated differently, so there's isn't even a need to compete.

Thank God. We're best friends forever.
The gym uniform is a sign of vitality, so I'll allow Ilya-chan to keep wearing it!

Of course. Well, you can thank me for not being in a maid costume or a school swimsuit. Actually, I was supposed to appear in a different costume every time.

Wow. An obvious difference in our treatment.
Heh, I'm not vexed. The idea was discarded after all, so you're treated the same way as I am.

…But I'm a bit curious.
What kind of costumes were you planning to wear?

I guess German is a dirty word or something? In all seriousness, I spent way too much time trying to figure out why that star is there. The Japanese script says ド○ツ軍将校服 and the spoken dialogue says ジャーマンな国の将校軍服. The closest explanation I have is that ド○ツ in the script should actually be ドイツ and the * was just the translator's attempt to convey that point. In conclusion: it makes no goddamn sense.

There were forty different costumes!

Guaaaaa! That's enough! Such blessed love is too hateful!

But it's a bit disappointing since I wanted to see the officer uniform.

Yeah. I don't think it's good to take back a decision they've already made, even though they're adults.

You're right! What are the commanders thinking to take away my route!? Do they really want to win!?

Sometimes is just not enough to convey it....

Stay relaxed.

She's gone… Taiga's unconscious, so maybe I should head back too.