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Part 54: Saber-san angry / Hero apocalypse story / Shopping district

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"Saber, I want to ask you something."

"What is it, Shirou…? I get the feeling that you are looking at me with a lot of expectation."

"Really? Well, if you put it like that, it is a request and I do have expectations. To be frank, I want you to teach me something."

"…Okay. Um, I do not quite understand what you are trying to say, but I will instruct you in anything that I am able to."

Saber must think it's a serious conversation as she adjusts herself and sits Japanese-style in front of me.

Video: Super Move (mirror)

Linked purely for voice acting.

"So, what is it that you would like to know? Is it about the Servants?"
Saber looks at me seriously.

I feel like I already know what'll happen, but let's not expect anything and just ask her.

"Um. I'm not joking around or anything, so I want you to listen to me without getting mad."

"Yes, that is why I am listening seriously. Please ask me without reserve."

"Then, I'll accept that and ask you.

What's the best way to clean stains out of a futon?

Um, well. If there is one, can you teach me an easy special move that'll let me beat a Servant? Ideally something that'll even let me beat you."

Music: Stop

Saber stops breathing.

Saber does not move even an eyebrow.

"I-I guess there isn't anything that convenient, huh…!?
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry…! It was just a joke, so don't take it seriously and just pretend you didn't hear it! That'll really help me… out…"

Shirou posted:

"Um. I'm not joking around or anything, so I want you to listen to me without getting mad."

Take your beating like a man.

Music: Premonition of a Storm

"S-Saber…? It may just be me, but you have a really unsuitable evil smile on your face."

"It is not just you. Right now, my mind is as wicked as Rin's is."

I like how Rin is the most wicked figure Saber could come up with on short notice.

I feel a chill, I feel a chill…!

"Uh, wa, uh."

"Why are you panicking, Shirou? I have not answered your question yet. If I did not mishear you, I believe you desire a special move that will beat a Servant in one blow?"

I retreat, but Saber advances and doesn't let me escape.

I'm dead.
If this were a real battle, she would have certainly killed me by now.

"Calm down, let's calm down Saber.
I've contemplated my actions. I think I know why you're mad too."

"I see. Then please sit there in a Japanese style. I cannot calm down unless I explain things to you."

Saber stands up.
I quickly straighten my back and prepare myself.

Saber takes a deep breath.

Music: Stop

"Are you kidding me…!? What are you thinking of, asking for a cheat like a special move to beat an opponent in one blow!?!!!"

Music: Gentle Everyday

My ear canals are panicking.
I never thought I'd collapse just from an angry voice.
That was beyond human abilities.
Does she have a voice as powerful as a beast or a lion?

"S-Sorry… so I'm saying I'm contemplating my actions.
You're stronger than me, Saber. So I thought you might know a move that even an unskilled guy could use."

A surprise move is something you use against someone of equal level, and a beginner like you should work thoroughly on your foundations!"

"First of all, I already told you not to think about defeating your opponent! Please think first about your protection! If there is a special move for you, it would be enough judgment to stop yourself from getting into a situation that requires you to fight!"

Saber really wants Shirou to think about protection. In fact, it should be thought of first.

"Uh… I understand. I understand, solower your voice a little."
I put my hands together to show I'm sorry.

"…Geez, I had some expectations of you, but you are so unstable. If you are like this, it is too dangerous for me to leave you alone."
Saber's scolding continues.

These scenes are so short, I'm not even going to bother with finding a tie-breaker.

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

Saber is so beautiful, and I bet everyone liked her.
Though one might misunderstand from the name Saber, she might have been a normal girl who didn't even use a sword.

"…Yeah. I wonder what Saber was like before."
I get curious, and I accidentally speak my mind.

"Huh? No, I was just imagining what you were like before. I don't want to know your true name, but I was wondering what kind of a life you led."

"What kind of a person I was like…?
You are interested in strange matters, Shirou."

"Ignore it if it's a problem. It just popped in my head.
You're the Servant Saber, but I thought you might have been different before you became a Servant."

I think that she might have led a calm life suitable for a lovely girl.

Whoever said slumber parties and hair braiding, get yourself a cookie.

"I do not think that is possible.
People do not change their personality when they become a Servant, and I was a knight who was given a sword at birth. Any different self that you talk of never existed."

"Whoa, so you always had such a tense personality?
…That's terrible. I sympathize with the people who were around you."

I am strict, but I do not coerce the people around me."

"Don't lie. I know from today's training that you're pitiless and have no mercy.
Look at this welt. You're happy to come pounding on me when I make a mistake, you devilish instructor."

"I-I was not happy about it!
I-I feel sorry for Shirou, but it would not be training if I was not strict!"

…How unusual.
It's really surprising for Saber to make that kind of an expression.

"W-What is with that expression? I think it is unfair to suddenly go silent."

"OhI wasn't expecting you to get angry like that, so I was surprised."

"Ehi-is that so? I only emphasized what I was thinking."
"That might be why. You don't talk much with your emotions. So that was new."

"I-Is that so? I believe I act based on my beliefs."
"I'm saying that it's your thinking, not your feeling.
No, not that. It's that you don't say what you really feel."

"That is only natural. What is demanded from me is not an opinion as an individual but an opinion from my position. That does not change even now.

I will protect you as the Servant Saber.
I should not say anything that does not relate to that purpose, and there is no need to even think about such things."

"That may be true, but that'll be boring for you, Saber.

Ho-hum. Another day, another bloody battle to the death with a spirit of a hero's past taken physical form. Such a mundane existence she must lead.

You have a role, but I don't think you need to devote yourself to it. You have things you want to do too."

"As I said, protecting you is what I must do. In addition to being inexperienced as a Master, you do not listen to me and try to fight. That is why I am training you right now!"

Now that we've got those scenes out of the way, let's continue with the rest of the update… or what little of it there is, anyway.

Music: Gentle Everyday

"It is lunchtime, Shirou."
"Yeah, it's lunchtime."
We confirm this to each other as both our stomachs growl.

"Let's eat. Is there something you'd like, Saber?"

"Nothing in particular. I am mostly satisfied with the food you prepare."

Saber's expression is a bit strange.
…Well, it helps that she's not nagging like Tohsaka.

"Then I'll go to get some groceries. I'll come home around the same time as yesterday, so go on ahead to the living room."

"Yes. I'll be waiting, Shirou."

Music: Stop

I want shrimp dumplings, too

"…I bought some mustard, and also the snacks for the three o'clock tea…"
I put the groceries into the bicycle cart.
Oh yeah.
I met Ilya here yesterday.

"She's not here."
No, it would be a problem if she was here everyday, but not having her here is rather disappointing.
…I haven't told Saber or Tohsaka that I met Ilya yesterday.
Because Ilya didn't seem like an enemy, I was hesitant to tell them about her.