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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

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Original Thread: Another One of Those Tactics Games - Let's Play Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark!



Hello and welcome to an LP for Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark!

What is this game?

Released in April 2019 by indie developer 6 Eyes Studio, this is another take on the isometric turn-based Strategy-RPG. It is unashamedly inspired by and takes cues from the Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre series but I think it makes some nice steps that let it stand on its own.

While it doesn’t have a crazy amount of missions (nowhere near the hundreds of missions that FFTA2 has, for example), this game does have a good variety of story missions and side quests to work with. There are even a number of hidden quests with hidden requirements that remind me of the ones in Final Fantasy Tactics.

With that said, NO SPOILERS. Whether for characters, classes, plot, or anything else. I think this game has a lot going on and I’m at least going to attempt to show everything off in due time.

Table of Contents

1: Gelligh
2: The Crossroads
3: Illuster
4. Timber Road
5. Alpine Woods
6. Gyaum Tor
7. The Highlands
8. Scarred Summit
9. Highlands Temple
10. Yates's Cabin
11. Resting Giants
12. Yates's Cabin Part II
13. Azure Fields
14. Banyan Span
15. Thespeiros and Ekhidna Falls
16. Jungle Temple
17. Thespeiros II
18. Events
19. Caravan Trail
20. Oldebzar
21. Dress Up and Arena
22. Restful Stones
23. Progress Report
24. Iirzk'tara Gorge
25. Zzakander Spires
26. Rumors/Alpine Woods II
27. Occul Cavern
28. Occul Riverbed
29. Occul Cavern II
30. Baaz Island
31. Desert Temple
32. Phougamouth Bogs
33. Caravan Trail II
34.Strangled Cove
35.Drakesmouth Seaway
36.Gelligh II
37.Bardvig Aqueduct
38.Kapkawa Jungle
39.Halloween? (Restful Stones II)
40.Godstear Wastes
41.Gogombob City I
42.Devilsblood Ascent
43.Mountain Temple I
44.Mountain Temple II
45.The Crossroads II
48.Cataracta Citadel
49.Immortal Council Chambers I
50.Immortal Council Chambers II
51.Gelligh III
52.Gelligh Foothills
53.Mount Nervanzer
54.Gogombob City II
55.Nervanzer Wellspring
56.Teratoma and Ending 1
57.Thespeiros II
58.Arena Tournament II-1
59.Arena Tournament II-2
60.Final Sidequests
61.Ancient Path I - Claret Woods
62.Ancient Path II - Screwworm Swamp
63.Ancient Path III - Decaying Depths
64.Ancient Path IV - Fetid Depths
65.Ancient Path V - Infernal Depths
66.Ancient Path VI - The Gauntlet
67.Ancient Path VII - Ancient Tomb
68.Teratoma II: The Final Battle

Job Overviews
1.Starting Physical Jobs
2.Starting Magical Jobs
4.Intermediate Physical Jobs
5.Demon Knight and Anatomist
6.Intermediate Magical Jobs
9.Basic Hybrid Jobs
10.Badge Jobs Part I
11.Advanced Physical Jobs
12.Bounty Hunter
13.Final Normal Classes
14.The Exiled
15.Final Badge Classes

Side Updates
1.Difficulty Options
2.Max Difficulty Fight
3.Unit Summary 2 (post Update 45)
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