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Part 83: So, it's strong / Saber (II) / Caught red-handed

Music: Gentle Everyday

"Hey, Tohsaka. Can I ask you something about yesterday?"

Oh, this is gonna be good.

"What? I'm busy, so make it short."

"Yeah. You got grabbed by Berserker, right? I was wondering how you survived. …It doesn't look like it, but do you really train your abs?"

"Ahaha. Able to withstand Berserker's strength just from training… are you saying my stomach is stronger than steel?"

"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked like that.
I'm sorry, so could you lose the menacing smile?"

"You should stop provoking me then."

"…So, how I endured it. I placed a jewel on my stomach beforehand. I put it inside my shirt and made a protective cover. Are you happy now?"

"I see. You intended to have Berserker grab you from the start. Of course you'd protect your body.
…But, Tohsaka… then your jewels are…"

"They're all gone. I used one on Saber, three to draw Berserker's attention, five to blow his face off. And I used one to protect myself.

I saved up for more than ten years, but I used them up just like that. …And even using most of them, I couldn't defeat Berserker."

She sighs wondering why, but she doesn't regret using them.
What's done is done.
She knows that the important thing is not what she lost, but what she will gain from now on.

"I see. That was too bad, Tohsaka."

"Thanks. Well, I'll learn from it and make a jewel that'll let me win by myself next time."

As she says, I bet her words will come true.
…Because of that, I realize.
Our battle with Berserker ended in victory because Tohsaka was there.

Music: Tender Scenery

She sounds like she's playing doctor, alright.

"All right. There doesn't seem to be any problem. You don't need to come tomorrow."

I'm surprised.
That means

"It's only natural. There's nothing I can teach you in this situation. If you really want to learn magic, you should do so after this war is over.

And Archer isn't here anymore, right? My cooperation with you is finished."

Being told that, I finally realize.
From the beginning, we cooperated to fight Berserker.

Sothis should all have ended yesterday.

"Then what are you going to do now? Will you go to Kotomine?"
…That would only be natural.
Tohsaka and Kotomine are close, so it should be fine for her to request his protection.

Music: Stop

"Why? I won't go there when I haven't lost yet. It's not like I can't fight because I don't have my Servant anymore.
And it's not like me to quit this halfway. Once I've decided to fight, it's my responsibility to see it through to the end."

Music: The End of Reminiscence

As if it's only natural.
Tohsaka says it confidently.

I'm stunned.
…No, I'm not surprised.
I already knew Tohsaka was this kind of a person.

She is really firm,
and amazingly selfish,
and so fascinatingly brilliant.

Uh, hey Mr. Protagonist? …we're still on the Saber path.

"But what will you do? Are you going to continue by yourself?
There are still Masters and Servants left."

I have to resume my research about Ryudou Temple as well."
"Stay here for a whileis that all right!?
That'll be helpful, but our cooperation has ended, right? So"

"What are you saying? You were able to beat Berserker because of Archer. Our cooperation is over, but you still owe me for that. It's only natural for you to keep me here until you finish returning the favor."

We became student and teacher, even if it was a short while. I can't leave you alone or I'll be too worried to concentrate on the Holy Grail War."

In other words, this is it.
It feels like ages ago, but the Tohsaka Rin that Emiya Shirou admired was a girl like this.

That's why I'm happy.
Tohsaka has to be like this.

After all, I wouldn't know what to believe in if such a stubborn girl decided to give up.

It's really unfortunate, but this moment is a lot more interesting after you've played through Heaven's Feel. Maybe make a note of it and come back.

"Yeah. Please give me your best regards, Tohsaka.
I don't know right from left if you're not around. We need you, Tohsaka."

"…That's fine. But you shouldn't use that expression. It's okay that you're stupidly honest, but there might be some misunderstandings if you're not careful."

"Hold it. You let something slip out. My attitude should tell you not to ask, so asking me is against the rules."
It seems Tohsaka knows a rule I don't know about.

…Well, maybe you two are fine like that. It could be pretty bad if you're not both a bit numb to it."

Music: Gentle Everyday

"…Hmmm. I don't quite get it, but I can't ignore your comment about upsetting Saber. Why would she be upset, Tohsaka?"

You wanting to fuck everything with tits might have something to do with it. …even the underdeveloped tits.

"I'm saying that aspect of you is upsetting. I bet you haven't even noticed the change in Saber."

"Change in Saber…?"
That's… not a change on the outside, is it?
If anything has changed about Saber, it's

"…Oh yeah. She has been acting rather strangely since this morning.
Well, I think she is just in a bad mood since Ilya is here, but even now, she just sits there all quiet and when I ask her what's wrong, she just tells me she had a dream and leaves."

