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Part 29: Occul Cavern II

Update 29: Occul Caverns II

Welcome back! Last time we fought a bunch of giant wyrms and set a massive pile of explosives underneath the flooded Temple. This time, we’ll be trying to get the hell out of dodge before they go off.

Heading to Occul Cavern triggers a new fight. Interestingly, this is I think the only time in the game where you could potentially get absolutely stuck if you save and then are totally unable to beat this fight. There’s no patrol available in the riverbed, so you could just end up stuck. (Unlikely though, because you could always just turn down the difficult as far as you needed).

This is another different win condition. Instead of needing to fight or anything, you just need to get every surviving character into a bunch of squares surrounding the cave entrance before 12 rounds elapse.

For this, I’m bringing Reiner, Bobby, Hannah, Eustace, Anadine, and Kyrie. My thought process was that I’d need to be mostly mobile to get to the squares before things took too long.

There are a bunch of enemies up against us. 2 Bzzrks, a Zohlmander, an Assassin, a Ranger, 2 Termagants, a Troggle, and an Adamantrog (max level Tangrel)

And here are the exit squares available, as Kyrie explains the concept of this condition.

The enemies start off the fight by hasting others and buffing themselves.

Reiner opens up our side of the fight with a useful random skill that hits the Bzzrk’s weakness.

Though he then gets rammed in the back for a good chunk of damage.

And Anadine advances, buffs up, and then gets charged as well.

After hits from Bobby and Hannah (who’s using a water weapon to hit its weakness), Eustace takes out one of the Bzzrks.

One of the Termagants flys up and throws a rock at Kyrie.

Anadine gets zapped by the zohlmander.

And the Assassin puts both Anadine and Hannah to sleep.

Reiner nearly gets taken out by the other Termagant, but he runs over to keep Anadine up instead of healing himself.

Kyrie puts the Termagant to sleep, since it’ll at least slightly mitigate the incoming damage to my guys.

Still can’t save Reiner from getting rammed to death though.

On his turn, Bobby wakes up Hannah and Anadine.

Hannah uses her leap to hit the Assassin and Bzzrk for a good chunk of damage.

Eustace goes to try and debuff the Assassin, though it just triggers the barrier they had rather than doing anything useful.

The 2nd round starts and the enemies get a reinforcement.

And the Assassin runs around to stab Eustace twice, but doesn’t kill him.

The Zohlmander finishes him off instead. Probably not my best use of a character in a dangerous situation.

I send Anadine to take out the Assassin and maybe turn the tide, but she misses an 80% shot.

A bunch of enemies come over to hit either Anadine or Hannah, and Bobby punishes that by getting a big cast of water off on all of them.

Hannah siphons off some MP from the Zohlmander to keep his damage down (and because she was like 15 damage short of straight up killing it).

The Assassin backstabs her again, and then the Zholmander blasts her and Anadine.

Anadine then takes another shot at the Assasin, and this time she succeeds. I then use cleave to run off and heal a bit to keep her up.

While Kyrie takes out the remaining Bzzrk.

Hannah gets swarmed and taken out once, proccing her reraise.

About now I realize that I have basically no healing in this squad, as I try to have Bobby keep both him and Hannah up.

Hannah also takes out one of the Termagants with a righteous blade to the back.

Meanwhile, up top Anadine starts getting swarmed as well. She’s just a bit too low to kill right now, so I have her buff up again. She’ll also heal a small bit thanks to the regen vs the hit from using the move itself.

The buffed up Adamantrog takes out Bobby.

And a new Tangrel hurts Kyrie a lot.

Because Kyrie has to stay up, I have to have Hannah heal her instead of trying to take out any enemies.

The remaining Termagant actually saves my fight by skyjacking Kyrie to the other side of that weird pyramid.

Back in the melee, another Tangrel takes out Anadine.

I decide to just have Kyrie bug out, since I will win as long as she makes it to the entrance.

While Hannah is essentially a giant distraction, getting hit by tons of enemies.

While the Termagant keeps harassing Kyrie with another rock.

She just continues running away and heals up.

The riveting chase continues on the left side with a cast of poison, while Hannah keeps healing herself with the basic Templar skill on the right side.

And this lets me know that half of the time has elapsed. I’m at least close enough that this shouldn’t be a problem. She just needs to actually survive.

Kyrie can’t quite make it, so I have her revive Anadine up top in one of the safe squares. She won’t do anything but be a warm body to keep a bit of heat off of Kyrie herself.

While Hannah moves to another safe square and nearly kills one of the Tangrels.

She nearly gets taken out by the Zohlmander.

But Kyrie moves into safety on her turn and everyone escapes.

Definitely didn’t go very well, considering nearly everyone died. I could’ve used some more healing, since I couldn’t really keep people up once they started getting hurt. I also really, really wish Anadine had taken out that Assassin on the first try, because he did a ton of damage to the rest of my team.

Back on the world map, we discover that we barely escaped.

Turns out we’d put enough explosives in for the explosion to be seen from whatever god’s eye perspective the player has.

And then an island rises from the waters.

Which leads to the next Temple itself. However, we’re not going to go there immediately. Instead, we’re going to go see a new area that was unlocked right after I got Reiner’s Spymaster job. It’s down in the area as far south as you can go.

When we arrive, we pop in to see Kyrie walking up to a crumbling ruin.

I wonder what it could be for…

Kyrie suddenly recoils.

The Henge Fragment is reacting to it!

Kyrie pops around to different parts of the ruin.

She then inserts the Henge Fragment into one of the slots.

There are three more indentations that look as though they would fit more fragments. I have a feeling if we gather the other fragments, something will be revealed.

Hint, Hint. There are three more fragments available through a variety of methods. We can’t get all 3 right now, so I’ll hold off for the time being. But it won’t be too long before they’re all available.

But with that, we’ll head back to the Occul Caverns, and then will head towards the Temple next time!