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Part 58: Infringed table / Training swordsmanship & Rin's lecture

It's my oldest memory.
At the same time, it is a memory that can't be separated from me.
A scene from ten years ago that never goes away, even though I usually never recall it.
It's not that I forgot it.
It's not that I want to forget it.
For me, it is just something that has already happened.

So it's not something I feel pain over.
It's not something I feel particularly angry about.

What's past is past.
I cannot redo it, nor go back to it.
I have escaped from that scene and still continue to live.
All I can do is look forward.

…No one told me to.
I just vaguely thought like this ever since I was a child.
Not forgetting or denying the past.
The only way to make use of what has gone away is to acknowledge it

In the dim shed, there's me and

"…! Saber…!?"

"You have awakened, Shirou. I do not mind you escaping out of your room, but it is slovenly for you to sleep here."
There is Saber's figure, looking like she wants to complain to me.

"Oh, morning. Well, I was hot last night and went outside, so I guess I fell asleep then."

"I can tell. Please do not worry about excuses, but take more care next time. My position will be in question if my Master sleeps in a place like this."

"I know. About Archer."

"Ugh… sorry, I'll try to sleep in my room as much as possible from now on."

"If you understand, I am glad.
By the way, Shirou. Taiga has been calling for you."

"Fuji-Nee is? What would she want me for?"
"It must be about breakfast. It is already past time for breakfast."
"Ehwhoa, it's already past seven…!? Damn, I overslept…!"

"It seems so. It is unusual for you to wake up last. Rin's training last night must have tired you quite a lot."
Saber analyzes the situation calmly.
But I don't have that much composure.

"Sorry for making you wake me up, but could you go back first? I'll change and head to the kitchen too."

"Yes. Then I shall try to calm Taiga down as much as possible."

Saber leaves with calm footsteps.
But, calm down Fuji-Nee…? Saber has already adapted quite well to the mornings at our house.

Music: In the Sunlight

Music: Stop

"What is this!!?"

Fuji-Nee explodes.

Music: Today's Meal

"What is this!? There's only toast! Shirou, why is this the only thing for breakfast…!?"

"…Hey now, I slept in, so it can't be helped. There's no time to make anything else. Anyways, a meal with bread is basically just this. We're just missing salad and egg, so there's not much difference."

Don't the rest of you think so too!?"
Fuji-Nee asks Tohsaka and Saber, who are eating silently.
But she shouldn't be so optimistic.
Those two aren't as greedy as Fuji-Nee is. They won't agree with her.

"…You're right. I'm not Fujimura-Sensei, but I cannot forgive such laziness. I can only consider this an insult to the bread."
…Hey, hold on.
I thought you don't usually eat breakfast!

Whoa, what was that sigh that sounded like obvious disappointment!? Did your character change, Saber!?

"See, everyone agrees Shirou is the one at fault. It's decided by majority rule, so go and make a proper breakfast when you've repented your actions."
"I can't follow such an unfair match! First of all, you'll be late if I make something now. It's already seven thirty. You won't make it in time unless you run while eating, so I suggest you give up on that idea!"

"It's fine. If I have to choose between being late and being hungry, I'll choose breakfast."
"Don't do that! What teacher in the world would do that…!? It's fine, so eat and go to school quickly. I'll tell you this, but I won't be cooking any breakfast other than this."

"Hmmm. Geez, you're diligent in the weirdest places. If you keep talking like an old man, you'll become really old quickly."

mmm, toast. Now that's something I can go eat.

I attack desperately, while Saber blocks my blows easily and counters with an attack twice as sharp as mine.
I manage to block it, attack even stronger, and losewe are repeating the same match over and over.

"HaHaa, haa, hah."
I stand still and breathe deeply.
Wiping the sweat off my forehead with my arm, I calm my breathing.

Music: Surrounded by Smiling Faces

It's tough to keep interested after you've been satisfied by Archer.

"Nohold on. I need to catch my breath. Let's rest a bit."

Saber stares at her bad student.
But I cannot move my body to my satisfaction, even if she looks at me that way.

Your blows that came straight for me were the only thing that amazed me, but I do not feel any power from you this morning."

"…I know that myself, but… I just can't do too well."
Well, uh, the situation is too different from yesterday.

"Is the heat in your body still present? But it is no good if your performance decreases just because of that. Please cool down a bit and calm your mind."

"No. Before that, do something about that thing."
I point to the observer by the wall.

Tohsaka doesn't understand at all.
When she's staring at me like that, I can't concentrate on fighting with Saber.

"…I understand. In that case, I will make it so that you will not worry about observers."

Saber grips her shinai hard.

"Whoa, hold on Saber, my breath isn't"
"There is no problem. You should fix such a problem during battle."
Saber disappears from my view.

Music: Stop

Music: Gentle Everyday

"But man, Saber really is calm.
You didn't even twitch your brow during the whole three hours you fought with Shirou. You don't talk much normally, but it's even more true when you're in a battle. It feels like you're a machine or something."

"…a sexy machine."

Tohsaka is in a good mood, I think because she saw me getting beat around a lot.
The two are in the living room, resting.
As for me, I'm preparing lunch by myself as a punishment for not being serious this morning.
I want to cut corners and finish quickly by making something like white noodles.

White noodles are not something I can go eat.

"Machine-like…? I see, I have never been conscious of it, but I may be turning off my emotions while I wield the sword. It must be the same even in training."

"Hmm. Could that be in preparation for holding a sword even though you're a girl? Like, not losing in spirit because you're inferior in physique?"

"That is incorrect, Rin. Being calm is part of readiness for battle, but that should be no different for a man or a woman.
Even you should shut down your emotions during battle. You are the kind who is able to."

But yours is definitely different from mine. I only shut out my generosity. I can't be as objective as you are."

"It seems so. That must be why you are so gorgeous.
You keep the elegance of a woman even during battle."

"What, is that sarcasm? I can't beat you in gorgeousness. …I'll admit it since Shirou is way over there, but I was fascinated by your beauty when I first saw you."

Get a room.

…No, I can hear you, Tohsaka.

"You must have been misunderstanding. If my figure looked gorgeous, it must be that my class of Saber looked gorgeous."

"That's not it. I just felt like I've lost as a woman. …I wouldn't have been so shocked otherwise."

"…I am saying that you are mistaken. I have never thought of myself as a woman, and I have never been treated as one.
It cannot be true that I am gorgeous."

…and thus we arrive at the problem: they both want to be the butch.

"…I've been wondering for a while, but just what does she think she is?"
I take a big swing at the chicken meat.
For some reason, I'm getting annoyed.

"Heh. It's none of my business…!"
I strike hard at the cutting board with my knife.
But doing so doesn't make me feel even one bit better.

Music: Tender Scenery

We've got more than yesterday and you seem calmer today, so you should succeed."

I don't know how she brought them here, but Tohsaka brings out about forty lamps.

Saying goodbye, Tohsaka leaves the room.

Yesterday night was bad, so I should at least succeed at one or two tonight.

Music: Stop

"…Phew. Half done, for now."
It took me one hour to try "strengthening" on about twenty lamps.
Half of them broke, and the other half showed no change.
But out of the ones that didn't break, five of them had magical energy successfully channeled into them. All I have to do now is to challenge the twenty that are left, but

"…… Hold on. Maybe five is enough as a test?"
It seems like all the lamps are antiques.
I feel bad about breaking any more of them.