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Part 95: Hurry go round

"…I'm useless. I couldn't get any sleep at all."
I stop the alarm clock with a sigh.
Today is my date with Saber, no matter what she says.
I'm going to go take her to places she hasn't been and play around, and the most important thing is for her to enjoy herself.
I was trying to use the knowledge I don't have to come up with a plan for the day, but the alarm clock went off before I noticed the time.

I set the alarm clock, just in case.
I couldn't come up with any good plans last night, so I borrowed it from Tohsaka thinking I might take a long time to come up with a plan.
I used it going against my principles, but it was useless in the end.

"…Come to think of it, I've never gone on a date before."
I sigh again.
That's the problem.
Even more shocking than the fact that I couldn't get any sleep is the fact that I couldn't come up with any plan that might make a girl happy, even though I thought about it all night.

"Fine. I'll leave this to luck. I'll take her everywhere and make her realize what it means to have fun…!"

Saber is a girl.
If we go to cute-looking stores, she's bound to have fun.
Well, I think the plan has some weak points, but I've made up my mind so that's what I'm going to do.
It's not like I have any other ideas, so I'm going to entertain her today until she gives up.

How does Shirou think this is going to end? Maybe he imagines Saber yielding defeat by saying, "You know, Shirou. Before today, I thought that my dying kingdom was the most important thing to me. But now… I just want to ride a ferris wheel and eat cotton candy. Maybe… I could do both at once."

Music: Tender Scenery

"Nope, she's still asleep. It looks like it'll take her a bit longer to wake up, but I guess that's good luck today.
If she were awake, she'd be following Shirou around and bothering him."

"Yes. We cannot have her continue to accompany Shirou as she has been.
It ended like that last night, but we are going to start seriously searching for the remaining Master today. Shirou cannot be concerned with Ilyasviel."

"Oh, that's not what I meant, but… oh well.
It won't do any good if I tell you, and this is yours and Shirou's problem."
Tohsaka tries to hide her laughter.

Saber's expression questions me.

We're done eating breakfast, so this is a good time.
Saber is ready to go and search for Masters, but I have willpower as well.
I just need to come out with it like a man.

"About that, Saber.
We'll be going into the neighboring town today. So if you need to get ready, do so now."

"Looking for the Master? In that case, I would have thought the suburbs would be a better choice than the neighboring town"
"No. We're going to go hang out, so there's no point in going to the suburbs."

…I'll really have to get back at the person behind her who's trying not to laugh.

"Um, Shirou… what do you mean by that? You are not going to go hang out with Rin, but, um…"

"I'm going, so who else but you will come with me? Tohsaka has nothing to do with this since she'll be staying here to take care of Ilya."

"How ridiculous. We would not accomplish much even if we did search the neighboring town. Doing such a thing is meaningless. What are you trying to do?"

Saber complains directly.
…This is what I expected, but the future looks troublesome as she still thinks we're going to town to look for the Master even after I told her clearly.

"…Geez. You don't understand when I put it this clearly? In other words, I'm saying let's go on a date. How about it?"

I ask, ignoring Tohsaka's stare.
I don't know how much she understands.

"I do not understand what you are saying. Can you give me a concrete description?"

She asks, even less happily.

That flips a switch within me.
…It seems like caring for her has the opposite effect when it comes to things like this.
It seems it would be to both our benefits to state it clearly.

Even though I am familiar with this age, there are words I still do not understand. Please do not use technical vocabulary."

"It's not a technical vocabulary.
I'll tell you since you don't know. Going on a date means going out to play with a girl."

Saber freezes.

"…? A girl… you mean, me…?"
She murmurs, still astonished.
When I nod, Saber frowns even more unhappily.

"…I understand the meaning of the word, but I do not understand your intent. What is the reasoning behind such a thing?"

Her reaction is unexpected.
The intention of a date is obvious, but I'm a bit hesitant to tell Saber straight on

"Geez. She's misunderstanding because of the words you're using. Don't use the word date, explain it to her in simpler terms."
Tohsaka interrupts as if unable to ignore us.

"Look, Saber. A date is basically a rendezvous.
Shirou says he's going to play, but it's a chance for a man to appeal to a woman he likes."

I cough.
Tohsaka is right, but I think a date and a rendezvous are vastly different.

…But I shouldn't interrupt.
It seems Saber finally understands what a date is.

"That's right, Saber.
We're not going to fight today, but we're going to go into town instead. After all, we won't be able to fight during the daytime since there are a lot of people around. So, we should be able to do whatever we want right now."

"That is true, but… this is too meaningless. There is no benefit for you in doing this."

"That's not true. Even if it were, I wouldn't mind.
I've already decided to spend today for you, so don't worry about me.
Anyways, we're going into town today. I won't change my mind no matter what."
I stare straight on at Saber.

After thinking with a serious face for a while…

"…Then will you go into town by yourself even if I do not go?"

"Yeah, I'm definitely going. Or the stuff I thought about all night will go to waste."

"…Then I will have to go with you. As a Servant, I cannot leave my Master alone."

I get really angry about her following me because she's my Servant.
But I managed to succeed in getting Saber out.
So I just have to take Saber to places without thinking too much about it

Music: Stop

I want to know how to make the "go to hell" gesture. It seems more complicated than a middle finger.

Video: Carefree Day (RN) (mirror)

Music: Bright Melody (Realta Nua)

"We'll go the neighboring town. There's a bus from the intersection, so let's take that."

"…Come to think of it, I'm starting to feel no resistance to skipping school. I've been at home all the time recently."

"Of course. You are a Master, so it would be strange for you to be out walking."

She replies sharply.
…She's walking behind me as usual, but it feels different today.
To put it nicely, I feel pressure from behind me.
Anyways, Saber is going to be harder to handle today.

Saber watches the passing scenery silently.

I take a deep breath, trying not to let Saber notice.
And I know I shouldn't, but I sneak one more glance at Saber.

My heart jumps.
…The Saber sitting next to me is a Saber I don't know.
No, Saber herself is the same. All that's changed is the place.

But still.
Just that makes me realize she is 'different'.
Something I didn't notice back at my place.
This ordinary scene seems like a different world just because it has Saber in it.

Her hair is like golden silk, and her green eyes are so beautiful that their mere presence is overwhelming.
There wasn't much to compare her against up to now, so I forgot about it.

…I remember the time I first met Saber.
I was probably avoiding her because I was embarrassed about being fascinated by her.
No matter what Saber says, she is a girl before she is a swordsman for me.
I didn't know how to approach her and didn't realize my feelings for her.

It seems I got the order wrong.

Yes, usually the lesbian rape threesome comes sometime after the first date.

I was finally able to believe in Saber with everything I have, and then I decided to go on a date with her.
Just those two are in the wrong order. And I finally realize when our day is about to begin, just how big a deal it is to go on a date with a girl you like.

But so what?
I can only do my best, so I can't back out now.

I calm myself and shake off my weak spirits.
The bus has crossed the bridge and it's going into the developing area where the buildings are.
I breathe out and prepare myself.
The announcer I'm so used to hearing announces the next stop, Shinto station.

Music: Stop