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Part 23: Progress Report

Update 23: Progress Report

Like I said earlier, this is a busy week for me so the mid-week update’s just going to be a quick overview of what’s been going on with each unit.

First up is Kyrie. She’s mostly stuck with physical classes so far, though she’s just recently moved into Fellblade to take advantage of the hybrid modifers on her Marked abilities. Otherwise, she hasn’t mastered any class fully, though she has effectively maxed Marked until the last ability is unlocked. I think my at least long term goal is to get her into warmage.

Next up is Reiner. Again, he’s had a smattering of physical classes, but the requirements to unlock the Gunner class opened up a few more options than Kyrie has had so far. He’s fully mastered ranger, and is pretty close to getting scoundrel as well. Once I unlock it, his next step is probably assassin.

Because he started as a wizard, Bobby got a bit of a head start on the magic attacking classes, having mastered wizard itself, and nearly mastered druid. Magically, he’s pretty versatile, especially now that he has access to doublecast. His next stop is going to be sorcerer and then either a secret class or back down to alchemystic to finish it off.

The attack in this photo is a bit lopsided due to using a crossbow for alchemystic, but Sophia somehow actually has both solidly high and balanced attacking stats, despite staying entirely as a magic user. She, along with Selina, has been my main healer but has been catching up to Bobby in the attacking classes. After druid, I have a few special classes that I think she’ll be a good fit for and will give her a different niche than Bobby will end up with.

Mongo is a tank, pretty plain and simple. He doesn’t die, and the combo of templar and knight abilities gives him an answer to most situations. He’s nearly maxed mercenary, maxed knight, and will soon max templar as well. To be honest, other than maybe wanting a few passives, I’m not sure where to actually go with him from here. There’s one endgame class he’ll probably go to, but other than that I might just keep him as is, and just leech off of others’ AP to get through basic classes.

As a counterpoint to Mongo’s defense, Hannah is much more offensive, having mastered templar fully, and is now a much more attack-focused werewolf. She’s currently fast, mobile, and quite powerful. After making her way through werewolf, I think I’ll make her a reaver to continue on the attacking path.

Because she joined later and was already partially leveled, Azure is essentially a less diversified Reiner. Still, she performs the role almost as well as he does, and since she’s a non-story character she has access to a few classes that he doesn’t, giving her a different niche later on. Right now she’ll probably just make her way through gunner and then assassin, at least until I get access to those other classes.

I have no idea why plague doctor isn’t appearing on her ability list, but here’s Selina. She started off as a bit more of a support character with plague doctor but, after mastering it, is a solid generalist who’s decently bulky and can use the abilities in fellblade quite well. Because fellblade abilities all count as basic attacks, I’ve actually had her use a knife instead of a rapier to take advantage of its ability to inflict extra status effects. For the future, she’ll probably also head towards war mage, though there’s a secret class I might put her in after Sophia gets it.

Next up is Eustace, who after quite a while of hanging out casting magic, is finally able to fight with a rapier. He’s turned out a bit frailer than the rest of the group, so I need to be careful with him, but he also often gets multiple kills thanks to the boon passive and burst from the elemental Locuses. He’ll probably also head towards warmage for the near term, and then I’ll figure out another path from there.

Near the end we have Anadine. Thanks to getting demon knight early as well as its high AP costs to learn abilities, Anadine has basically only been a mercenary and a demon knight. That said, she is incredibly strong offensively, and will be even stronger once I get the last ability in demon knight. Afterwards, I’ll probably send her to scoundrel and start working her way towards reaver and maybe duelist/assassin (with an end-goal of dual wielding scythes back in demon knight).

Because I’ve been unconsciously not using him much, Yates has pretty much just been an anatomist. It’s a good class, but I definitely need to finish it up and move him down the rest of the magic tree. If nothing else, getting double cast is a must.

And finally, here is Bzaro. Though we just got him so there’s not too much to say for his progression. I go over this in more detail in his overview, but he can essentially use a combination of the classes and abilities of any monster I encounter. Pretty much all of them have their good points, and his stats automatically adjust to whatever class he’s in. If at some point anyone wants to suggest a combination of monsters to try out, I’ll gladly go for it and report back on how effective it seems to be.