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Part 81: Brave leader Hungryheart

Music: Today's Meal

Provisions exhausted, ready for my last stand.
Seek time zero seconds, I reply on reflex.

"Shirou…? What does that mean…?"

"Is it hard for you to understand?
I'm telling you that we're not eating lunch today. We had hamburgers for breakfast, so I thought we could skip lunch."

This is one example of the inconsistent translation. In the previous update, and in the Japanese script, they didn't actually eat hamburgers. They had what is essentially Japanese meatloaf (however, the word is very similar to hamburger).

We're in the middle of the training, so I want to continue.

"So let's continue with the training. Come on, put your shinai up."
I point my shinai at Saber.

"H-Hold on Shirou. Our conversation has not finished!
Is it not thoughtless to suppose that we do not need lunch because we had enough breakfast!?"

…Hold on.
Saber is acting too strangely.

"Saber. Are you in a hurry? Do you have something to do?"

"No. I am telling you that we should have lunch."
"No. I say we're skipping lunch."

"Ridiculous, you do not understand even now…!?

This is your final warning, Shirou. Please make lunch right now!"

Saber protests with enough force that I think she might come at me.
And right when I'm about to nod because of her strange actions…

Music: Stop

Music: Tender Scenery

"Oh… I guess it can't be helped since you were moving around all this time, but it's a bit vulgar, Saber. If you forget modesty just because you're a Servant, Shirou won't like you."

Shirou likes anything with tits, and he's often not that discerning.

"T-That is not true! I am a Servant, so the only thing that would dismay Shirou would be my defeat!"

"Um… I won't be dismayed if you lose, and that doesn't mean I won't be surprised by anything other than your defeat."

"That-is-the-only-reason!! First of all, it is an appropriate function for a stomach to growl when hungry! If that annoys you, it is Shirou's fault for not letting me eat!"
She glares at Ilya and then at me, who, according to her, is the cause of this.

The stomach is always expanding and contracting, but this movement is stronger during hunger. And with the contraction of the stomach, the air inside the stomach is compressed and a growling sound is made.
…And it's kind of paradoxical, but the growling is affected by the autonomic nervous system as well.

After all, the stomach is always active and it's not true that it growls only when one's hungry.
The motion of the stomach… the reason for the loud sound is…
'I'm hungry. If it growls people would know I'm hungry, so I have to hold it'
…Tensing yourself up and making your stomach all the more active, or something like that.

"Ohhh. Could it be that you're angry because you're hungry? So that's why you're irritated? Geez, your energy consumption is pretty high considering how much you ate this morning."


"Oh. Come to think of it, it wasn't that obvious because she was quiet, but she was eating twice as much as Rin. Saber is such a glutton."

"That is wrong. I am not a huge eater, but it is rather that Rin is a small eater! Shirou should understand that t"

"Hmm, it seems that way. Saber always finishes her meal. If we let her, maybe she'd eat as much as Fuji-Nee."

"That is not true! What were you watching, Shirou!?"

"Huh…? Well, it's just an honest opinion.
And your stomach always growls at this time of the day. Leaving the matter of gluttony aside, I think you get hungry pretty fast."


"See. Saber is so unladylike!"

That suits Shirou juuuust fine.

She must be happy that she was able to disparage Saber as she jumps for joy.

On the other hand, Saber, who was in a rare panic earlier, is

back to her usual self as if nothing has happened.

"…Saber? Um, you're not mad, are you?"

"I am not mad. As Ilyasviel says, I am taking in a lot of food.

I might have been pushing myself to reduce Shirou's burden by taking in as much energyno, as much magical energy as possible."

…Oh yeah.
Saber can only replenish magical energy by herself.
She must have wanted to save her magical energy by sleeping,
And she must have wanted to retain her energy by eating.

"…Sorry. I wasn't thinking about that.
You're right. If the Master can't replenish your magical energy, you have to take in magical energy yourself."

Many times more than the magical energy I have, too.
Servants use up huge amounts of magical energy just by existing.
But Saber can only create enough magical energy to keep herself alive.

"No, it is fine if you understand. But more importantly, Shirou…"
"Yeah, I know. Lunch is actually already prepared. We're having boxed lunches today, so we can eat right away"

"No. Let us keep training a bit longer."

Video: Tiger Dojo…? (mirror)

And then.
Saber gives me back my shinai and steps far enough away to start a match.

Music: Stop

Oh god we're gonna die

"Hold on, hold on, let's calm down.
…Saber, you're actually really mad, right?"
I ask her timidly.

Music: Breach

Music: Stop

That was some hit

Music: Time Together

This is the spiritual world that takes you to heaven, congratulating you for dying from a small mistake, the Tiger Dojo!

But in life, you should take simple precautions or the wounds will last forever.
If you're about to make fun of someone who doesn't get jokes, I guess you have to be prepared to die.

I guess so. But Shirou is really cute, spitting his soul out after just one thrust from Saber.

…This kid has a messed up sense of aesthetics…
Though, this corpse is rather beautiful. Isn't it rare for him to keep his form?

Yeah, it really isn't enough.

Music: Stop

…Should we mess with it?

…Shall we mess with it?

Sir, yes sir!

For those that didn't catch it, that's actually saying "Type" on the left and "Moon" on the right.

What do you think!? How does it feel to have your whole body transformed!?
But we have respected your will and we have not performed the last transformation, the brain surgery!

We didn't!

Now, choose whether you will become one of us, the Tigers, by your own will, or if you will choose brainwashing and become a machine! Choose with your own will!

Music: Clashing Souls

Kyaa! He's going on a rampage! Our base will be destroyed!
W-We might have created our own nemesis!

Music: Stop

Did my update just derail itself?

Music: Gentle Everyday

So please dodge it next time. I am using kendo techniques, so you should be able to survive it for a little while if you become desperate."

Music: Breach

Saber's shinai of anger strikes again.

Music: Stop