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Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

by OOrochi

Part 15: Thespeiros and Ekhidna Falls

Update 15: Thespeiros and Ekhidna Falls

Welcome back! Last time we fought a bunch of bandits on a big tree bridge and met another arbiter captain named Dolman who was conveniently passing by. This time, we’ll be heading into Thespeiros and then towards the Jungle Temple.

After reaching Thespeiros, we’re brought in to see Kyrie speaking with the Mayor.

Anadine and Reiner walk up from different sides.

Thespeiros was attacked by some very determined bandits just a few days ago. Sounds like it was the same group we defeated on the road to town. They must have been preparing for a second attempt when we ran into them. Fortunately for the townsfolk, some members of Sigil were in town. With their help, the attack was quickly routed.
What’s “Sigil”?
A group of malcontents who oppose the rule of the Immortals. They want everything to go back to the way it was before the Immortal Council. You wouldn’t have heard about them in the capital. They dare not show their faces there, for obvious reasons. Involving all-powerful beings. Though they’ve been active for decades, Sigil’s cause has never been popular. Until recently. New leadership, I heard.
No, I’d never heard of them. Who would be foolish enough to oppose the Immortals?
Some people are unhappy with the rule of the Immortals. With the right leaders, a dissident group like Sigil can quickly become a threat. Were they recruiting here in town?
Actually, no. After driving off the bandits, they headed straight for the Temple with several crates of supplies. As far as the townspeople know, they haven’t returned.
That’s unexpected. We should find out what they’re up to. Make sure everyone is ready for trouble. I don’t want to get caught napping.

And that pops us back to the map. But there’s a new event in Thespeiros, so we’ll check that out before heading off.

Reiner and Kyrie are walking the city streets.

It keeps growing and growing. I wonder sometimes if I even recognize it.
Nonsense! The bones are all the same.

Yes, I’ll never forget that. You sprained your ankle coming over the wall, and the old man was right on your heels, ready to give you a hiding. You half-hobbled, half-ran down the street. Never before or since have I seen someone sprint with a bum leg.
All because I dared to catch a glimpse of his daughter, fully clothed at that.
Your poor parents. I think your father would’ve torn his hair out over your antics, if he’d had any left. It’s a good thing they had me around the house to even things out, and …

And Alicia… What happened to her-
Yes, yes, it wasn’t my fault. Really, I know.
I wish I had been with her at the end. That’s all.

Well, you’re a Captain now, and quite a capable one if you don’t mind me saying it.
How could I mind? I say it myself all the time.
When do you think you’ll want to command your own unit? You know all it takes is to make the request.
I don’t know. Right now I’m having too much fun with my sister-in-arms. Besides, where would your command be without my delicately timed levity? Morale would crater!

Sigh. Very well. I do want my own unit one day, but these are troubled time, and if something were to happen to you- If I wasn’t there when…
But Reiner, you don’t need to-

Please. Leave it lie.

Afterwards, I pop into the shop and see this very red fellow.

Now that I’m properly stocked up, it’s time to head over to Ekhidna Falls.

We arrive, and Kyrie points out the Temple.

The screen pans over and we see two people quickly walking away from the temple door and off map. Curious, since only Marked are supposed to be able to go inside. (No one in our party is able to see them).

Regardless, enemies quickly appear and home in on us.

No, no, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me!

And then we’re put into the fight. This is just a bog-standard defeat everyone map. Despite that, I’d say that this was in my top 3 most frustrating fights during my first playthrough. I’ll get to why shortly.

This time for our units, we have Anadine, Kyrie, and Mongo providing a front line, Azure for ranged damage, and Bobby and Sophia for support/magic damage.

We also have 3 new enemy types to deal with. Rakkerjaks are basically monster-rogues, but with an aquatic flavor. The base version can swim and has sneak attack. They’re pretty mobile, so they can use it quite well.

Niwots are kinda weird, but they generally use AOE magical attacks of various stripes. They’re decently bulky, but don’t necessarily hit too hard.

Lastly, Harvesters are solidly powerful physical attackers that have a ranged attack that can bleed. Thankfully, their defenses and elemental weaknesses mean that they’re not too hard to take out before they can do much.

Now, as to why I thought this mission was originally so freaking difficult. It used to be that, if you went in at the expected level, 2 or all 3 of the rakkerjaks would be upgraded to the next type called a redcap. Redcaps have an attack called flip kick, that is just like snapback on the komainus, except it has a range of 2 squares. If a unit couldn’t swim, almost the entirety of this map is in range of instant death from them. Additionally, even if a unit can swim, they’ll just swap them into the water for the stat penalty, and then have another one run up and sneak attack them in the back. Thankfully, a patch a few months ago made it so that they won’t upgrade during the story fight, so things are much more manageable.

I’ve never seen the like of that odd-looking thing there. Perhaps that’s the reason. There is something unclean about it. Be careful, everyone. (About the Harvester that is sharpening its knife arms)

Azure quickly opens the fight up by shooting one of the rakkerjaks.

And then gets hit by an AOE from a Niwot for helping.

After a few more moves, Bobby ends up 1 hp short from killing this rakkerjak.

Which has dire consequences, since it runs behind him and sneak attacks.

Which lets the upgraded warwot take him out. RIP Bobby again.

Thanks to an amazingly poorly timed screenshot, you get just a textbox saying that I revived Bobby off to the side of the fight.

On his next turn, Mongo at least gets guaranteed revenge on Bobby’s attacker.

And Bobby yet again leaves a rakkerjak with 1 hp. Seems like he really should stick to buffs in this class.

Because he gets sneak attacked again,

And a niwot tries to get him too. Thankfully, he survives this time.

After a bit more fighting on the bridge, Mongo takes out 1 more rakkerjak.

And Azure gets the other one. Now things are a bit more stable, since the rest of the enemies aren’t as mobile.

Though that’s not to say they can’t get around. (he was 1 square short of Bobby, or else Bobby would have gone down again.)

Harvesters can’t swim, so Kyrie repays him for the hit with interest. After this, it’s mostly clean up since only the niwots/warwot are left.

After a whack from Anadine, Kyrie takes out one of them.

Mongo and Anadine team up to take out one more,

And Azure finishes off the last one.

Kyrie’s the MVP this time, and Bobby’s hurt again. Still, I got this on my 1st shot, unlike my previous playthrough so I’m happy.

After the fight, we prep to go inside the temple.

Anadine attempts to approach the temple, but collapses.

I don’t think I can enter the Temple. I feel strange, sick, and it keeps getting worse as I get closer to the door.
The dark energies corrupting Anadine are reacting to the Relic within the Temple. You had best wait in town, young lady.
Yes. I think Yates is right. This close to the entrance I can barely stand. There is no way I can enter.

Anadine manages to get up, though, and preps to head back.

All right, head back to town and rest. We’ll be along shortly. Yates, we need your expertise. This Relic has to tell us something.
I will do what I can.

And with that, the Jungle Temple is open. That’ll wait until next time, though, because this is where we’ll end things this update.