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Part 61: Fall down, your mind

Music: Breach

"Ha, ah, ah…!"
My vision turns white from fear.
I don't even know what I'm scared of.
But I raise my hand, still not knowing what's going on, and block my neck.

"Hah, kuh!"
I run.
I don't even have time to turn my back.
I cover only my vitals with my hands and retreat desperately.

The sound of cutting echoes through the hallway.
With an annoying sound, the sharp object cuts my body apart.
My vision is blocked by the spray of blood coming out of my body.
Beyond it…

…Is Rider coming at me at a speed I can't even see.

Every time I get cut, a voice that doesn't seem like my own escapes my mouth.
But I still continue desperately to retreat, saving my life from numerous fatal blows.

"HaHah, hah, ah!"
I don't know what I'm doing.
My arm is blocking Rider's dagger.
My clothes are ripped apart, and my flesh is as well.
But it must still be working as a shield as it desperately blocks the blows coming at my neck, forehead, and heart.

Force of will is not there.
My body reacts to Rider's blow purely from not wanting to die.

That's why she told me.
She told me not to fight against Servants, and that I would be no match for them.
Even though I listened to her, whywhat am I doing now? I have to catch Shinji quickly and have him remove the boundary field, so what am I doing!?

"I have to go back and pick the other choice where I die! …again."

"What are you doing, Rider?
That's enough. Just kill him now. He won't be able to do anything anyway."
Shinji's voice is filled with triumph.
Nodding, Rider swings her dagger in a large arc.

A blow directed at my head.
I cannot dodge it.
All I can do is to stop it hitting a fatal point.

The dagger stabs me in my shoulder, right below my collarbone.
A loud metallic sound, and the cluck of a tongue.

What is this…? The end of Rider's dagger is breaking apart

In the instant that I consider how to make use of that opening…

Music: Stop

"Then, die falling."
I feel an impact like being hit with a sledgehammer, and I'm knocked out the window.

No, I should have died the moment I received the blow that flung me a few dozen meters.
I reach out.
Maybe I'm not falling yet, or it's just an illusion.
My body is still in the air.

Like this?
Like this?
Like this?
Like thisam I going to die selfishly, unable to save anybody!?

Like this?

I grit my teeth in vain.
I cannot beat her. I cannot even be a match. I knew that, but I made a mistake.

I don't care about the pain in my body.
I'm just going insane from the anger.
This is the result of…
…Saying I can handle things myself, and saying I won't let Saber fight.

I was the stupid one.
I can't save anyone by myself.
If I really wanted to end this war, there was just one thing to do from the beginning.

He said it.
If I am to not fight anybody, not kill anybody, or not let anyone kill…
That if I realized I was wrong, I should decide what to correct and what to punish.

Because this fight wasn't moving slowly enough yet.