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Part 18: Events

Update 18: Events

Welcome back! Last time we checked back in with Anadine, fought some bandits off with Primus technically not breaking any rules, and got Anadine cured from her demonic affliction with absolutely no consequences. This time, we’ll be mostly checking out the 2 new events that appeared after the fight.

We’ll start with the one in Thespeiros.

Yes, I’m afraid some of the old city’s nostalgia has worn off now.
Tell me you’re not going to let a handful of scofflaws get you all down in the mouth. We drove them off, didn’t we?
We did. Primus did.
He helped, sure.
Helped by intervening in mortal affairs-
Yes, but-
I’m not finished. Helped with forbidden magic, skirting Council rules, killing as if he were a clerk crossing out names in a ledger.
Now are you finished?
It seems to me a certain Arbiter Captain I know has a short memory for details.

As for crossing out names, it may take us a little longer than an Immortal, but we get the job done just the same. Justice won out, lives were saved. That’s what matters.
Of course, you’re right. But look at the people and resources Sigil gathered preaching resistance to *lawful* Immortal rule. What might they be able to do once word of Primus’s indiscretion gets out?
Now that’s put a bit of a shadow on things again, but… Point taken. Let’s make haste and put Thespeiros behind us.

And then a fade to black as they walk off.

Next up, another event appears in Centina.

We pop in to Kyrie and Anadine at a table in the Guild.

Just thinking about my mother again, and the path we all chose. So few Arbiters live to see old age.
That is true, yet the work we do is very valuable. Law and order make good lives possible for people across the land.
Yes, it is important to remember that.
Speaking of your mother, her armor is looking a bit tatty.
Really? What’s wrong with it?
With what we’ve been through, it’s taken more than a few knocks, and the straps are worn almost through. You know, there’s a blacksmith here in Centina who owes me a favor.

I’m not going to sell it. Please, just loan it to me for the day. No harm will come to it.
Well… okay. Just for the day.

Quick fade to black.

And we receive an upgraded version of the Old Armor that Anadine started the game with. Statwise, this is about equivalent to an armor that’s about 3-4 upgrades away from what’s available, and comes with a 50% earth resistance. Definitely a nice prize.

Is this what my mother looked like when she went into battle?
It definitely is. You could be her sister.

Reiner walks in.

Wow, you’re looking very smart today, Anadine. But where did you get the coin for that fancy armor?
It’s the same armor I’ve been wearing all along. The Captain had it refurbished for me!
I can’t thank you enough, Kyrie.
I’m just glad to see some smiling faces for a change. I have some things to take care of, but I’ll see you two at dinner.

And Kyrie exits, stage right.

Kyrie truly is an excellent Captain.
Yes, she did your mother proud. And so do you.
That’s kind of you to say… and you’re right. My mother would be proud. Every Arbiter risks their life to serve the Immortals and enforce the law. My mother paid dearly for that privilege. But she made a conscious choice to serve, just as I have. I understand her better now. I think it is time to let the past be the past.

Speaking of the past, are you and Yates on speaking terms yet?

I love this face Reiner makes, and how it pretty much only comes up in relation to Yates. It just perfectly conveys the total disgust he feels towards him.

And you still can’t tell me about… whatever crime he committed?
Very well, I will tell you. But I promise your day won’t be brighter for hearing it.

I had been away on a distant patrol when she fell ill. It was treacherous territory. Weeks passed before I received word, and weeks more passed on the journey home. When I finally arrived, it was too late… She was dead. It was hard. You lost your mother so you know how hard.
…but wasn’t Yates trying to save her life?
Yes, he tried. I’m sur he did his very best. But when I returned he had- Yates wished to study the disease further. That was his reason. When I returned, he-

In order to learn more about the disease that killed Alicia, he brought her back, with his necromancy. My Alicia became one of the cursed “attendants” he keeps, shambling around his cabin in the woods. That was his crime.
Oh! How terrible. I don’t think I can even imagine how that must have felt.

The living should never let death hold sway over them, to darken one’s days for so long. And Alicia… I know it’s not what she would want for me, this endless brooding over the past. I cannot ever forgive Yates for what he’s done, but hearing you speak of your mother reminds me… time does lend perspective to things.

And with that, we pop back out to the map. Notably, the tournament in Centina is also available. Right now, we’re a little underdeveloped compared to where I want to be for it, so I’ll hold off for a few chapters.

However, this will be where we end this update. Next up is another job overview, and then next time, we’ll be crossing the desert on a caravan trail!