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by OOrochi

Part 3: Illuster

Update 3: Illuster

Back again! As I said last time, and as evidenced by the exclamation point, there’s an event we can do before heading on to Illuster. So, we’ll check it out.

Hmm… I guess it can’t hurt, if we’re not in a rush. Thanks, Captain!

Pop back in to the same ruined inn map from last time.

: But I also feel a bit sick.
It will pass.
When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an Arbiter like my mother.
I also dreamed of fighting alongside her, but never that I would be wearing her armor.
The armor you inherited, but the position you earned. Watch this one for me, would you?
Yes, Captain.

Kyrie walks off to the left as Anadine approaches Alphonse.

The Court’s manner of dispensing justice is too costly – er, slow, for my taste.
… I don’t understand.
(Sigh.) That shocks me to my core.
But what did he do to you?
Let us just say he strayed from the rut which Fate had gouged out for him.
I still don’t –
Just like a pair of little girls I know, he interfered in the business of his betters, and quite soon afterwards paid the price for it.
Perhaps one day you will explain to me how such a powerful lord came to be the prisoner of a pair of little girls.

After that exchange, the road to Illuster is clear (ignoring the cloud) so we finally head that way.

As we arrive, Kyrie and Reiner are leading Alphonse behind them.

And this particular package I wish to deliver personally.
Ha! I half-guessed that was the reason.
Greetings Arbiters! How may I be of service?
Hey there, Guardsman!
We’re dropping this prisoner off for trial, on several charges. But primarily murder.
Murder is it? Shame. Not often this kind get brought in alive.
(to the other guard) You heard the Captain. This one’s in for murder. Take him to the lower level and make sure he makes it safely to our darkest, dankest cell.

Alphonse starts moving behind the other guardsman, but stops.

Hmph. I promise you will regret this entire charade, wench. And sooner than you think.
Get moving, you!

And I missed it, but the guard pops out from under the arch and drags him back in.

His arrogance is breathtaking, true, but no longer any concern of ours.
Go on ahead, Reiner. I will file the charges.
Apologies, Captain, but that will have to wait. The Immortals have convened a Council session, and by their order, all Arbiter Captains in the city must attend.
Surely it can wait until I’ve formally submitted the charges? I want this done properly.
I am sorry Captain, but it cannot. This morning’s edict was quite clear: this meeting is of the highest importance and all Captains must appear without delay. But don’t worry about the prisoner. He won’t be going anywhere any time soon.
All right. Thank you, Guardsman. Come on, Reiner.

From there, we pop into the fancy Immortal Council Chambers

As everyone knows, while each of the Council bears the title of Immortal, we are not quite as long-lived as that. Every so often in the course of our reign, one of our number is replaced by a younger prodigy. The new Immortal retains the title of his predecessor and adopts his colors. But he is nevertheless a new Immortal altogether.
Is this going somewhere?
Yes, yes, I know. But important, nay critical, Immortal business awaits me. Nothing less would tempt me away from this congress, I swear.
As I was saying…There comes a time for every Immortal to surrender his mantle and step down. Now that time has come for me.

Imagine a general *rabble* *rabble* sound effect and you get what’s going on after that.

: Meaning I will have the opportunity to directly observe an Immortal relinquishing his power? How absolutely fascinating. Are you quite committed to this decision, Primus?
As everyone knows, I am the oldest remaining Immortal, alongside Quintus. I was present on the day we brought down the Ancient Beast, and I personally scribed the founding tenets of the Immortal Council. What I’m getting at is this: it has been a VERY long journey, rewarding yes, but also tiring. And the time has come for me to step down. Our trusted Arbiter Captains are no doubt eager to hear what follows. Quintus, would you kindly do the honors?
Yes of course, Primus. AS this situation only occurs about once a century it will be a mystery to most of you. When an Immortal’s time has come, a replacement is selected through a method called the Marked Pilgrimage. Every Immortal marks a candidate of their choosing.
The details of the Pilgrimage are explained to the Marked, but as they are of no import to you, I shall waste no time on that. What should be of GREAT interest to the Arbiters however, is that each Marked is an Immortal candidate, and as such is bound by no laws for the duration of their Pilgrimage. You may render assistance unto them if it is requested, but must not otherwise interfere in their business. I believe that is everything.

Excellent. Captains, you are dismissed.

And about half of the Immortals teleport out of the room, while the others stay and talk amongst themselves.

I suppose the day must come for each of them, and he has been at it the longest. Though he does seem surprisingly fit, especially in contrast to Quintus. Ah well. There will be plenty else to worry us soon enough. From what I’ve heard about the Marked Pilgrimage, chaos follows closely on its heels.
Wait, what’s this?

Because I don’t think it will agree with you.

We’re here to see you returned to your cell, and promply.
I can’t believe it. One of the Immortals has chosen YOU to be a Marked?!
You are much sharper than you look I’ll grant you that. But indeed. Only the absolute finest are selected as candidates for the exalted rank of Immortal. It’s only natural my name would end up at the top of that list. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I must hasten on my Pilgrimage to Centina, and therafter my ascension to godhood.
We’re just going to let him go?
You heard the Council’s judgement. He is above the law now. Untouchable.
No. I can’t believe he… that… him! … was made a Marked by the Council.
I need some time to think on this.

And with that shocking twist, we’re back on the world map with Centina revealed to our southeast. After all that dialogue, I think I’ll just leave it here for this time and we’ll continue next update.