She has that "my god, he's a pedo" look.

Come to think of it, Saber was acting weird like she was half-asleep or something.

"Huh? Is that really the surprising part?"

Oh, she's ignoring me.

"Hey, don't be quiet and say something. It makes me feel uneasy when you make a face like that."

"Huh…? Oh, it's nothing major.
It's just that Servants don't dream."
Servants don't dream…?

But if they say they saw one, it wasn't a dream. They just caught a glimpse of someone's memory."

…Tohsaka must have had the same experience.
She says so with a coldness, totally different from her earlier cheerfulness.

We've already had enough black boxes on this topic. Please… resist the urge.

Music: Madder Red Town

It looks like it's going to be cold tonight again and Ilya's here, so doesn't stew sound good?"
But she tells me that as she leaves.

"…Well, stew certainly seems to suit Ilya."
Maybe because of how she looks with the coat and the hat?
Anyways, I have no objections to making stew for dinner.
I'm not that good at making Western food, but I shouldn't make any terrible mistakes with stew.

Stop talking about the fucking stew assholes…

"Oh, before that…"
It's a bit before six.
There's still a bit of time until I need to start cooking.
I'm sweaty, so I should take a bath.
It's a bit of a hassle to take a bath before dinner, but since Tohsaka and Saber take their baths after dinner, I'm forced to take it late.

Well, if it did pile up, the yard would be full of a snowman army and I'd have to clean it up afterwards, so you could say I'm glad.
Of course, only one person would build a snowman army.
The day it snowed last year, I remember her standing in front of class with hands red from frostbite.

…it made sense when I thought it was Ilya, it makes more sense when he suggests it was Taiga. …kids

Music: Stop

My head goes whiter than the steam.

Music: Pursuing Minds

I can't talk right since my throat is numb.
I-I can't move my body because I can't think.
But still, somewhere in my head, I think that something like this happened before.

No, it's not the same as before.
Saber was naked last time, but I was fully clothed.
But this time, I'm naked as well. Even though I'm confused, my body is reacting.

My gasp echoes through the air.
Saber watches as I stand there dumbfounded.

Saber will get mad this time.
Surely she'll get mad.
She'll definitely get mad.
As proof, her soft lips are trembling as if they will yell in the next moment…!

"Sorry, it was my fault. I tried to use the shower. I never thought someone would be using it at this time… well, it's normal for you to think I should have noticed beforehand, but"

I give my excuses while backing up towards the dressing room.
I-It's not like I'm fascinated by Saber's body.

That honor is reserved for sweet, little Archerkins

Um, it just feels like Saber will get madder if I run back to the dressing room.
…But in either case, I can't take my eyes off her.

I couldn't see Saber's body in the dark.
So I only remember her warmth and her sensations.
Is that why?
Is that why I think the body I've once obtained is so beautiful?

"A-Anyway, I'll talk to you later"
I reach behind me, searching for the door.

"…Excuse me, Shirou.
Um, it is a selfish request, but would it be possible for you to stay away for a while?"
Saber asks in a faint voice as she averts her gaze.

That really blanks my mind.
Why Saber won't get mad.
Her embarrassed face makes all the blood go to my head.

I thought that happened shortly after you entered.

"UhWh… y…?"
I murmur by reflex.
Saber hangs her head even more in apology.

"…Please use the shower at a later time. Uh, I wish for you to allow me to use this place by myself for now."
Saber curls up as if hiding her body.

"Ahuh, well. Hold on, my head is spinning and I can't quite make it work…"
Come on, work!
"So, you're not mad?"

"…It is only natural for you to wash your body. I do not restrict my Master's actions to that degree."
I understand.
In other words, Saber thinks nothing of being seen naked.

So it's only natural that I'm here.
As the bath is a place to wash your body, it's natural for me to be here.
Saber being here also is of no concern.
…That's, um… helpful, but I also think it's wrong.

"…But then. That would mean… I can use the shower right now…"

From "…go to hell for toying with a man's innocence" to "…but I wanna shower with the naked lady!" in a single update, folks.

"I am saying, that… um…"
Saber hangs her head in embarrassment.

"…The problem is not being seen naked. But my body is not like that of a girl such as Rin.
Saber blushes even more and finishes with difficulty.

"…I do not want you to look at me. Such a muscular body must appear unsightly to men."
She says that.

"T-That's stupid, don't be"
If I finish, I'm sure I'll go crazy.
Saber's body is not unsightly.
She claims her body is rugged, but I was never worried about that.

Of course, her body is trained compared to Tohsaka's, but stillI think Saber's body is really feminine.

"…Shirou. So I wish for you to leave me alone for now…"

Music: Stop